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Mathews Ignition

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  • Very lightweight
  • Single cam offers easy cam rotation setup
  • 6.5" Brace height
  • Price ($329 MSRP)


  • Cam change is needed to modify draw length
  • Limited draw weight poundage (26-50 lbs)

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Editors' review

Introduced in 2007 and designed for younger shooters and women, the Mathews Ignition is a smooth, quiet, and shock free bow. At only 2.9 lbs this bow won't cause fatigue during shooting. The Mathews Ignition has enough speed for the younger hunters to efficiently harvest game, and also comes in enough colors to make target and 3D shooters happy. The price tag on this bow is one of the best things that it has to offer.


The Mathews Ignition limbs are available in Realtree Hardwoods HD Camo or Black, while the riser comes in a variety of colors. Colors available on the riser include Realtree Hardwoods HD Camo, Black Cherry, Blueberry, and Electric Pink. The bright colors that Mathews offers on the Ignition make this bow really stand out among other bows. Mathews has set a standard and is known for having a very quality finish on all bows that will last a long time.

Riser, Limbs & Features

A very short riser is featured on the Mathews Ignition, helping keep the weight below 3 lbs. it is surprising that a fully machined AeroRiser is used, giving this bow the look of one of the high end models but at an exceptional price. Mathews classifies the Ignition as a "Parallel Limb Design", but upon examination, the limbs are far from parallel. A lot of the ATA length is made up of the limbs, and at 31.375" ATA, it is still a sweet shooter. Limbs are available in 20, 30, 40, or 50 lbs. On the riser is the Mathews soft walnut Competition Grip allowing for consistent, comfortable hand placement each and every shot. In an effort to save you money, a carbon cable rod is used instead of the Roller Guard. This also helps reduce weight and the draw is still very smooth. The silencing package is limited to the String Suppressors at the ends of the limbs. They help dampen vibration after the shot by stopping string oscillations. A Zebra Hybrid Bowstring can be found on the Ignition.

Eccentric System

The cam on the Ignition is draw length specific. This might cause some problems with young, growing shooters since the cam will have to be changed to change draw lengths. If you are lucky, you can find a dealer that has used cams in stock and will allow you to trade cams when a new one is needed. The draw length range is 19"-26" and cams are available in half inch sizes. Another drawback of the cam system is the fact that the Ignition is a 65% let-off bow. For younger shooters, a bow with 70-80% let-off may be more suitable.

Draw Cycle / Shootability

The draw cycle on the Mathews Ignition is smooth, and that is ideal for youth shooters as well as women. For the speed produced (up to 278 fps), shooters are happy with the draw cycle. Most previous and current youth and womens model bows have brace heights that are shorter than that of the Ignition. At a brace height of 6.5", the Ignition features the shootability that is needed for younger shooters. Overall, from the beginning of the draw through the shot, this bow is smooth, vibration free, and a good shooter.

Comparison: Ignition vs Mustang

Though the Mathews Mustang is no longer manufactured, it is the most comparable bow in the recent past to the Ignition. The Ignition and the Mustang look different, but their performance is about the same. Having a brace height that is 3/4" longer than the Mustang, the Ignition will be easier to shoot but is not quite as fast as the Mustang which can reach speeds up to 295 fps. The ATA on both bows is very close, but the overall weight of the Ignition (2.9 lbs) is .3 lbs less than the Mustang (3.2 lbs). Both bows cater to the same draw length and draw weight range. When choosing between the two, the biggest difference is in the speed and brace height, so those should be your main considerations.

Usage Scenarios

The Ignition would be a good choice for women, but before a youth chooses this bow, idea that a new cam is needed to change draw length should be considered. The overall bow weight is a huge selling point for hunters. The Ignition is light enough to be easily carried to the stand or on spot and stalk hunts. For 3D or target shooting, the brace height of 6.5" will help the shooter make consistent shots.
Bow Mathews Ignition Mathews Mustang
Version 2011 2009
Picture Mathews Ignition Mathews Mustang
Brace Height 6.5 " 5.75 "
AtA Length 31.375 " 31 "
Draw Length 19 " - 26 " 19 " - 26 "
Draw Weight 20 lbs - 50 lbs 20 lbs - 50 lbs
IBO Speed 278 fps 280 fps - fps
Weight 2.9 lbs 3.2 lbs
Let-Off 65% 70%
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The value on this bow is unreal... unless you are constantly changing draw length. MSRP for the Ignition is only $329 and they can be found for a little bit less than that. The resale value of all Mathews bows make them a good value if you are not sure how long you will keep it


In summary, the Ignition is a great value if you are looking for a bow without all the bells and whistles that the higher end models feature. The Ignition would make a great hunting bow for a woman who is interested in getting started in archery. The only reason that it should not be recommended as a youth bow is because of the draw length specific cams. Hitting speeds up to 278 fps, this bow is sufficient for hunting. If you are between the draw lengths of 19" and 26" and draw weights of 20 and 50 lbs but are looking for an inexpensive bow that performs well, shoots great, and draws smoothly, then the Ignition is certainly worth a look.

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