Mathews TRX 8 Compound Bow

Mathews TRX 8 Review

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Mathews TRX 8
Editor review:

The Mathews TRX 8 is another really great shooting bow from the Mathews lineup made for target archers wanting to be on the podium after major competitions. With a $1799 price tag, only the most serious shooters will be interested in this bow, but the characteristics of the TRX 8 would appeal to anyone interested in serious tournament archery. For this price point, it would be nice to see more finish options although the four available are well done. The extra speed of the mini AVS cams are a welcomed addition, even if shooters are shooting from a known distance. The huge riser gives the TRX 8 an almost rectangular shape, but it still weighs in under 5-pounds, which gives target archers a wide range of options for stabilizer weight to be added wherever it works for each shooter. Overall, this bow does everything a target bow should do very well. The price tag is scary, but winning tournaments can help offset the enormous cost, and bragging rights earned for winning may be priceless for some shooters. In the end, the Mathews TRX 8 is an excellent long axel-to-axel target bow... read full review

Mathews TRX 8 Specifications

3 versions

Manufactured: 2017 - 2019 (3 versions, specs changed)

Latest version: 2019 Mathews TRX 8

Brace Height 8 "
Axle to Axle Length 40 "
Draw Length 24 " - 31 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 322 fps
Weight 4.96 lbs
Let-Off 70% & 80%
+ 2 more versions
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