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Mathews Q2 Review4.856 out of 6 user reviews

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Mathews Q2 Review4.856

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  1. just another great bow on the Matthews lineup.. Mathews = superior= amazing!!!

    Version: 2003 Mathews Q2


    Pros: the Matthews single cam design offers a smooth accurate clean shot that is on time every time.

    Cons: is a little bit bigger than some of the newer compound bows.70% let off

    Full review:
    this bow is over 10 years old has seen many many hardwoods many many pine trees and many many deer gone down. when they made this 1 they made it for life I bought mine used 5 years ago and has been a necessity when I go in the woods ever since when I am NOT hunting I am target practicing. this though is this continued but offers superior quality. maybe a little heavier and a little help here then some of your newer models 70 percent let off leaves you holding 30 percent of the draw weight. overall great bow.

  2. Best bow I have ever owned

    Version: 2001 Mathews Q2


    Pros: I’m a small women and it fits me great

    Cons: String noise is bad.deer jump the string often. Tried everything but nothing helps much.

    Full review:
    This is A VERY accurate fits smaller people very good.deer jump string often and I have tried a lot of silencers and none helped the situation, if someone has a cure please let me know.
    This bow is made of the finest quality of materials and workmanship. I an glad to be a proud owner of a Mathews Q2 bow.

  3. Consistent shooter

    Version: 2003 Mathews Q2


    Pros: VERY quiet, smooth draw back. Super accurate bow as well.

    Cons: Draw let off could be a little higher but not bad for the time. Not too many cons.

    Full review:
    I bought this bow this year (2016) from a relative. I have the SQ2 so it’s a little newer than this version(maybe 2004??) I had a 95′ Hoyt Fastflite that I shot for YEARS but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get this bow. Very high quality, previous owner had a bum shoulder so he couldn’t pull it back anymore but said this bow was one of the best he’s had and I can see why. The first time I shot it, I couldn’t believe how quiet it was. He had some of the Mathews "monkey tail" string silencers on there and limb savers as well. This probably has something to do with it. I will probably have this bow for a while. If you are a newer bow hunter and don’t want to drop a thousand dollars on a bow w/accessories, look for a Q2 or an SQ2. Happy hunting!

  4. This bow helped me to shoot master bowman scores. It’s great.

    Version: 2000 Mathews Q2


    Pros: Good weight,fast,accurate,feels good in the hand at full draw. Great finish and very well made.

    Cons: I am currently waiting for a new cam being made.Due to injury I have to shorten my draw length.A new cam is very expensive. It also takes ages to come from the USA.

    Full review:
    This bow is relatively easy to set up. Unfortunately you can’t adjust the draw length on the cam. Once set up correctly, it is sweet to shoot. I have no intention of replacing this bow in the near future. If I can get back to shooting MB scores I will be delighted.

  5. I shoot heavy arrows and 3 pin sight. This bow is silent and deadly. This bow will last forever.

    Version: 2000 Mathews Q2


    Pros: Properly set up it is timeless. plenty fast and easy to shoot.

    Cons: nothing

    Full review:
    This bow is my favorite compound after 17 years. I have hunted across the county, in all kinds of weather, without a single problem. The wood handle keeps your hands from the cold and provides a good grip.

  6. Great Bow

    Version: 2000 Mathews Q2


    Pros: Accurate! short, and tough

    Cons: a little heavy

    Full review:
    Awesome bow. I have killed more deer and hogs than I can remember since iv’s the 12 years I’ve owned this bow. Accurate and tough as nails. When I bought this bow, it was the lightest and smallest bow going. You can’t go wrong with this bow.

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