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  • good blend of smoothness and speed
  • stronger, lighter riser with a fresh and unique design
  • quiet bow with little vibration
  • improved grip is more comfortable


  • non-adjustable eccentric system
  • new riser design does not appeal to some shooters


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Editors' review

The Mathews Z7 is designed to represent a blend of smoothness and speed. While almost all Mathews single cam bows are extremely smooth to draw, they are not the fastest bows out there (with the exception of the Reezen 6.5 and 7.0 which are quite aggressive to draw). That is why Mathews engineers introduced a bow that sits right in the middle: the Z7 is a smoother drawing bow capable of delivering blazing IBO speeds.


One of the more eye-catching Z7 components is the new Grid Lock Riser - a well balanced, lightweight, and strong platform delivering great performance. Pierced with multiple isometric cutouts throughout its body, the Grid Lock Riser looks very different compared to conventional risers. This design allowed Mathews engineers to reduce the overall weight of the bow by minimizing the amount of material while not compromising rigidity and integrity. While this riser is undoubtedly a great and innovative technological solution, it has received a lot of polar comments on how it looks from many archers around the world. Although some shooters dislike the look of the new riser, many others are very impressed with a unique and fresh design and say they admire the new look of the Z7.


Another design change includes the new Slim Fit Grip that is considered by archers as more comfortable grip with less torque. This one piece walnut grip is thinner in the throat and slimmer through the palm-swell area. That is why so many hunters and archers say it fits better than any other previous Mathews grip. Another interesting feature on the grip is a distinctive red wood inlay clearly marking the centerline of the bow. This red laminated line can be used as an indicator while tuning the bow.


The Mathews Z7 is equipped with light and durable SE4 Composite Limb System. Made of proprietary SE 4 Composite material, the SlimLimbs are very thin and strong. According to tests carried out by Mathews' engineers, SE4 Composite SlimLibs last twice as long as many other conventional limbs. Reaching past parallel angles at full draw, the limbs oppose each other at the shot, effectively cancelling out any leftover energy. This design helps to reduce shock, vibration, and noise.

Limbs-to-riser connection

The limbs are complemented with a compact limb-pocket system that is secure and thin. The SphereLock Limb Lock system and Limb Turret connect the limbs to the riser. This connection system is designed with much less material and helps to further reduce the overall bow weight.

Eccentric system

The engine behind this bow is a very efficient, fast, and smooth Z7 Solocam performance system that was specifically built to bridge the gap between smoothness and speed. Capable of generating IBO speeds of up to 332 fps, the Mathews Z7 is not harsh as the Reezen 6 5, and, at the same time, is faster than a smoother Mathews Switchback or Mathews DXT. The Z7 Solocam offers draw lengths from 25 to 30 inches in half-inch increments. This eccentric system is not modular and requires a new cam for each draw length. To make it easier for shooters to change the cams, Mathews came up with a proprietary Quick Change Axle (QCA) system that simplifies axle removal significantly.

Roller guard

The Mathews Z7 is outfitted with the new Reverse Assist Roller Guard that reduces friction and contributes to a smoother draw cycle. This roller guard is designed to reduce tension on the cables and rollers when the bow is at full draw. This is achieved through a mechanism that works by pushing the cables outward (not by pulling them inward as in the majority of other roller guard designs). While this approach is different, it significantly improves shootability as confirmed by many experts and archers.

Draw cycle

The cam system and the Reverse Assist Roller Guard system work together to deliver a relatively smooth draw cycle with just a slight hump in the end. While many shooters are very happy with its blend of speed and smoothness, others insist the Z7 is difficult to switch to from smoother bows like silky smooth Switchback. Therefore, if you have never shot fast bows before we would recommend shooting the Z7 first to understand whether or not its draw cycle will fit your shooting style. According to multiple tests carried out by archers, the back wall is solid and the bow is easy to hold at full draw.

Quietness and vibration

The Mathews Z7 is equipped with a very effective silencing package including damping, silencing, and suppressing systems. The Harmonic Stabilizer, Harmonic Damper, String Suppressors, a Dead End String Stop, Monkey Tail String, and Cable Silencers are all integrated with the limbs and the riser to deliver very quiet shots. Many archers confirm there is very little jump, hand shock, or vibration upon releasing the arrow. A number of Z7 tests carried out by experts and archers indicate that this bow, when fully loaded, is virtually dead in the hand and has very minimal hand shock.


BowMathews Z7
Version 2011
PictureMathews Z7
Brace Height7 "
AtA Length30 "
Draw Length24 " - 30 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed333 fps
Weight4.0 lbs
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To summarize, The Mathews Z7 effectively bridges the gap between speed and smoothness in the single cam bows world. With a forgiving brace height and efficient single cam eccentric system, this bow is a top performer and has a relatively smooth draw cycle (smoother than Mathews Reezen but harsher than Mathews Switchback). Outfitted with an efficient silencing package, the Z7 is very quiet and has minimal jump and vibration. While the draw length can not be adjusted without changing the cam, the Mathews QCA system makes changing the cams much easier. Although the Z7's riser has a unique and fresh design and is very lightweight, some shooters are not happy with the way this bow looks. At 30 inches from axle to axle, this lightweight bow is a great choice for tree stand and blind hunters or those shooters who cover a lot of ground during the day.

User Reviews

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Finally a compact bow with a comfortable draw length.

Version: 2011 Mathews Z7


Pros: When you stand 6'4" with a wing span to match it is hard to find a compact bow that is light but has the perfect draw length. The balance of the Z7 drawn at rest gave me a great steadiness in a comfortable hold position.

Cons: The grip needs to be a little longer and fatter for a big hand but as long as it is interchangable it is fine. If you have a large hand it delivers a little more vibration when firing than a smaller hand that the grip was designed for.

Full review:

I am very impressed with the Mathews Z7 in all areas. Nice smooth roll on the cams giving it a great , comfortable draw and hold. IBO speed is ridiculously fast and at 333 fps it has very little noise or vibration through the limbs. I love the cutouts through the riser eliminating unnecessary weight. Let's face it , if you stalk and rattle like i do a bow can get heavy after hiking several miles. I never got tired with the Z7. I am very clumsy in a blind but with the Z7 it's smaller cam to cam size allows me to raise and make a shot without scrapping the sides of my blind. Love this bow and you will too. Buy the Z7 and save money for the next few seasons. This might be the last one i have to buy. Thanks Mathews!!!

Smooth is fast and fast is smooth.

Version: 2011 Mathews Z7


Pros: Smoothness/ forgiveness.

Cons: Price tag is pretty obvious. Its just flat out too expensive

Full review:

I love pulling back 70lbs effortlessly. I can't say this about other bows. The draw and release is better than I have ever seen. But what do we really need in a bow? Accuracy! Set up to hunt or for 3D this bow is deadly accurate. I can't complain about its speed either. Over 330 fps. That's faster than any animal I've shot at. I've put groups at 60 yards all within a cool whip lid. Not bad for only owning it for 3 months. It's very forgiving and shoots flat for me beyond 40 yards. Original owner lifetime warranty. I couldn't ask much else.

Best Matthews bow to date!! Speed, quietness and smooth as silk ..all u can ask for.

Version: 2011 Mathews Z7


Pros: The design is fresh and unique, draw cycle is perfect in hunting situations, so quiet and accurate its scary!!

Cons: Price of accessories for the bow can run a little high, cam must be switched out to fit draw length

Full review:

I have Shot many bows in the last three years looking to find exactly what I needed and the search was over with one shot!! The style drew me in but the smoothness of the draw cycle and lastly the speed is what hooked me on the z7. If you want the total package then purchase a Matthews Z7 SOON!!!

This will be the last bow I'll ever own.

Version: 2010 Mathews Z7


Pros: Rock solid preformance.Quiet,fast,hand shock free. Mathews backs up thier garantee.

Cons: Back wall a tad spongy.Changed the grip to a smaller one.

Full review:

It took me 3 to 4 months to get the feel for this bow. I had an Outback for 6 years. To me this z-7 was a new rocket ship. I love to shoot this bow. I have had just about every sight on this bow from red dot to pendulum to 3 pin. It doesn't matter. It's just a great Fast, quiet, hand shock free bow.I have complete confidence in this bow.I have taken 4 deer with this bow. The last 2 from the same tree,30ft high. Both shot through the heart. Not bad for a 65 year old guy shooting with a non dominant eye.I do give alot of credit to my z-7. I just love this bow.

30"-70LBS 422 grain 300 FPS 4 pin Axcel sight

Version: 2010 Mathews Z7


Pros: great speed and draw cycle for a beginner shooting grapefruit size group at 50 yard own only 8 months.

Cons: None

Full review:

30"draw-70lb 422 grains Easton 330 bloodline QAD drop away 4 pin sight axicom. 333 IBO 300 FPS 100 grain fix blade walmart special. 7" stabilizer. 442 grain Easton 300 ST Excel 290 FPS.

Sweet bow. Quietest bow with awesome speeds to date.

Version: 2011 Mathews Z7


Pros: Smooth as butter, quiet, no shock, and did I mention fast!

Cons: None

Full review:

Shooting 72# and 29" dl with an Easton axis infused at 411 grains hitting 306-308. Imagine a lighter arrow.... Wow. Great bow highly recommend. Traded my 14 bowtech for this 2011 and it was the best decision I ever made!

Quite and deadly

Version: 2011 Mathews Z7


Pros: Smooth draw, light wieght, flat and solid shots, deadly consistancy

Cons: Haven't found one

Full review:

If you shoot this bow around other archers you will hear the differnce everytime you hit the target. The Z7 hits like a frieght train; people will ask you what you're shooting. Z7 65# 29.5 draw Qad hdx fall away rest Scott trigger release Sword three pin sight Axion 5in cloud lite stabilizer

first and last bow i will own....EVER

Version: 2010 Mathews Z7


Pros: Fast, quiet, accurate and silent.

Cons: nothing , absolutely nothing

Full review:

61 lb (setting it up to 70 lb within the next week) 29inch draw length Q-shot trigger Truglow 5 pin sight Easton Faston ST Epic 340 9.5gpi arrows Grouping around a tennis ball size at 30 yards. one of Mathews best bows in my eyes.

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