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Mathews Z7 Magnum

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  • Extremely Quiet
  • Smoothing shooting for a fast bow
  • Highly accurate for a short axle-to-axle bow
  • Very shootable for a single cam speed bow
  • Comfortable for any draw length


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Editors' review

The Mathews Z7 Magnum gives those archers that loved all the aspects of the 2010 Z7 a very similar bow, but with more speed. The Z7 Magnum features the familiar Grid Lock Riser, ZX Cam (Z7 Cam) and Mathews silencing package. The major difference between the two bows is the additional 7 fps that is possible out of the Magnum due to a shorter brace height and 2 inches of additional axle to axle length. With am IBO speed of 340 fps, the Magnum delievers outstanding performance for a single cam speed bow with a shootable brace height of 6 3/8".


The popular Grid Lock Riser is machined to reduce weight, help distribute vibration, and add strength all at the same time. Plus it just looks cool. Dipped in Lost Camo, the finish on the Z7 Magnum was flawless, as it should be. Each dipped component is carefully scrutinized after the dipping process at the factory. If any flaw is detected, the entire piece is stripped down and redone. At each end of the riser an elastomer wheel is embedded in with a Harmonic Dampner placed in the wheel at the top of the riser and a Harmonic Stabilzer placed in the bottom wheel.


Made of SE5 Composite material, Mathews SE5 Composite Slim Limb is nearly twice as strong as previous Slim Limbs and 30% lighter. That makes the limb thinner than any previous Mathews limb plus adds more durability. Set in the parallel state on the riser which Mathews is known for, these limbs help to produce speed and power with no vibration on the shot.The limbs are connected to the riser utilizing what Mathews calls the Sphere Lock Limb Cup System. The System pivots to insure positive alignment and downward pressure on the limb at all times.


The grip on the Mathews Z7 Magnum is the SlimFit Inline Grip. Made of Walnut, the ergonomically correct grip is layered with a line down the center of the grip that signifies the center of the bow. Mathews has now offered this grip as standard for many years due to its popularity with archers. Not bulky by any means, the SlimFit is comfortable in hand and warm to the touch. Mathews offers a few other grip options, including the unique Focus Grip, which minimizes hand torque and forces the hand pressure to the center of the grip.

Reverse Assist Roller Guard

The Reverse Assist Roller Guard allows the cables to move with less tension as the cables are contained in front of the roller guard instead of behind it like on most bow models. This design allows the cables to move more freely, not wrap tighter and increase pressure to the roller guard as the bow is drawn. Since the cables are free of pressure, the result is added smoothness to the draw cycle.

ZX Single Cam & QCA

Mathews utilizes their ZX Cam (Z7 Cam) that they came out with on the 2010 Z7. It is advertised as their smoothest single cam ever produced, but there is another bow in their 2011 lineup that is smoother, but a bit slower. The eccentric produces outstanding speed for a single cam, especially for being at 80% letoff, and pulls super smooth for being a speed cam. Typically single cams that are built for speed draw harshly since only one cam is doing all the work to produce the necessary energy, but not the ZX. Draw lengths for the Z7 Magnum are available in half inch increments from 24" to 30". In order to change draw lengths another cam must be installed. Mathews stepped to the plate when they came up with the QCA (Quick Change Axle). This feature makes changing the cam quick and easy. No e-clips to take off and reinstall, and no special tools are required for changing the cam. Hopefully more bow manufacturers will follow Mathews lead in this area.

Draw Cycle

The draw cycle of the Z7 Magnum quickly reaches max weight and is pulled through the draw cycle. The draw runs smooth through to the valley. When the draw settles into the valley, it is noticed but rests into a sold back wall. The valley has close to 1/4" of creep, making it possible to creep slightly without worry. Upon release, the bow is extremely quiet and vibration free due to the design of the bow and the standard silencing package installed. The Z7 Magnum balanced perfectly in hand throughout the shot sequence. The bow did not roll forward nor did it roll back on the follow through, but stayed balanced in hand.

Silencing Package

Always known for innovative designs to silence their equipment, Mathews has several components installed on the Z7 Magnum that help to cancel out vibration that help to make the bow whisper quiet and shoot faster. Beginning with a Harmonic Dampner in the top elastomer wheel in the riser; this Dampner is a weighted disk that helps to absorb recoil at the shot that is coming through the riser. The Z7 Magnum, along with every other 2011 bow in the lineup, has a Harmonic Stabilizer placed in the elastomer wheel at the bottom of the riser instead of a Dampner. The Harmonic Stabilizer is said to dampen more than 75% of residual vibration.Focusing on quieting the string and cables on this powerhouse of a single cam bow, the Z7 Magnum has the ever present String Suppressors which are mounted on the end of each limb. The string collides with the suppressors upon the end of the shot deadening vibration. The Z7 Magnum also has a Dead End String Stop mounted opposite the stabilizer bushing that also stops the string at the end of the shot, dampening vibration, thus eliminating noise. Looking at the strings and cables themselves, the cable has two Monkey Tail Silencers installed while the string has one Monkey Tail Silencer install near the cam. The resulting loss of speed is reported as 1-2 fps due to inclusion of these silencers, but helps to further eliminate vibration and sound. Finally, just above the cam on the Z7 Magnum, a String Grub is installed. Looking similar to the nocks with heat shrink over them from Mathews bows many years ago, the String Grub serves the same purpose, it greatly reduces vibration so the bow can gain more speed.

Mathews Z7 Magnum vs. Z7 Xtreme vs. Z7

BowMathews Z7 MagnumMathews Z7 XtremeMathews Z7
Version 201320122011
PictureMathews Z7 MagnumMathews Z7 XtremeMathews Z7
Brace Height6.375 "7.375 "7 "
AtA Length32 "28 "30 "
Draw Length24 " - 30 "24 " - 30 "24 " - 30 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed340 fps330 fps333 fps
Weight4.25 lbs3.98 lbs4.0 lbs
Let-Off80% 80% 80%
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In comparing the Z7 Magnum to the Mathews Z7 Xtreme and the Mathews Z7, it is easy to see why it has Magnum in its name. 4" longer that the Extreme and 2" longer than the Z7, the 32" axle to axle length gives the Magnum the ability to have a brace height of 6 3/8" which allows the IBO speeds of 340fps. Respectively the Extreme at its 7 3/8" brace height and 28" axle to axle garners a reported 330fps IBO, and the Z7 at 30" axle to axle and a 7" brace height comes in at 333fps IBO. The Magnum carries a little over 6 more ounces in weight than the Extreme, and 4 more ounces in comparison to the Z7. Total weight without accessories for the Z7 Magnum is 4.25lbs. From a shooting perspective, they all have the same cam, same limbs, same silencing package and roughly the same design with exception to what is necessary to achieve the necessary brace heights. The shot sequence feels the same with each model, the difference being the slight differences in forgiveness that results in shorter or longer length of bow and more or less speed.


The Z7 Magnum is the fastest single cam bow in Mathew's 2011 fleet. With a fast but very shootable ZX Single Cam, a comfortable grip, and parallel limb design, the Magnum could be shot well by any archer who has a little experience. Being extremely quiet and vibration free when shot only with the standard accessories provided by the manufacturer, it is amazing that this single cam can produce such speed and yet be that smooth and that quiet. Retailing $999.00, the Z7 Magnum is in the realm of the market price for high end performance bows, but may be out of reach for some archers.

User Reviews

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Excellent shooting bow even at long ranges.

Version: 2011 Mathews Z7 Magnum


Pros: This bow has an extremely smooth draw cycle for a borderline speed bow. Solid back wall provides an excellent nocking point. No hand shock or vibration upon arrow release.

Cons: I was somewhat disappointed by the speed of this bow when it was set up. The bow seems a little top heavy to me with it tipping forward faster than I thought upon release of the arrow.

Full review:

I shot this bow about 2 weeks prior to purchasing it and I melted as soon as I released the arrow. There was absolutely no hand shock or vibration, the draw cycle was extremely smooth and had a soild back wall. The grip is extremely comfortable in your hand. It does not have the bulk the old Mathews grips had. Upon releasing the arrow, it did want to tip forward quite fast but it is not hard to get used to. Could be a balanced a little better. I brought the bow home and immediately started dropping arrows on top of one another at 20 yards. I had to shoot at different targets to keep from ruining my arrows. Just for grins I worked my way back from 20 yards all the way to 60 yards with a stop at every 10 and shot 4 arrows. This bow was easy to hold on target at every range I tested it at. I had a 5 inch group at 60 yards and I have never shot that far before. All in all I am very happy about my purchase.

The best bow ive ever shot

Version: 2011 Mathews Z7 Magnum


Pros: Easy to draw solid back wall easy to hold and shoots extremely smooth.

Cons: Nothing bad to say about this bow.

Full review:

I shot this bow for the first time after the limb on my outback and splintered at a bow shoot. My brother had just bought the magnum and my other brother bought the extreme i shot both bows and hands down the Z7 magnum outperformed the extreme. It was smoother easier to draw much quieter and faster. I went to my bow shop immediatley after the shoot and bought one along with getting new limbs for my outback. After i shot it once there was no going back to my outback. The difference was that significant. If your in line for a new bow the Mathews Z7 Magnum is the way to go. It has it all shoots with speed,stability, forgiving brace height, extremely quite and very smooth. All i can say is im glad my limb split onmy outback cause now i get the Magnum.

The best bow that I have ever shot. Very smooth, very forgiving, very fast.

Version: 2011 Mathews Z7 Magnum


Pros: It is very smooth, very fast, very forgiving, very enjoyable to shoot.

Cons: There is nothing that I don't like about my bow.

Full review:

Like I said there is nothing that I don't like about my bow but I can tell you that my bow is joy to shoot and and it is very accurate, depending on the shooter. I shoot my bow close to 5 days a week on the average and at least 30 times a day. Before I got my Mathews Z7 Magnum I had a Outback Mathews Bow and I thought it was the best bow I had ever shoot and now Mathews has out done there self again with the best of the best. Thank You Mathews.

I will have this bow for life!

Version: 2012 Mathews Z7 Magnum


Pros: This bow is fast and very forgiving. Easy to shoot and a lot of fun.

Cons: None

Full review:

This bow is Awesome. When I am at the range, guys always comment how fast it shoots. (328 with a 400 grain arrow in case you are wondering.) It has a great back wall, smooth draw and amazing let-off. If you don't like a heavier bow when it is totally setup then you won't like this bow. The weight is no problem to me. It makes it really quiet. I have owned several Mathews bows and I liked them all. The Z7 series is their best bows to date in my opinion. I will have this bow as one of my bows as long as I live.

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