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Mathews Monster

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  • Extremely fast and powerful bow
  • Surprisingly quiet for the speed
  • Modular adjustable eccentric system


  • Aggressive and stiff draw cycle
  • Short valley


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Editors' review

The Mathews Monster is a very fast compound bow with a stiffer draw cycle, short valley, and a solid back wall. This bow sits in between the other two models in the Monster series: the less forgiving and faster Mathews Monster XLR8 and the slower but more forgiving Mathews Monster 7.0.

Riser, limbs, and grip

The Monster is equipped with a fully machined reflexed riser, a one piece Inline Walnut grip, and split limbs that reach past parallel angles at full draw. When it comes to the grip, some archers say it is not extremely comfortable and should be replaced for better consistency. On the other hand, many shooters say the grip is as good as it could be. So, it really is a matter of preference.

Eccentric system

Mathews powers the Monster with its stiff-drawing dual cam AVS eccentric system, advertised to hit IBO speeds reaching 353 FPS. Interestingly, this is the first Mathews dual cam bow designed by Mathews to step into the fastest bows world. This eccentric system allows for easy draw length adjustments (25-30" in half inch increments) without using a bow press through a set of interchangeable modules.

Draw cycle / Shootability

When it comes to draw cycle and shootability there seems to be two different camps out there: while some people like the way this bow shoots and feels, others are not happy at all. Because of that we would strongly recommend shooting this bow before spending your money (unless you are a big fan of fast bows and are used to stiff rigs). Due to a different type of eccentric system the draw cycle on the Mathews Monster is quite different to almost all other Mathews rigs - it's definitely stiffer. While many archers agree that the back wall is very solid, there is a notable hump closer to the end of the draw cycle just before the wall. Also, many shooters agree that the valley is very short and requires getting used to. So, if you have been shooting smooth single cam bows for a long time, this bow might not be the best choice for you unless you want to try something different. On the other hand, if you are a seasoned fast bow shooter, it's very likely you will like the way it shoots.

Quietness and vibration

While the Monster is extremely powerful and aggressive bow, it is surprisingly quiet as noted by many archers. Shooters say that the silencing system installed on the Mathews Monster along with other silencing components (stabilizer and limb savers) work together to make this bow quiet enough for the speed it generates.


To summarize, the Mathews Monster is a fast and aggressive bow with a stiff draw cycle. While its short valley is something many archers will have to get used to, the back wall is very solid. While this is a super fast bow, it does have a notable hump closer to the end of the draw cycle. Being a very fast and aggressive bow, the Monster is definitely not an all-around bow and, therefore, will not fit everyone. It is not the best choice for beginners or someone who only shot smooth single cam bows. Conversely, this rig is a good choice for those shooters, who like fast bows, don't mind aggressive draw cycle, and have a good form.

User Reviews

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Mathews step into the two cam world is well worth the money

Version: 2009 Mathews Monster


Pros: Speed Smooth draw cycle Accuracy

Cons: Grip Little top heave

Full review:

I first saw the Mathews Monster was at the 2009 World Archery Festival in Vegas. I wasn't able to shoot the bow at that time but I could hold it and get a feel for it. The bow felt good in the hands but was pretty top heavy. The first time I shot the Monster, I was shocked that it could be the same bow. Smooth to draw, just slightly top heavy, held on target very very well, and shot even better. At that point the only gripes with the bow are the standard Mathews wood grip and that it is slightly top heavy. The draw is a little stiff, but it is very smooth. The draw with the original shallow track cams is smoother than the new deep groove cams. Another plus it that the draw length is adjustable with modules. The riser has good clean lines and a top notch finish, along with the limbs. The Monster is an excellent for the short draw archer who wants speed without the extra pounds

i never shot a dual cam bow i found it easy to shoot,i will say it is exciting to shoot

Version: 2010 Mathews Monster


Pros: the fact that you can hit a bulls eye at 80 yard's 1 in 4 times only shot it 2 times

Cons: heavy bow

Full review:

i liked everything except the weight the speed is there it reaches out far, in my opinion it draws very smooth it is the first dual cam bow i have ever owned you wont need a 5 or 6 pin sight with this bow did i forget it look's wicked

Great Bow

Version: 2009 Mathews Monster


Pros: Smooth Draw. Fast

Cons: Heavy

Full review:

I bought the Mathews Monster used from the original owner and have had no regrets. Very fast bow, smooth draw and accurate. It is a little heavy makes a long walk through the woods a little tedious. Overall great bow.

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