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Who we are and what we do

CompoundBowChoice.com is a website that helps archers and hunters find interesting and useful information about compound bows. This website contains reviews, tips, and recommendations where to buy compound bows and accessories. We aim to reduce the time it takes shooters to make the right choice and save money when choosing a compound bow.

We are very rigorous about how we review compound bows and recommend the best choices. This is how we do it. Our editors (passionate archery experts) start by browsing the Internet and collecting reliable information about compound bows including reviews, specifications, opinions, and tests. We then carefully analyze and filter this material to ensure we deliver the best quality information to our users. After we have collected, analyzed, and filtered this information we rank it in accordance with the source credibility.

While choosing the right compound bow is very important, finding the best deal quickly helps save your budget and make your shopping experience a breeze. That is why we created and continue to further develop our compound bow shopping comparison system. By using this unique tool you can compare compound bow prices available on the Internet right now. We will keep adding more and more merchants to give you even more choices when looking for a bargain.

Unique bow selector system

We created and made available a unique compound bow selector. This system helps our users to do a lot of exciting things. It allows for selecting compound bows based on different criteria such as specifications, prices, brands, types, and other criteria. The system allows you to search compound bows throughout our database in different contexts. For example, you could search like that:

  • display a list of reviews for compound bows manufactured by brand 'X' and having the following specs:7" brace height, 60-69 lbs draw weight, and the 31" to 33.99" axle-to-axle length.
  • display price comparisons for all compound bows within the $300-$500 range with the following specs: brace height: 6.5", draw length: 25"-29.99", draw weights: 40-59 lbs, axle-to-axle length: 34"-37.99".

Our review process

When we collect, filter, and analyze the material for our compound bow reviews we always rely on the two main information sources:

  • expert knowledge and reviews
  • real and unbiased user opinions

We believe that this mix of opinions is ideal for creating the most unbiased reviews. Our experienced experts listen carefully to what other experts and shooters have to say about the compound bows they shoot.

Our experts evaluate the collected material using a number of different criteria. For example, we look at the following aspects:

  • how credible is the expert and what is his/her methodological approach?
  • what is the coverage of the review/opinion/comment? Are the most important aspects covered?
  • did the expert or archer test the bow and if so how?
  • are pros and cons covered in the review/opinion?

When appropriate, we provide you with options, on a case by case basis, by recommending bows that are either similar or might be more suitable.

The policy of unbiased editorial reviews

We clearly separate editorial content from advertisements. Neither retailers nor advertisers can influence our reviews and recommendations. In addition, our editorial process is separated from any business related operations allowing our experts to deliver unbiased reviews to our users.

Coverage of our reviews

We are constantly adding new reviews to our web site. Writing quality reviews takes time and our experts work very hard to cover as many bows as possible without sacrificing the quality.

Flexible price comparison system

Coupled with our unique bow selector system described above, the price comparison module allows our users to compare prices and find compound bows for sale from all over the Internet. The system automatically retrieves relevant listings from a number of merchants selling compound bows online. We aim to add as many reliable merchants as we can and we will keep adding them on a regular basis. We will continue to improve this price comparison platform by adding other unique and exciting capabilities we have planned. Stay tuned.

Rules and policies

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