Mathews Monster 7.0 Review

Mathews Monster 7.0

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  • One of the best speed bows on the market
  • Very forgiving for a speed bow
  • Has a smooth draw cycle
  • Has minimal shock and vibration
  • Modular-adjustable eccentric system
  • Well balanced and stable bow with a solid back wall


  • The draw cycle is a bit stiff (but smooth)


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Editors' review

The Mathews Monster 7.0 is a great shooting bow capable of generating blazing IBO speeds. It is the most forgiving and smooth drawing bow from the Monster series. While this rig is not as fast as the standard Monster and the Monster XLR8, it still has plenty of speed in it. Most importantly, the Monster 7.0 is much more forgiving and has a much smoother draw cycle. Many shooters agree that the Monster 7.0 is the best bow from the series. Such people say Mathews' engineers changed pretty much everything they did not like about the other two rigs from the series: the Monster 7.0 balances much better, it is more forgiving, draws much smoother, and has a narrower grip.

One of the best speed bows

We were overwhelmed with the number of comments indicating that the Monster 7.0 is a fantastic speed bow. A lot of shooters strongly agree this is one of the best rigs in the speed bows world.

Riser and Grip

The Monster 7.0 is equipped with the Grid Lock Riser - a lightweight, well balanced, and strong platform delivering great performance. Checkered with multiple isometric cutouts throughout its body, the Grid Lock Riser looks very fresh compared to conventional risers. Shooters say the grip is narrower and more comfortable compared to the other two bows from the Monster series.

Eccentric system

The Mathews Monster 7.0 is outfitted with a modular-adjustable AVS eccentric system, advertised to hit IBO speeds of up to 342 FPS. While this is the very first Mathews dual cam eccentric system, many shooters agree it is very efficient and delivers great performance. The draw length is adjustable from 26 to 31 inches though a set of interchangeable modules without using a bow press. The let-off is 65% or 80%.

Draw cycle / Shootability

The Mathews Monster 7.0 is a great shooting and accurate bow with a smooth draw cycle and a solid back wall. While the draw cycle is relatively stiff (the speed must come from somewhere), it is very smooth. Admittedly, the Monster 7.0 is a much smoother rig compared to the standard Mathews Monster and the Monster XLR8 as confirmed by nearly all shooters who shot all 3 bows. Some shooters say there is a little hump closer to the end of the draw cycle but nothing outrageous. They agree that a lot of other speed rigs (including standard Monster) have much more notable hump. On the other hand, other people say they are completely surprised with the lack of hump. They say the bow gradually drops into the wall without hump at all. Overall, almost everyone says they are completely blown away with how good this bow draws.When it comes to accuracy, the 7.0 has a very forgiving brace height (7") for a speed bow. Not surprisingly, many shooters strongly agree it's a very accurate rig. The majority of archers say the Monster 7.0 is a great shooting and smooth-drawing bow capable of generating blazing speeds.

Silencing system / Quietness and vibration

While the Monster 7.0 is very fast drawing rig, it is surprisingly quiet for a speed bow as noted by many shooters. Archers agree that the silencing system installed on the Monster 7.0 along with additional silencing components (like stabilizer and limb savers) make this rig very quiet. Admittedly, this bow has minimal hand shock and vibration for the speeds it generates.

Mathews Monster 7.0 vs. Monster 6 and Monster XLR8

BowMathews Monster 7.0Mathews MonsterMathews Monster XLR8
Version 201020102010
PictureMathews Monster 7.0Mathews MonsterMathews Monster XLR8
Brace Height7 "6 "5 "
AtA Length33.5 "33.5 "33.5 "
Draw Length26 " - 31 "25 " - 30 "25 " - 30 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 80 lbs40 lbs - 80 lbs40 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed342 fps353 fps360 fps
Weight4.35 lbs4.4 lbs4.4 lbs
Let-Off65% or 80% 80% 80%
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Many shooters like comparing this rig with its faster and harsher brothers: the standard Mathews Monster and the Mathews Monster XLR8. While the Monster 7.0 is slower than its older brothers, it definitely is much more forgiving, has a smoother draw cycle, and is the best shooting bow from the series as noted by a lot of experts and shooters.

Mathews Monster 7.0 vs. Mathews Z7

BowMathews Monster 7.0Mathews Z7
Version 20102011
PictureMathews Monster 7.0Mathews Z7
Brace Height7 "7 "
AtA Length33.5 "30 "
Draw Length26 " - 31 "24 " - 30 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 80 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed342 fps333 fps
Weight4.35 lbs4.0 lbs
Let-Off65% or 80% 80%
Where to buy
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The Monster 7.0 is often compared to the single cam Mathews Z7. People comparing these two rigs agree that the Monster 7.0 is a bit faster, more forgiving, has a better balance, and is good for both hunting and 3D shooting. On the other hand, the Z7 is considered to have a smoother draw cycle and could be a better choice for tree-stand or blind hunting due to a shorter axle-to-axle length.


To conclude, the Mathews Monster 7.0 is one of the best fast bows on the market. With low hand shock and vibration, this great shooting and forgiving rig has a smooth (and a bit stiff) draw cycle. While some shooters feel a little hump closer to the end of the draw cycle, others are pleasantly surprised with the lack of it. With a longer AtA length, the Monster 7.0 is good for both hunting and 3D shooting. A lot of archers and hunters strongly agree that this is one of the best fast bows on the market: it's smooth, forgiving, and very well balanced. Overall, this bow is a great choice for everyone who likes fast and accurate bows with a smooth (but a bit stiff) draw cycle.

User Reviews

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A Dependable Beast with Amazing Accuracy.

Version: 2010 Mathews Monster 7.0


Pros: Very forgiving with the long ATA and 7" Brace Height. A Manufacturer that stands by their product.

Cons: 2010 first edition The riser was torqued. The Limbs are all different strengths and are put strategically on the bow as to compensate for the side pull on the cables. Mathews finally sent me the second 2010 version. Riser changed.

Full review:

Since the change on the 2010 riser the bow has been a great hunting companion. Using the QAD ultra rest it has achieved amazing accuracy. Some rests will not work with this bow as it has a serious jump, out of the gate. If you don't have big forearms it can be difficult to haul up and down mountains because of the weight, however it could be that the weight helps with the overall stability and quietness of this bow. I have recieved countless comments from strangers on how quiet this bow is. A short draw length will drastically reduce the speed. I recommend using the original string with the weights. The dealer put the nock stop below the nock rather than above it due to the jump and it has performed well. The split yoke which attaches to eccentric cam bearings on each side of the cams is a work of genius. This innovative binary cam system is in large part what makes this a great bow.

Target bow performance in a hunting bow design.

Version: 2010 Mathews Monster 7.0


Pros: Great speed. Steady hold. Quiet. Solid back wall. Modular cam system.

Cons: Bulky stock grip. Not a smooth transition into the valley.

Full review:

This bow holds exceptionally well. The length and minimal reflex of the riser allows for quick target acquisition and a very steady hold. This coupled with a solid back wall, the M7 is just an absolute pleasure to shoot. It has a generous valley for hunters making it easier to hold for the shot. It is also very quiet, making it perfect for hunting.

The stock grip is bulky and would be easy to induce torque on the shot. It can be switched for the optional focus grip witch is a great design and minimizes torque. The wall is not as solid as bows that have limb contacting draw stops, but it is solid for very minimal overdraw ability. The stock strings still require improvements. The take quite a few shots to settle and have slight peep rotation.

Overall Mathews' best bow to date.

pros: smooth easy draw, quite and vib free, fast cons: little on the heavy side compared to others

Version: 2010 Mathews Monster 7.0


Pros: shot the monster7 along side a z7 and overall liked the balance, hold,draw cycle, and feel of the monster way more. i was also considering a bowtech destroyer but found it much harder to draw and less stable at full draw

Cons: the only thing i didnt like and was hoping they would have got a little more done with was lightening it up. all in all i think it helps with the balance and the feel, it is gunna be a little less fun to pack then my alphamax.

Full review:

after i shot a few different bows (pse xforce, bowtech destroyer, mathews z7 and monster7) i decided that the best all around bow was the monster 7. shoots much better then the xforce, smoother then the destroyer, and had better balance then the z7.

i however dont recommend shooting a monster7 without a deadend string stop or it might turn you off as there is more noise and vibration the the z7 or the destroyer but with it its very comparable to a z7 with better balance. i went away from mathews after my outback because nothing felt or shot like that to me that mathews came out with since except maybe the switchback so i went to the alphamax. mathews defiently won me back with this monster 7. its feels as smooth as my outback, balances like a target bow, better draw stroke and back wall then my alphamax, and smokin fast, even at low 55 lb draw. overall its my favorite bow ive ever shot and finally gave me something to shot to stop wishing i had my outback back.

my setup:
2010 mathews monster 7 (camo, red custom accessories, deadend string stop)
55 lb 31 inch draw
430 grain arrow at 310 fbs and 89 ft lbs of energy
HHA OL-5519 sight
axion glx 5" stabilizer
mathews downforce rest
easton axis nano 340's at 32 in

The Best Speed Bow I Have Ever Shot

Version: 2010 Mathews Monster 7.0


Pros: 1. Draw Cycle (smoothest speed bow I have ever drawn)
2. Balance (almost nuetral riser design)
3. Speed (342fps IBO with 7" BH)
4. Holding on Target

Cons: 1. Slight Vibe without STS system installed
2. Weight (heavier bow - good for 3D and target, not good for stalking)

Full review:

Draw Cycle - The M7 has an amazing draw cycle considering it is a speed bow. My bow is currently set at 59 pounds, and it pulls easier than my 53 pound X-Force. The reason for this is there is a little play at the beginning of the draw cycle, helping you get momentum, and then when the peak weight starts ramping up, you are already 1/4 of the way back. There is a slight hump when falling into the valley, but minimal compared to the Monster, X-force, Reezens, etc.

Let-Off: Not many people notice this, but the M7 has a true 80% let-off. My X-Force says 80% let-off, but i would guess more like 70%. The M7 is truly 80%. Once you get it back, it wants to stay there.

Balance: The bow is VERY well balanced. The riser design is actually more like a target bow, with a reflexed riser design of only about 1". Compared to the Z7, it is significantly less reflexed.

Speed: With it set at 58#, 28" DL, and 307 grain arrow, I am getting 302fps! I love it!

Holding on Target: The bow is perfectly balanced, and it holds on target like a dream. In owning 5 bows, this bow holds the best on target. It is the perfect riser is designed more like a target bow, but it has the speed of a hunting bow. It is an amazing combination.

Vibe: When I first bought the bow, it did not have a Dead End installed. Without the Dead End, the bow does has some vibration in the grip after the shot. It doesnt last long, but it has a distinct vibration. After installing a Dead End, this issue is eliminated, but if you buy the M7, i would strongly recommend installing some type of STS system on the bow.

Weight: The bow does have some weight to it. I believe Mathews states it is 4.4#, but that is without accessories. With the harmonic dampeners installed, and the Dead End, you get closer to 5# than 4. So if you are thinking it will feel like a Hoyt (weight wise), you are wrong. It is a bit heavier, but that can be a benefit. The more weight, the steadier the bow, but if you are going to stalk, you might want to look into a lighter bow.

Mathews most "versatile" bow yet.

Version: 2010 Mathews Monster 7.0


Pros: This bow offers a great mix of shootability and speed. The bow draws very nicely for a speed bow, balances and holds on target extremely well and is fast. You also get the forgiveness of a 7" brace height.

Cons: The bow could be a bit lighter. Not that its heavy but it could be a bit lighter for hunting.

Full review:

Its a great tool in the woods or on the course. Plenty of speed and forgiveness for any situation. I would highly recommend this bow for someone looking to upgrade to a top of the line speed bow. I think its Mathews best bow to date.

I think that people have overlooked this bow based on their perception of the Monster 6.0.

Version: 2010 Mathews Monster 7.0


Pros: 1)Quality workmanship. 2) People that will stand behind you in case of problems.3) Draw cycle. 4)Target quality in a hunting bow.A

Cons: Personally I wish that Mathews would put the Focus grip on the bow at the factory especially if you order it with one, although the new grip is better but not there yet!

Full review:

Overall Excellent Quality fit and finish. Has all the quality's of a very shoot-able bow. Real respectable speed. I have not found anything I really disliked about the bow. If I had the extra money I would buy one to add to my collection! So if anyone out there does not want theirs, I'll take it!

This bow is near perfection, if it could shed just a little mass weight, we'd be there.

Version: 2010 Mathews Monster 7.0


Pros: Draw cycle. Shot noise (lack thereof). Great valley. Well balanced. Speed. Killer looks.

Cons: Could stand to be a little bit lighter.

Full review:

Was apprehensive to shoot, as I didn't care for the original Monster 6. I was very pleasantly suprised. The draw cycle was superb, particularly for a fast bow. The bow is dead in the hand at the shot, and there is no vibration. I was amazed how quiet it is. I held at full draw on a late season doe for an extended period of time and found the substantial valley lent itself well to this task.
As all things are visual, including bows, appearance is important too. I think the M7 looks like a performance bow. The fit and finish are top notch.
The only thing I would change on this bow is the overall weight. When loaded with accessories, it is a bit heavy. As a treestand whitetail hunter is was not a deal breaker. If I was toting it on a western mountain hunt, maybe.

Great all around bow for the Multi-discipline shooter.

Version: 2010 Mathews Monster 7.0


Pros: Target feel with some real speed behind it. Balance, power, control, and shock free all in a speed bow.

Cons: I'm not a fan of the Mathews grip.

Full review:

Many target bow qualities with a mid range ATA, minimally reflexed riser, and great balance. 65% cams feel very smooth like a target bow, but make speeds like the speed bow it is. Cam mods to change DL and let off make changes easy and give shooters more affordable options to try.

My setup is an all black Monster 7 with custom ordered black strings. I rigged it with a Down Force rest, Axcel Armortech HD Pro 7 pin sight, and an 11 1/2" Doinker Power Bar stabilizer. I use this for hunting, 3D, and bowhunting. I will also change out the stabilizer to a 30" Black Max with ACE back bars for shooting open/unlimited class or indoor events.

I shoot mine at 28", 60lbs, and the 65% mods with a 385gr Gold Tip arrow at 280FPS.

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