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Diamond Blackout

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  • Smooth drawing
  • Fast speeds up to 333 IBO feet per second
  • Bare bow weighs in at 3.8-pounds
  • Inexpensive package price, with decent accessories


  • Only two draw weight choices
  • Grip is not the best

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Editors' review

The Diamond Blackout bow is a Bass Pro shop only bow, and is sold under the Redhead name although it is produced by Diamond, which is owned by Bowtech. Although that may be a bit confusing, and have not bearing on whether or not to purchase the Blackout, it is reassuring to know a great company produces the Blackout. With a middle of the road 32-inch axel-to-axel measurement, module draw length adjustments between 26.5-30.5, the Blackout will meet the needs of almost every shooter. The Throttle Cam shoots arrows up to 330 feet per second, and when paired with a smooth draw and 80% let-off makes the Blackout a dream to shoot for anyone interested in a value-priced package bow.


The Blackout bow is finished very well, and looks great in the Realtree AP pattern. Hunters can take comfort knowing the bow is finished in a pattern that is popular and proven through years of testing. The bow, limbs, decals, and cams are all very traditional in terms of looks and design, which is a great thing in the eyes of most shooters.

Factory Installed Package

The Blackout is sold as a complete package from Bass Pro and includes everything needed to be a complete hunting bow. The package comes with a 3-pin sight, a five-arrow quiver, a 5-inch stabilizer, a Hostage arrow rest, and a peep a sling. Those wanting to swap out the factory accessories have the option to do so, but most will be content with the installed options.


The fully CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum riser looks really great and is not as blocky looking as some former Redhead bows. The CNC machining is done perfectly and leaves the Blackout looking really awesome. The T6 aluminum series riser is great for added strength and stability and the eliminated weight from the cutouts keeps the bare bow around 3.8-pounds, which seems to be the magical weight. Anything around the 4-pound mark seems to be the preferred weight for most shooters looking at hunting rigs.The Blackout riser comes with a rear mounted string stop system, which is not adjustable, but comes in the right spot from the factory. These suppressors are all but standard on most bows on the market now. The front mounting stabilizer bushing comes with a 5-inch Octane stabilizer already installed. Shooters wanting to upgrade can, but the included stabilizer does feel nice without making any changes. The Blackout also uses a traditional cable slide system for moving the cables back to reach full draw.


The Blackout's composite grip is nothing special. It tapers a bit to aid with proper hand placement, and will more than likely be warmer than the riser during long cold sits in the fall, but it does not really stand out as being great. Shooters are able to place their hand properly on the grip for improved accuracy, but something about the grip does not feel overly comfortable.


The Blackout uses solid parallel limb construction and red graphics to round out the design of the bow. There are two options available for draw weight, 50-60-pounds and 60-70-pounds. It would have been great for the Blackout to include a 40-50-pound option to include even more shooters, but the two offerings available will meet the needs of most.

Eccentric System

The Throttle Cam system used to power the Blackout is rather impressive. The single cam technology is virtually maintenance free, draws smoothly, and shoots 33 feet per second with an 80% let-off. The cam system does not use bearings in the cam itself. Instead, the bearings are placed in the limb tips, which is supposedly better for cam alignment and performance. The draw stop post makes the back wall very solid, and is adjustable to make a bit of a customized valley feel. The rotating draw length module is easy to do for those who like to tweak things on their own, and offer a wide range of draw lengths from 26.5-30.5-inches. Best of all, adjustments can be made without needing a bow press.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Blackout bow has wonderful specifications on paper for just about any shooter. The 32-inch axel-to-axel measurement, 7-inch brace height, and speeds up to 333 feet per second are all wonderful numbers for any style of archery hunting. The Blackout also performs just as great and feels wonderful in the shooter's hand. The Blackout's 3.8-pounds is almost perfectly balanced and holds amazing on target. The Throttle's single cam design is smooth and ends at an aided back wall that is firm and consistent. Although the valley can be adjusted slightly by utilizing the draw stop post, the valley is very manageable and does not want to creep at all. After the shot, the Blackout tilts a bit back, and then finishes back on target. There is very minimal hand shock felt by the shooter, and it is as quiet as possible. The string silencers more than likely make a difference, but some may opt to remove those for a little gain in speed. All things considered, the Blackout is a great shooting rig!

Usage Scenarios

The Blackout is going to be a great hunting bow by shooters with a limited budget. Blackout owners will love shooting it during the weekend 3D shoots with friends, but the serious tournament archer may want to look elsewhere. For those seeking a bow to use in the timber or a ground blind, the Blackout should get a test shot.


The Diamond Blackout is a fine bow designed for Bass Pro Shops and tagged under the Redhead brand name. Other than the grip, it is hard to find something not to like about the Blackout as a hunting bow. For shooters on a budget and looking at a great quality, simple bow, the Blackout is more than worthy of a test shot.

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