Mathews Z7 Magnum Compound Bow

Mathews Z7 Magnum
  • Mathews Z7 Magnum Review

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    Editor review:
    The Z7 Magnum is the fastest single cam bow in Mathew's 2011 fleet. With a fast but very shootable ZX Single Cam, a comfortable grip, and parallel limb design, the Magnum could be shot well by any archer who has a little experience. Being extremely quiet and vibration free when shot only with the standard accessories provided by the manufacturer, it is amazing that this single cam can produce such speed and yet be that smooth and that quiet. Retailing $999.00, the Z7 Magnum is in the realm of the market price for high end performance bows, but may be out of reach for some archers... read full review
    User reviews:
    • Excellent shooting bow even at long ranges. by Scott Jarrett from Lapeer, Michigan, United States
    • The best bow ive ever shot by Jon Slieff from Michigan
  • Mathews Z7 Magnum Specifications

    3 versions
    Manufactured: 2011 - 2013 (3 versions, specs not changed)
    Latest version: 2013 Mathews Z7 Magnum
    Brace Height 6.375 "
    Axle to Axle Length 32 "
    Draw Length 24 " - 30 "
    Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs
    IBO Speed 340 fps
    Weight 4.25 lbs
    Let-Off 80%
    + 2 more versions
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