Mathews MR7 Review

Mathews MR7

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  • One the best speed bows on the market
  • Very quiet for a speed bow
  • Little or no hand shock /vibration
  • Forgiving as possible for a speed bow
  • Modular adjustment
  • Fits archers up to 32"
  • Great Balance and Stability


  • Stout draw cycle (though smooth)
  • price


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Editors' review

To many people's surprise, Mathews found a way to improve on their highly toted 2010 Monster 7 (M7) design. Already considered one of, in not the, premiere shootable speed bow, Mathews has taken the M7 to new heights with the 2011 version, the MR7. With reported arrow speeds up to 344 fps, only two seconds faster than last year's model, it isn't an increase in speed that sets the MR7 apart. The MR7 has improved shootablilty. This bow with its 7 inch brace height, hence the MR7 moniker, now draws smoother and has most, if not all, the hand shock and vibration removed from the shot. Although most thought the M7 couldn't get any better, it certainly did with the MR7.


Machined with several cutouts to reduce weight and add strength, the Grid Lock Riser on the MR7 look flawless in finish. That is not surprising at all giving the extreme quality control measures Mathews utilizes with its products. The riser has two elastomer wheels placed near each end of the riser where Harmonic Dampners or Harmonic Stabilizers are fitted. The MR7 riser is not as radically reflexed as the other two MR Series bows for 2011. This helps this particular model to be more stabile and forgiving, while providing a longer brace height.


The MR7 utilizes Quad VLock Limb System. With this system, the limbs are double locked into a zero tolerance position so the limb remains consistent from shot to shot. The Quad VLock Limbs cycle longer which reduces stress on the limb through the draw process as the pressure is spread out more evenly over a larger surface area of the limb.


Equipped with the standard SlimFit Grip, the MR7 should be comfortable for most shooters. This narrow grip, made of walnut, has the centerline of the bow layered into it. The wood is very attractive and warm to the touch in cold climates. There are two other grip options which include the wooden Classic Grip, featuring a higher wrist sitting. The other grip is the unique Focus Grip. This narrow grip made of polymer forces the hand pressure to the center of the grip, thus minimizing hand torque.

Double Dampner Roller Guard

The Double Dampner Roller Guard design on the MR7 reduces friction to the entire system as the cables pass on a roller instead of a traditional harness on a carbon rod. This results in a smoother shot sequence. Include within the roller arm are two small Harmonic Dampners that help to remove any vibration on the shot.

AVS Eccentric System

The MR7 utilizes the AVS Eccentric System which allows for modular adjustments in half inch increments between 26.5" and 32". The AVS Eccentric for 2011 is slightly different than the 2010 model, causing the bow to be smoother during the draw cycle.

Draw Cycle

Utilizing the AVS Eccentric System, the weight ramps up quickly at the beginning of the draw on this speed bow and is pulled through the center of the cycle until reaching the valley. The most notable part of the draw cycle is that it lacks any noticeable hump while drawing. The draw cycle is stout but is to be expected for a speed bow. Once at the backwall, there is a slight bit of creep allowed. Overall the draw is very smooth and the back wall is solid. The bow balances perfectly in hand throughout the shot sequence. There is no noticeable vibration or recoil at the shot. Like all Mathews bows, the MR7 is very quiet, even if it is a dual cam speed bow. Couple all of this with the 7" brace height and Mathews has produced a very fast, forgiving bow that is highly accurate.

Silencing Package

Standard in the silencing package of the MR7, as well most other bows in the 2011 lineup, is the Harmonic Dampner placed in the top elastomer wheel in the riser and the Harmonic Stabilizer placed in the bottom elastomer wheel. During the shot, these two accessories help to absorb recoil and residual vibration. The MR7 also comes standard with a Dead End String Stop, which is mounted opposite the stabilizer bushing. The Dead End String Stop dampens vibration by stopping the string at the end of the shot. Located on the string near each cam are String Grubs. They help to reduce vibration at the shot so the bow picks up more speed. Reduced vibration is reduced noise.


BowMathews MR7Mathews Monster 7.0
Version 20132010
PictureMathews MR7Mathews Monster 7.0
Brace Height7 "7 "
AtA Length33 "33.5 "
Draw Length26 " - 32 "26 " - 31 "
Draw Weight50 lbs - 80 lbs40 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed344 fps342 fps
Weight4.4 lbs4.35 lbs
Let-Off65% or 80% 65% or 80%
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Comparing the 2011 MR7 to the 2010 Mathews Monster 7.0, there are many similarities, but also a few improvements over lasts year's model. Visually inspecting both bows, the look of the riser and limbs haven't changed much. The limbs do look to be less preloaded on the MR7 than the M7. Overall the ATA of the MR7 at 33" is .5" less than last year's model. From a weight perspective the MR7 is slightly heavier the M7, but cannot be distinguished when the bow is in hand. The MR7 has the Dead End String Stop install as standard, whereas it had to be purchased separately for the M7. Both bows balance extremely well in hand and are highly accurate. The MR7 boasts a smoother draw cycle than the M7 of last year as the MR7 doesn't seem to have the slight hump towards the end of the draw cycle. The most notable difference is that the amount of vibration and hand shock produced on the shot. They have been greatly reduced on the MR7, which makes it even more enjoyable to shoot. This is amazing considering the fact how shootable the M7 is.


The Mathews McPherson Series MR7, which retails for $999.00, sets the bar high for a shootable speed bow. Many shooters flocked to the M7 last year with the characteristics that set it apart from other bows, even the other bows in the Monster Series. The MR7 still has the blazing speed, the forgiving brace height, the great balance, but it is what it doesn't have that makes this bow that much better. Gone is the slight hump in the draw cycle and, even more importantly, so is the hand shock and vibration. This bow easily has its place on the 3D course or in the woods due to all its great features. Mathews states that the MR7 has power and control in one package, they are absolutely right.

User Reviews

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smooth as silk quite fast and friendly well balanced

Version: 2011 Mathews MR7


Pros: Every thing about this MR7 fills very good in the hand no tip or lean on the shot just sits right there and sends bullets down range lots of fun to shoot and very very quite

Cons: do not realy have any other than mine is not ready orderd the 70lb limbs this bow pulls so easy I am moveing up 5 lbs on draw wieght all my local shop had was 60lb Mr7s on hand.

Full review:

The best thing about this bow is it plain just fills good in your hands like it belongs there its not top heavy like some bows seams to be the slim grip is very comfertable in fill and size this bow shoots like a dream the one I shot did not even fit me draw was 1/2 inch to short and was set at 58lbs had a down force drop away a one pin cobra site but no peep and I was tearing fletching at 20 yards the very first time I ever had one of these MR7s in my hand. and quite and hard hitting At 58 lbs 27.5 with a hunting arrow around 418 grs shot 279ftsec. so if you take is test / at this rate/ and figger I am shooting 28 inch and it will be set around 67 lbs and my hunting arrows go 387 grs this bow will be right there in the 300ftsec range with my set up./Too sum it up FUN TO SHOOT/Fast/quite (THE DEER THIS YEAR BETTER BEWERE)because I will have my new MR7 in the wood.

the best,fastest, smoothest, quietest and fun bow I have ever had in my hand.

Version: 2012 Mathews MR7


Pros: Vibration free shot and when released the bow just sits in your hand. No jumping twisting and tilting. Just a overall awesome bow.

Cons: I love everything about it.

Full review:

i have shot many Mathews and Hoyt bows and this one by far is the best,fastest, smoothest, quietest and fun bow I have ever had in my hand. I have a 2006 Mathews Switchback that has always been my favorite bow and out of all the bows a have owned I always enjoyed shooting the Switchback. Well I liked the MR7 so much I traded the switchback in for the MR7. Three words to describe the MR7 are WOW WOW WOW

Caution! If you shoot it you will by one!

Version: 2012 Mathews MR7


Pros: Stiff but smooth draw, decent valley, good back wall. The bow has a nice balance and is quiet for a speed bow.

Cons: The only reason I rated four stars is no 65lb limbs. I think this is a must for today's archers looking for max performance.

Full review:

Before I had purchased my Z7X last year I had shot an M6 that was sitting in the shop. Let's just say it left a lasting impression. I shot my Z7X quite a bit over the last 8 months but have never been completely satisfied with it. The short ATA starts to show when shot in excess of 50 yards. When I returned to the shop this spring to check out the new heli-m there was a new MR7 sitting there all set up. Let's just say that the Heli-m never got touched. After the first two shots with this bow is all it took to notice how much the monster line has evolve. The draw was stiff but smooth, nice valley, and a solid back wall. Hand shock is gone and the bow is quiet. Not Z7 quiet but very close. The bows balance is excellent. None of the top heavy traits of the Z7 were there. Let's just say that the speed and KE are crazy. It was hitting like a Mack truck. I normally shoot about 64 lbs and this bow was set up at 70. The extra draw weight was present but smooth. The extra ATA length and reduced reflex of the riser make this bow forgiving to shoot. This is the point in the review that some may not agree with but we are just dealing with opinions here. Let me just say this first, I really believe that the Z7 line of bows are some of the best bows Mathews have ever produced. When it comes to the Monster line of bows, and especially the 2012 line, the only thing holding these bows back are the solo cam loyalist. I have a wife and two kids that shoot, so if you are like me and have to one bow that shoots bubble duty between hunting, 3D, and indoor winter league, the MR7 can't be beat. If your one of the lucky ones that can afford both then that's great. However, I guarantee that you will find yourself grabbing the MR7 more often than not. If you are a true Mathews loyalist, got to your pro shop and shoot the MR7 with an open mind then break out your wallet. Finally, the only thing that matters is that we are all archers and if you have children please get them involved in this wonderful sport.

Nice to see Mathews break out of it's solocam mentality.

Version: 2011 Mathews MR7


Pros: I am shooting ibo (30" draw at 70#) and this bow is fast. I can use one pin for 20 and 30 yards. My is all black and it is a very menacing looking bow.

Cons: You have to remove the cams to change stings/cables. PITA IMHO

Full review:

Great bow! Mathews finally recognized that they can only get so much speed out of their single cam, solid limb bows. They built their reputation on their solocam. Now they have a dual cam split limb bow that has broken the traditional solocam Mathews mold.

A must if you want the best bow in years past and present 2017. MR7 has no equal.

Version: 2011 Mathews MR7


Pros: Owned one in 2011, Just found another this year 2017, shot Hoyt, Prime, for last 5 years. Back to the MR7 for good, nothing has been better. So glad I found one. Speed, Balance, Feel, Accuracy and Draw it's got it all.

Cons: What I don't like is I cant buy a brand new one. I'd buy 2.

Full review:

Oh my! The only way to describe this bow is "NOTHING CAN COMPARE". They all keep trying but none can match the overall package of Speed, Accuracy, Balance, Draw cycle, pleasure to shoot and durability. Mathews should bring it back as a special "Back by popular demand"

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