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Mathews Q2

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Mathews Q2 Review5.052 out of 2 user reviews

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Mathews Q2 Review5.052

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  1. just another great bow on the Matthews lineup.. Mathews = superior= amazing!!!

    Version: 2003 Mathews Q2


    Pros: the Matthews single cam design offers a smooth accurate clean shot that is on time every time.

    Cons: is a little bit bigger than some of the newer compound bows.70% let off

    Full review:
    this bow is over 10 years old has seen many many hardwoods many many pine trees and many many deer gone down. when they made this 1 they made it for life I bought mine used 5 years ago and has been a necessity when I go in the woods ever since when I am NOT hunting I am target practicing. this though is this continued but offers superior quality. maybe a little heavier and a little help here then some of your newer models 70 percent let off leaves you holding 30 percent of the draw weight. overall great bow.

  2. Best bow I have ever owned

    Version: 2001 Mathews Q2


    Pros: I’m a small women and it fits me great

    Cons: String noise is bad.deer jump the string often. Tried everything but nothing helps much.

    Full review:
    This is A VERY accurate fits smaller people very good.deer jump string often and I have tried a lot of silencers and none helped the situation, if someone has a cure please let me know.
    This bow is made of the finest quality of materials and workmanship. I an glad to be a proud owner of a Mathews Q2 bow.

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