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Mathews Drenalin

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  • very lightweight yet fast and stable
  • smooth and quiet
  • solid wall at full draw


  • non-adjustable cam system (cam needs to be replaced for individual draw lengths)


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Editors' review

The Mathews Drenalin is yet another innovative solution from Mathews engineers. It's a lightweight and high-performance bow with good stability and great wall at full draw.


To achieve such characteristics, Mathews engineers completely re-designed the limbs that are now more narrow, very tough, and durable. With the width of 1.1 inches the limbs are about half as wide as typical bow limbs, which contributes significantly to the Drenalin's trim appearance. According to Mathews, SlimLimbs last over twice as long as conventional limbs.

Limb pocket system

To complement the new limbs, Mathews came up with a new and compact limb-pocket system. The limb pockets are secure and thin making this bow even lighter.

Eccentric system

Many hunters and archers agree that the Drenalin cam system is exceptional. This is a fast bow with a smooth draw cycle and a solid back wall. While being a bit faster than Mathews Switchback XT it is as fast as the standard Mathews Switchback. Many hunters who shoot this bow say its StraightLine Perimeter-Weighted Cam system allows for a very smooth draw and let-off. After testing this bow some shooters even say it feels a few pounds lighter in draw weight compared to the setup. They also notice that the Drenalin is a high-performance bow. To achieve high performance, the Mathews design team engineered a non-adjustable eccentrics system. Keep this in mind when buying this bow - make sure a proper cam is installed to match your draw length.

Silencing system / Quietness and vibration

This bow is equipped with Mathews Six-Point Harmonic Damping System integrated into its riser, cable guard, and string suppressors. All these dampers are designed to eliminate noise and vibration. However we noticed that some archers do say this bow has more vibration and hand shock because it's so light. At the same time others claim it is as good as Mathews Switchback. When testing this bow ensure it's fully loaded to make your own judgment on how stable it is.

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BowMathews DrenalinMathews Switchback XTMathews Drenalin LD
Version 200920082010
PictureMathews DrenalinMathews Switchback XTMathews Drenalin LD
Brace Height7 "7.5 "7 "
AtA Length33 "31 "37 "
Draw Length25 " - 30 "25 " - 30 "26 " - 31 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed320 fps315 fps315 fps
Weight3.85 lbs4.25 lbs4.15 lbs
Let-Off65% or 80% 65% or 80% 65% or 80%
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When it comes to quietness some hunters like to compare this bow with the Mathews Switchback XT. They say that the Drenalin is almost as quiet as the Switchback. We shouldn't forget though, that the Drenalin is 5 fps faster.If you are a longer draw shooter have a look at Mathews Drenalin LD which is specifically designed for archers with longer draw length.


To conclude, the Mathews Drenalin is a lightweight yet high-performance bow with a great draw cycle. It weighs over one pound less than its main competitors but at the same time it doesn't lose in speed. This lightweight technology makes the Drenalin a great choice for mountain hunters or anyone thinking about carrying a lightweight and fully loaded package.

User Reviews

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For a light bow, it is a wonderful bow.

Version: 2007 Mathews Drenalin


Pros: Holds well in the hand. Very accurate. One of the quietest bows I have ever had. With a meanv string suppressor on mine it was as dead in the hand as the bowtech general I had. And more accurate.

Cons: It will take a little time to get used to as to the weight compared to heavier bows. Floats more on the target than heavier bows.

Full review:

One of my favorite mathews bows. I would place it behind the switchback and switchback XT. A great bow for stalking game or walking a considerable distance on a hunt. One of those bows that I regretted trading afterwards.

Nice bow, lots of bang for the buck

Version: 2007 Mathews Drenalin


Pros: Quite Smooth draw Light

Cons: Grip Finish wears rather fast

Full review:

The Drenalin is one bow that I will regret selling for a long time. It was accurate, quiet, very smooth drawing, and very easy to shoot well. The Drenalin is Mathews first bow with slim limbs. I haven't shot too many older Mathews with the wider limbs, but I find the slim limbs very nice. The riser is nice, but if you have large hands you may find that on older Drenalins that your thumb rubs on the inside edge in front of the grip. The grip is a standard Mathews wood grip. The draw cycle is very smooth, but has a little drop into the valley. I found the wall spongy while shooting back tension. The bow balances very well and shot tight groups for me out to 60yds(farthest I tested to). The speed isn't blistering fast, but it is more than enough to kill any animal in North America. The finish is very nice, but tends to wear down to the base coat around the grip and on the limb edges.

Bow to be reckoned with!

Version: 2009 Mathews Drenalin


Pros: Smooth draw, stable, lightweight, easier to tune

Cons: Harmonic dampeners - replaced with Harmonic Stabilizers in riser

Full review:

Shooting 65#, 29" DL. Was flinging through whisker biscuit Deadshot like a breeze going 285 FPS with 370 grains Gold Tip Pro Hunter arrows. It did have some vibration when it had Harmonic Dampeners in the riser. Decided to replace them with Harmonic Stabilizers top and bottom. Then added Limbsaver Enhancer 2000 2" stabilizer. Boom there it is! Quiet, quiet but deadly bow. Accurate and very balanced bow. I've put in 100 shots in the bow so far. Dead-on 20, 30 and 40 yards. Ready to go bowhunting this fall with my beloved Drenalin. Too bad that Mathews have had to rename this bow to DR2. Still the specs remained the same!

By far the best bow I have ever owned/shot or touched, mathews really nailed it with this one.

Version: 2009 Mathews Drenalin


Pros: Smooth, light weight, short overall length, fast, quiet with perfect balance

Cons: other than getting used to shooting I have no complaints. If other bow companies could provide this perfection, then I wouldnt have had any cons on the mathews.

Full review:

I have owned pse, hoyt.. etc! But the mathews drenalin is by far #1 on the market if you ask me. From the time I purchased the drenalin I have used many different combos but even with trying out different arrows, sights, broadheads, I have never drawn on a deer without either dropping it on the spot or at worse it running 20 yds and tipping over dead. I now have my drenalin dialed in, I shoot maxima blue streak 350's with the 100gr rage 2 (2 blade, 2" cut) these animals stand to chance. I am shooting large adult whitetail from 10-70yds and they drop dead in there tracks, and yes even at 70yds Its on film and I can provide proof. Get one, buy one or borrow one from your buddy, I sware you will never shoot anyother brand again.

An awesome bow that could be called the ultimate middle class person's bow.

Version: 2007 Mathews Drenalin


Pros: Quiet, speed, accuracy

Cons: The cam needs to be replaced for different draw lengths.

Full review:

This was my first bow and I couldn't have been more impressed. I shot other friends' and family members' bows of makes and models before I got mine and this one was a no brainer when I came upon it on eBay used. This bow seems to be the best bang for your buck, and IMO you get probably more bang for the money. Granted its not a HeliM or Z7, but it's a damn good bow. I think this will stick around like the Switchback as one of those Mathews bows that is just hard to beat all around. Once you get it dialed in, you shouldn't have problems shooting upwards of 60 yards if you're a consistent archer. If you youtube anything on a Drenalin, don't let the PSE lovers try and ruin this bow's awesomeness. Everyone tries to put up a speedbow comparison to a Drenalin for whatever reason and make their bow look so blistering badass. If you want a speedbow get a Mathews Monster to compare to others, which would probably paint a different picture of others' awesomeness. If you want a consistent, well rounded bow for a decent price then get a Drenalin. If you wanna spend $900-$1200 on a new, naked Mathews then get a Z7 or HeliM. As for me I'm gonna shoot this bow till the limbs fall off....and then get new limbs : )

it will be a long time before i even think about upgrading this bow

Version: 2008 Mathews Drenalin


Pros: -Butter smooth draw -Fast with no recoil in the hand -Great used price range -Lighweight

Cons: Have to change cams to change drawlength (just be sure to buy the right length)

Full review:

Drawing 68 lbs and have more than enough power and speed to satisfy me.Ultra smooth and quiet with minimal vibration. I recomend the string dead stop, just because it is a great product that works. All in all i will keep this bow a long long time. It will still be relevent in a few years when my kids are strong enough to fling arrows at deer.

The best bow on the market !!!

Version: 2008 Mathews Drenalin


Pros: I have shoot this bow for 6 years and have killed many deer with it. It is by far the best bow I have ever out my hands on. My whole family is shooting Mathews all the way to my grand kids.

Cons: Not one thing bad to say, just perfect.

Full review:

What can I say but the bow fits me to a tee. Will shoot it until I can shoot any longer. I whole family shoots Mathews and they all like to get together and shoot 3d targets. Its a great way to keep the family together.

Can't justify buying another bow after all these years.

Version: 2008 Mathews Drenalin


Pros: Smooth and fast enough for me.Shoots tight groups to 60yds.

Cons: Nothing

Full review:

I live in Nevada so we tend to have a lot of long shots. I considered the LD but I also like hunting Antelope and turkeys from a blind so I got the shorter bow. I have taken several turkeys,mule deer,antelope and elk not to mention small critters too. The bow works for me so why spend the money on a new one. Save your money for the hunts.

I have never owned a better bow than the Drenalin.

Version: 2007 Mathews Drenalin


Pros: It feels right, it shoots quietly and accurately, it is fast but forgiving, low maintenance, light weight, good looking and is durable.

Cons: I used to buy 2 two identical bows every year as a pro-shop shooter for multiple years. I got my Drenalin about 8 years ago and am still shooting it. I am still looking for something not to like about it. I will continue to shoot my Drenalin.

Full review:

Set up for bowhunting, with Flatline arrows, it shoots 305 fps. I use a Drop Zone arrow rest, True Peep Sight, TruGlo Range Rover Sight, and 100 grain field points or Spitfire broad heads. My draw length is 30" and I am shooting with 60 lb. limbs at 60 lbs. IBO legal it shoots 315 fps. At 100 yards (just for fun) I could hit the 8 ring or better 3 out of 5 attempts. I hit at least the 5 point area every time. This bow shoots better than I ever will.

Will continue shooting for a long time!!!

Version: 2008 Mathews Drenalin


Pros: Light weight, fast enough, smooth draw, quiet, gets the job done!

Cons: None

Full review:

I've been shooting the Drenalin since summer of 2008. I have changed/upgraded the equipment on the bow like sights, stab, quiver, etc... But I don't see changing the bow. I've shot the new ones season after season and can't find anything that feels and shoots better. I have no problem spending 1200-1400 on a new bow if it is just phenomenal but nothing has impressed me enough to replace my Drenalin. As others have said, I will probably keep shooting my Drenalin until the limbs fall off, then get new limbs and keep shooting!!!

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