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Ross logo In 2004 Andy and Angie Ross decided to start a new company manufacturing compound bows. That is how Ross Archery was born. In just a few months, at the 2005 ATA show, they officially unveiled their company and their very first bow line. Despite being a very young company, Ross Archery has introduced many quality products to the market in the recent years. read more

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Cardiac not available now 2007 -
Cardiac 31 not available now 2008 - 2009 -
Cardiac 34 not available now 2008 - 2009 -
Carnivore 31 not available now 2009
Carnivore 34 $250.00 - $350.00 2009 -
Carnivore 37 not available now 2009 -
CR331 $250.00 - $250.00 2006 - 2007
CR334 not available now 2006 - 2007
Crave 31.5 not available now 2011 - 2012 -
Crave 33.5 not available now 2011 - 2012 -
Headhunter not available now 2014 - 2015 -
HIT not available now 2012 -
Just Like Dads not available now 2012 -
XD not available now 2012

About Ross

Successful start

In 2005, Ross Archery offered two bows: CR334 and CR337. Both rigs became very popular due to their quality design and impressive shootability characteristics. The company was soon recognized by many archers as a quality bow manufacturer.


Over the years, Ross Archery went through many interesting stages, from breaking relationships with G5 and establishing partnership with Bowtech to coming back and starting all over again.


In 2011, John S. Ralph III took over from Andy Ross who is still involved in promoting Ross Archery products at all levels. Andy still represents the company and continues to play an important role as a spokesman.