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Diamond The Rock

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Diamond The Rock Review4.753 out of 3 user reviews


  • Rotating cam module for easy do-it-yourself draw length adjustment from 25-30 inches in half inch increments
  • 7-inch brace height and a reasonable IBO speed of 318 fps
  • Affordable price


  • Limbs are not as parallel as other Diamond models
  • The grip is a bit bulky for some shooters

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Editors' review

The Diamond Rock is a very inexpensive hunting bow option for those shooters with a strict budget. With respectable IBO speeds of 318 fps, and a forgiving brace height of 7 inches, this bow produces up to 78.6 foot-pounds of kinetic energy. With an axel-to-axel measurement of 31 5/8 -inches, this is a great bow for all types of hunting situations.


The Diamond Rock, like the rest of the Diamond line comes finished in Hardwoods Grey HD. The camo dipping process is flawlessly done and looks great. Many after market accessories come available in the matching camo pattern, which leaves a lot of options open for accessorizing this rig.

Backwoods Accessory Package

The Rock is an extremely affordable bare bow with an option for a factory equipped accessory package. The backwoods package includes: a three-pin fiber optic sight, a hostage capture arrow rest, a black 4-arrow twist release quiver, a braided wrist sling, and a peep sight. This package does not feature high-end accessories, but for those just interested in getting started, this is a great option to take advantage of.

Riser, limbs, and limb pockets

The Diamond Rock riser is a CNC machined aluminum that is slightly shorter in length than the other bows in the Diamond line. The front of the riser comes equipped with a stabilizer-mounting hole for shooters who like additional front-end weight or an added vibration dampener. Limbs that do not rest at a parallel position, except when drawn, help achieve the 31 5/8-inch axel-to-axel measurement. Because of this, the limbs are longer in length than the rest of the Diamond line as well. The limbs are a layered composite material connecting to the riser through non-pivoting limb pockets made from the same aluminum material as the riser. The limbs are adjustable in 10-pound increments with poundage adjustability from maximum weights of 40, 50, 60, and 70 pounds.


The grip is different from other Diamond grips. The Rock grip is the thickest grip in the entire lineup. For those who prefer a thicker grip, this will be perfect for them. The Diamond Rock grip is a textured composite material making it warmer in cold weather hunting conditions. Many manufacturers are producing thinner grips, so for those still interested in their bow grip fitting their entire hand this is a great option. For others, the grip may be a bit bulky. Some feel the rubber grip make the bow look cheap, but the functionality of the bow's handle in the cold may be worth the cheaper look.

Eccentric System

The Diamond Rock is powered by a single cam system that sports a lot of adjustability with reasonable speeds and a smooth draw. The Rock has a module cam system with draw lengths ranging from 23-30 inches in length with the ability to be changed in half-inch increments. Along with this comes an adjustable let-off of 65%-80%. The draw stop post that makes contact with the bottom limb for a solid back wall is also adjustable as well. This will affect the valley allowing shooters to customize their exact draw cycle. With all of this adjustment comes an arrow speed of 318 fps. This is not the fastest single cam speed currently produced, but with the smooth draw and many personalization options available, many are able to look past that.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

Diamond Rock shooters are able to change virtually every part of the draw cycle. Although the draw may be different for every shooter, everyone is going to notice the smooth draw that comes to a solid stop at the draw post aided back wall. Perhaps one of the most likable features is the ability to change the draw valley. The valley is truly an individual preference, and being able to adjust this to fit your needs is a great option. Those liking a longer back wall will have the option to fine-tune the bow to match their needs. Those who enjoy a shorter valley feel can opt for this as well. Because so much of the draw cycle is changeable, the shot and feel of one bow will be different from that of another. For those do-it-yourself people who like to tinker, the ease of doing so will help out tremendously. For those who would rather leave the tuning to a professional, a sales clerk will be able to adjust the bow in the store to meet your shooting style and needs.

Silencing Package

All Diamond bows are equipped with a factory installed Bowtech Hush Kit. This vibration dampening system, made of a rubber composite material will help eliminate hand shock as well as after the shot vibration ultimately leading to unnecessary noise after the arrow release. The hush kit includes a rubber piece mounted on the top and bottom limb as well as the cable slide. Along with this hush kit comes installed string silencers on the strings and cable as well. The rubber composite grip also aids in the reduction of hand shock. This is not the most shock free bow Diamond makes, but the other Diamond bows have more parallel limbs and a longer riser than the Rock allowing for more equal energy transfer and therefore a more shock free release. Shooters will not notice a ton of shock, but when shooting side by side with another bow, you may notice more hand shock. Mounting a stabilizer will help cut down on some of the shock as well.

Diamond Rock versus Diamond Stud

The Diamond Rock is closely matched to the Diamond Stud. The Stud is almost two inches longer axel-to-axel, but has the same speed, let-off, adjustability, brace height, and kinetic energy. The Stud has a longer riser, and more parallel limbs than the Rock, and has less vibration after the shot. The Stud also features what Diamond calls "InVelvet" touch that is a unique soft overcoat not available on the Rock. Although the Diamond Stud has some options not available with the Rock, the $100 may not be worth it for those shooters on a budget.

Usage Scenarios

The Diamond Rock would make a good first hunting bow for anyone interested in getting in to the sport. It would also make a nice transition bow from youth bow to an adult sized bow. The price makes it an affordable hunting rig for those in the market for a bow with newer technology and an inexpensive price tag. Although there are many options available to the experienced hunter, those who have hunted for a while will also like the adjustability offered by this bow and the customized draw cycle. For the serious target shooter, there are better options. Although this bow is very accurate, target archers will benefit from a longer riser and axel-to-axel measurement.
Bow Diamond The Rock Diamond Stud
Version 2010 2010
Picture Diamond The Rock Diamond Stud
Brace Height 7.25 " 7 "
AtA Length 31.5 " 33.25 "
Draw Length 24 " - 30 " 25 " - 30 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs 50 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 310 fps - 318 fps 310 fps - 318 fps
Weight 3.6 lbs 3.8 lbs
Let-Off 65% - 80% 65% - 80%
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Great Value for the Money

The Diamond Rock is an extremely affordable bow without being cheaply made. Shooters will enjoy the smooth draw and available options offered by very few competitors. With the Rock being the most inexpensive adult bow in the Diamond, shooters interested in customizing their new bow with high-end accessories will have the option to do so. Likewise, those looking for a hunting bow fully set up will love the price of the Backwoods Accessory package as well.


The Diamond Rock is a great smooth draw bow at an amazing price. With the smallest price tag in the entire Diamond line up, the Rock offers do it yourself adjustability rarely offered in the archery world. The entire draw cycle of the Rock is adjustable, sports a 7-inch brace height, and IBO speeds up to 318 fps. Although the rubber grip is slightly bulky for some shooters, and the limbs are not as parallel as the rest of the Diamond line, this bow has a lot to offer with a tiny price tag. For those new to the sport of archery, or just looking for an inexpensive upgrade, the Diamond Rock has a lot to offer its shooters.
Diamond The Rock Review4.753

User Reviews

  • 3 reviews
  • ( out of 3 reviews for all versions)
  1. fast easy to adjust and smooth……….

    Version: 2009 Diamond The Rock


    Pros: all adjustment easy, love smooth draw and solid back stop.

    Cons: grip is to large for me….

    Full review:
    i can shot this bow well and the set up was very easy.I enjoy how smooth the rock is and for the price i felt like i got a lot more for my money out tof this bow.I set this bow up in one afternoon and had it holding a great group out to 60 yards in that time.I have been out of archery for 20 years and as i said for the price i am more than happy.Try this or any Diamond bow as the folks i have talked to at the range all love them.

  2. Great Bow

    Version: 2009 Diamond The Rock


    Pros: Shoots fast and flat.

    Cons: grip can fall off

    Full review:
    I bought the Rock at Cabela’s to get back into bowhunting after 18 years. In the four years I’ve had it I’ve harvested 3 buck (no shooting opportunities the other year). The bow is fast and accurate and has been a joy to shoot. There is a fair amount of hand shock with each shot but the bow isn’t loud at all. The bow is sensitive to being tilted…if you aren’t perfectly vertical the arrow is going to fly left or right (maybe an issue with all compound bows…I’m not really sure). Anyway I do like this bow and certainly don’t regret purchasing it to help me get back into shooting.

  3. An awesome bow that delivers as well as bows costing a lot more!

    Version: 2009 Diamond The Rock


    Pros: The finish of the bow is really well done, plus it’s smooth, fast, quiet and accurate.

    Cons: A string stop on this bow would have been nice.

    Full review:
    Over-all I love this bow. The Hostage arrow rest worked great for the first year and them I started having issues that I couldn’t resolve. I ended up installing a QAD UltraRest HDX and problem solved! I also installed a string stop, Winner’s Choice strings and a Diamond stabilizer after the second year of hunting with The Rock.

    I have owned three bows and this is by far the best. It is fast and quiet. It’s light and easy to carry. It looks and performs like bows costing far more and when that big moment finally comes it does the job! On December 3, 2012, I was able to harvest a very nice Mule Deer buck with my bow…I love this thing!

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