Mathews Z3 Compound Bow

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    Mathews Z3 Compound Bow
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    Price: $449.99
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    Mathews Z3 Compound Bow Right Handed
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    Price: $500.00
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    Mathews Z3 Compound Bow 60-70lb (Various Draw Lengths)
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    Price: $639.99
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  • Mathews Z3 Review

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    Editor review:
    Nothing about the Z3 says budget friendly bow other than the $749 MSRP tag. The rest of the bow is everything consumers have come to expect from Mathews in regards to craftsmanship, design, and shootability all wrapped in a perfect package of the beloved Z7 bow. Shooters regretting the decision to sell their Z7, or those wanting a sweet back up bow will be drawn to the Z3. Shooters just getting started in archery, but want the best equipment to learn on, will also love the idea of being able to purchase the Z3 bow at a great price of only $749. The Z3 is a bit heavy on paper, but it does not feel heavy in the shooters hand, and it may actually help shooters hold steadier down range. It is also a slight pain to have draw length specific cams in 2016 as well, but shooters will be properly set up leaving the pro shop with the bow that fits them the best. Overall, it is great to see Mathews throwing back a bit to offer a really nice shooting popular bow from their past. It will be a nice shooter for anyone interested in a compact hunting bow, or a good reason for guys to pick up a bow they wished they had kept... read full review
    User reviews:
    • Great bow for the price by Jason barned from Kentucky
  • Mathews Z3 Specifications

    3 versions
    Manufactured: 2016 - 2018 (3 versions, specs not changed)
    Latest version: 2018 Mathews Z3
    Brace Height 7 "
    Axle to Axle Length 30 "
    Draw Length 24 " - 30 "
    Draw Weight 30 lbs - 70 lbs
    IBO Speed 330 fps
    Weight 4.55 lbs
    Let-Off 80%
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