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Mathews ZXT

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  • Smooth draw
  • Quiet shooting
  • Good value


  • Lack of speed
  • Slight kick
  • Cam is nonadjustable for draw length


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Editors' review

The Mathews ZXT is an extremely solid bow that is underrated by the majority. It is a smooth, easy to shoot, hunting bow. Although it isn't the quickest bow in the world its speed is faster than advertised. With the ZXT's smoothness and real short axel to axel length it makes it ideal in hunting situations. This bow should not be over looked by any Mathews fans or anyone in search of a nice forgiving bow. It has that familiar Mathews look that started with the Z7 and now runs through all of their Z series bows. As always the quality can't be beaten.


The finish is solid and reliable and there has been no issues with flaking or chipping. It should be as enduring and long lasting as Mathews finishes have always been. The ZXT is available in Lost Camo or black. Both of the colors look great on the bow and can always be customized even more with all of the colored accessories that are available from Mathews.


Mathews Grid Lock pattern is used on this riser as with all of their Z series bows. This has proved to be a solid pattern that started with the Z7 and is a design that is now used on a large portion of Mathews bows. The advanced geometric design is called the Geo Grid Lock. The technology creates a strong, rigid, and lightweight riser. The ZXT is one of the lighter hunting bows in the industry at 4.2 lbs. and it only measures 28" axel to axel.


The SlimFit Inline Grip is walnut and has a rich look to it. It has a layered line that indicates the centerline of the bow. It creates very little to no torque by being thinner than some of Mathews previous grips. It is still thicker than the majority of grips, but has a good feel. These walnut grips have a nice finished look.


The ZXT has SE6 Composite SlimLimbs. With prime materials used to compose these limbs along with all of the Mathews technology they are tough to beat. They are thin, light, and can withstand almost anything. These shorter limbs are flexible and bend beyond parallel. There is virtually no noise or vibration and the limbs play a large role in keeping this bow silent.

Limbs-to-riser connection

The composite limbs on this bow are connected to the riser by the SphereLock Limb Lock system. They taper down at the connection and at the entrance into these limb pockets. This system is strong and reliable. It has been tested on Mathews bows of the past. The limbs are also allowed to pivot to allow consistent pressure on the limbs. The ZXT as a very generous 7.375" brace height.

Eccentric System

The ZXT is built to be smooth, comfortable, and like the Mathews Solocam tradition, forgiving. All of this has been more than accomplished with this bow. It is not a real fast bow with an IBO of only 326 fps although it does seem to be a little faster than this. With draw lengths being cam specific on all of Mathews Solocams it requires a new cam for each draw length ranging from 24" to 30" in .5" increments. It is available in 40, 50, 60, 65, and 70 lb. max draw weights.

Roller Guard

The ZXT has the Reverse Assist Roller Guard which does an amazing job at reducing friction to create an even smoother draw. This system works by the cables being pushed out during the draw instead of being pulled in with more pressure on the wheels. Less pressure means less friction. This small amount of tension plays a large role in the silky draw and the cables are also contained within the roller guard.

Draw Cycle

This bow has an awesome draw cycle that is real comfortable and rolls over to a surprisingly solid back wall. The ZXT uses a cable stop too which helps with the stop at full draw. Its valley is generous and there is a lot of room to play without it jumping back forward. This is another great attribute of a hunting bow. Most hunters don't want to use a bow that they have to worry a lot about jumping back forward on them in the heat of the moment or when they are face to face with that buck of a lifetime.

Quietness and Vibration

With the assistance of string suppressers at each end, harmonic dampeners, The Dead End String Stop Lite, and Monkey Tails this bow is whisper quiet at the shot. Mathews is well known for their quiet bows and the ZXT is no exception with it making minimal noise at the shot. The string is deadened, however, there is a small amount of kick with the shot that a stabilizer would eliminate. Stabilizers are always beneficial even if one is trying to keep their bow as light as possible it is worth the trade off for at least a lighter stabilizer.

Perfect Usage

This bow is ample enough to be used in most aspects of archery. Hunting would be the most fitting application however. Any serious hunter would truly appreciate this bow and how easy it is to get a shot from different angles. 3D shooting would be fun with the ZXT for recreation or some lower classes of competition. It may be lacking for a strictly "competition" bow.


Regardless of this bow seeming to somewhat be flying under the radar in Mathew's line up it is one of their best hunting bows. It may even be the best in some opinions. With it being so compact and so comfortable to shoot it is tough to beat. The fit and finish of the ZXT is very nice as all Mathews are especially for this bow being considered the economy line of the Z series. It seems faster than advertised and is a must shoot for anyone in the market for a new hunting bow. It can easily be overlooked and is a definite sleeper especially with the new Creed and Chill in the Mathews line up for 2013. With an MSRP of only $799 it is a great value especially when compared to the $999 price tag of the other new Mathews for 2013.

User Reviews

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Great HUNTING bow

Version: 2013 Mathews ZXT


Pros: Forgiving, quiet, eye appeal, Mathews Quality

Cons: Speed

Full review:

First one I purchased the limbs where cracked. The bow still shot well, and I think it was the pro shops doing of the limbs being cracked. Mathews of course stands behind their product and I received new limbs within the week. The bow has literally zero vibration and ideal for all hunting situations. I buy a bow to HUNT with. This bow suits that need and at a little over 600$ I could not have chosen a better bow.


Version: 2014 Mathews ZXT


Pros: Draw cycle extremely smooth with great back wall. Could hold this bow all day with virtually no creep. Feels like I have to push it forward to let it down. Seems faster than advertised speed, definitely fast enough!!!

Cons: Just like the switchback the draw length specific cam, but the reality is I'm not changing draw length anymore so not really a drawback unless your a youth growing into your bow.

Full review:

Extremely happy with the bow. Unlike many others that can purchase a new bow every year I have to look at this like the investment it is (maybe upgrade every 10 years) and I really don't see myself letting go of this for a lot longer. The accuracy and forgiveness is far above what I expected and should be more than adequate for bow hunting. I hunt the west where shot placement is extremely important at distances higher than 20 yards and this bow on the range has shown that it is up for the task. When looking for a bow don't let this little bow pass by without taking it out for a test drive. The Creed, Chill, Spyder, and the rest are good bows but this is definitely a bow worth taking a look at.

I picked the perfect bow

Version: 2013 Mathews ZXT


Pros: I shot the creed and chill without comparing the price and this bow shot best for my needs. I ended up taking it elk hunting in New Mexico that year and dropped a cow at 64 yards! The back wall is solid. Great bow!

Cons: No cons

Full review:

I spent the extra money and got a Mathews quiver to match the camo up. I have an apex covert single pin adjustable sight. No other extras. It's short axel to axel height is a huge bonus. Very quiet and fast. Light weight. Solid back wall and smooth ultra quiet draw.

Best I ever had

Version: 2014 Mathews ZXT


Pros: Smooth draw, forgiving, quiet and precise

Cons: none that I can foresee

Full review:

I bought this bow used one year ago and I am absolutely flabergasted by its performance. I have owned Hoyt and PSE, but I love this bow the most. I use it for competition and 3D and it is absolutely better than the shooter, I am the limit, not him. Overall I can only recommend this bow that is worthy much more of what I paid for it.

The Perfect Hunting Bow

Version: 2014 Mathews ZXT


Pros: Draw is smooth and back wall is solid. Finish is tough. Bow feels solid even though lightweight. Short and easy to maneuver in the stand. Super quiet, it's amazing.

Cons: Does twitch (kick?) a little on release. Get a weighted stabilizer. An adjustable cam would be nice. Come on Mathews, stop being greedy.

Full review:

Bow hunting for 22 years. I chose this bow for hunting after tons of research. It replaced my Mathews Monster 6.5. It has all the speed you need for hunting. I'm accurate out to 50 yards. Though I've never shot over 25 yards while hunting. Draw is smooth and back wall is solid. It's crazy light weight. I don't see a lack of speed at all. I think the kick people feel is due to the power of the cam versus the weight of the bow. Finish is tough, however it is wearing a little near the grip. I wanted a tad more weight on the bow, so I went with a weighted stabilizer. Helped with feel. I'm set up at 60 lbs. with a 28 inch draw and it's spot on to my draw length. It's an overall great hunting bow.

Light, fast and very quiet

Version: 2013 Mathews ZXT


Pros: Plenty fast enough to do what I need it to do

Cons: None

Full review:

Bought a zxt as a used bow instead of buying the new halon. It may not be as fast was some top of the line bows, but it is plenty fast enough. I was surprised how long I could hold at full draw with no effort, extremely forgiving and super quiet. I am sold on the z series bows and will be shooting one as long as I am able to draw one back.

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