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Mathews MR6

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  • With IBO speeds up to 354 feet per second, this bow is smoking fast
  • Improved technology from the last Monster 6 makes for a bit smoother draw and quieter release
  • Half-inch draw length adjustability from 25.5-31 inches and ten-pound increment limbs from 50-80 pounds


  • Speed bow draw cycle


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Editors' review

If you are looking for a incredible IBO speeds, the new MR6 is a great place to start. Those who enjoyed the Monster 6 will willingly accept the technology upgrades to the MR6 making it a smoother draw and a quieter release. Shooters in the market for a speed bow understand the draw cycle is going to be more aggressive than its slower competitors and the MR6is no exception. However, for a speed bow, the MR6 has a lot to offer potential shooters.


The McPherson MR6 is finished in Mathews' own Lost Camo pattern with the option to go black as well. Shooters interested in a black riser and camo limbs have the option to do so. The MR6 also comes in a camo riser and black limbs. Each is perfectly finished and looks great with the limb decals. Mathews also has several accessories that sport the Lost Camo design for those shooters who enjoy the matched looked.

Riser, limbs, and limb pockets

The riser on this year's MR6 is slightly longer than last year's Monster 6 and has more parallel limbs at rest than the previous model. The grid Lock riser, debuted on the Mathews Z-7 also comes standard on the MR6 as well. This technology results in a stronger riser at a lighter weight cutting down on bow mass and allowing the bow to perform better and more consistent. The MR6 comes standard with the Dead End String Stop System as well. This rear mounting stabilizer hole is directly in line with the front mounting stabilizer hole as well for those shooters wanting the added counter weight of a stabilizer. Along with this come stabilizer holes as well, that help cut down on residual vibration and after the shot noise. The MR6 limbs are split limb technology not seen on other Mathews models. Historically, Mathews bows have been solid limbs; however, the McPherson line is the exception. The limbs are built using a composite material and a water-jet precision cutting tool. The limbs connect to the riser using what Mathews engineers call the Quad V-Lock. The V-Lock limb system forces the limbs to connect in the exact position without fail, meaning each bow has perfectly aligned limbs. Along with the V-Lock system comes a unique reverse locking system that keeps the limbs in place and less stressed than typical split limb bows. All in all, less stress is placed on each limb improving the life of the bow. With this new technology, Mathews offers the MR6 shooters a ton of adjustability for draw weight preferences. Limbs are available in ten-pound increments with maximum draw weights of 50, 60, 70, and even 80 pounds.


The McPherson line of bows comes with the walnut grip that has been featured on virtually every Mathews bow. Traditionally, these grips have been bulky and somewhat thick. In response to this, the MR6 is equipped with the Slim Fit grip that is a thinner version of the old style walnut grip. Shooters usually prefer this grip as opposed to the older style. Also on the grip is a line that indicates the centerline of the bow so shooters can have a repeatable grip where it needs to be to eliminate hand torque and improve accuracy. Mathews also offers a line of Focus Grips for those shooters not interested in the stock Walnut grip.

Eccentric System

The cam system on the Mcpherson MR6 is different than the typical Mathews single cam, and is also different from competitor's dual cams or binary cam systems. The MR6 uses what engineers call the Advanced Vectoring System (AVS) to power an IBO speed of 354 feet per second. The AVS eliminates tuning problems associated with dual cams and is more efficient. The cam system has a unique bearing system that pulls the string and cables differently than any other cam system on the market. The ball bearing allows the cam to slide up and down on the axel assisting with the draw and storing more energy that will be transferred to the arrow on the release. The cam is also very adjustable in half-inch increments ranging from 25.5 inches to 31 inches. There is also the ability to adjust the let off percentage from 65-80%.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

Those interested in shooting a speed bow have more than likely come to terms with a more aggressive draw cycle. With that being said, the MR6 is not too bad in terms of aggressive transitions and a large hump going in to the let off. The MR6 draw is aggressive, but it is manageable and after getting used to, has a nice feel. The single dampener roller guard adds to the smooth draw a little bit by cutting down on a little friction as well. When reaching full draw, the back wall is very solid. There is not a lot of creep with this bow. Meaning when you are at the back wall, you want to keep pulling in to it. Relaxing even a little bit will make the string want to come forward. This is a little expected since the energy does need to go somewhere. One of the best advantages of shooting this fast of a bow is the flat shooting trajectory and more room for error with slight distance miscalculations. Misjudging distance by a few yards in not going to matter as much as it does with a slower shooting bow. This will truly help in the heat of the moment making pin selection a little easier.

Silencing Package

The MR6 comes with several silencing options that make the bow a very quiet release considering the amount of energy that is being transferred. The first thing that comes standard on the bow is the Dead End String Stop. This is a rear-mounting stop that stops the strings forward movement transferring the energy to the front mounting stabilizer. In addition to this, there are two dampening holes located in the riser. The bottom hole comes with a harmonic stabilizer that eliminates more than 75% of residual vibration. The top hole has a harmonic dampener that aide in vibration dampening and ultimately noise as well. String grubs also come on the string to help with the transfer of vibration away from the string making the bow more silent as well.

MR6 vs. Monster 6

BowMathews MR6Mathews Monster
Version 20142010
PictureMathews MR6Mathews Monster
Brace Height6 "6 "
AtA Length33 "33.5 "
Draw Length25.5 " - 31 "25 " - 30 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 80 lbs40 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed354 fps353 fps
Weight4.45 lbs4.4 lbs
Let-Off65% or 80% 80%
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When looking at the specs between the original Mathews Monster and the MR6, you will not notice a large difference. The MR6 is a half an inch shorter axel to axel and offers an additional inch of draw length adjustability. The primary difference, and what accounts for the smoother draw and less hand shock is the slightly longer riser and less stressed limbs resulting in a more parallel at rest look. This forces the limbs to take a different shape upon drawing and therefore a smoother feel. The hand shock and noise is also lessened with the longer riser. Those who already own the original Monster may not have enough change to upgrade to the MR6. However, those wanting to pull the trigger on the original and did not, will enjoy the changes with the MR6.

Usage Scenarios

This bow is fast, and primarily designed to be a hunting bow. Some 3d shooters will love the speed the MR6 produces because it corrects minor distance miscalculations with its flat shoot trajectory. However, those serious in tournament shooting may have better options. The MR6 will meet the needs of those who have to have a speed-hunting bow. The longer axel-to-axel measurement may give some a struggle in tight spaces, and the heavy bare bow weight may be a bit much to carry all day in the mountains. However, if you need a speed bow that will get the job done, the MR6 is a great option.


For those shooters demanding a hunting bow that is amazingly fast, the MR6 has a lot to offer. Although the weight of this bow is a little heavy, it has speed that is at the top of its class. Those in the market for a speed bow have come to terms with a more aggressive draw cycle, although the MR6 is not as rough as some might expect. With IBO speeds up to 353 feet per second, and tons of adjustability, the MR6 has the potential to fit most shooters interested in a speed rig. With all of the technology that comes standard with the McPherson series MR6, most shooters feel extremely confident with their decision to purchase.

User Reviews

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The Mathews MR6 is outstanding in fit, finish, speed, quality and feel.

Version: 2011 Mathews MR6


Pros: Its a Mathews. Love the grid lock riser. Slim Fit grip is a winner. Smooth draw cycle out of a speed bow, amazing. 321 fps at 63 lbs.

Cons: Price, why are we at the 1K mark for good equipment!

Full review:

I love this bow, shoots crazy fast. I have my pins so close together out to 50 yards they all will fit on the animal. You just cant miss! I have been upgrading my bows since the recurve days, they don't get any better than this. Smooth draw, quiet shooting, no vibration Mathews has hit another home run on this bow.

i have the original monster 6 60# smoking fast

Version: 2011 Mathews MR6


Pros: Very accurate, fast, quite and 10 times better than any bow I've owned

Cons: If anything the weight and length

Full review:

This is my first speed bow and I am thoroughly impressed. Had a outback for a short time and there is no comparison in the two. I love the draw cycle and the let off. I have mine set at 58#'s and although I have not checked the speed it is smoking fast even at low draw weight.

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