Mathews Ignition Compound Bow

Mathews Ignition
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    Editor review:
    In summary, the Ignition is a great value if you are looking for a bow without all the bells and whistles that the higher end models feature. The Ignition would make a great hunting bow for a woman who is interested in getting started in archery. The only reason that it should not be recommended as a youth bow is because of the draw length specific cams. Hitting speeds up to 278 fps, this bow is sufficient for hunting. If you are between the draw lengths of 19" and 26" and draw weights of 20 and 50 lbs but are looking for an inexpensive bow that performs well, shoots great, and draws smoothly, then the Ignition is certainly worth a look... read full review
  • Mathews Ignition Specifications

    5 versions
    Manufactured: 2007 - 2011 (5 versions, specs not changed)
    Latest version: 2011 Mathews Ignition
    Brace Height 6.5 "
    Axle to Axle Length 31.375 "
    Draw Length 19 " - 26 "
    Draw Weight 20 lbs - 50 lbs
    IBO Speed 278 fps
    Weight 2.9 lbs
    Let-Off 65%
    + 4 more versions
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