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My Favorite Hunting Bow

Version: 2009 Elite Z28


Pros: Starting in 2009, Super smooth draw, 70 lbs feels like 60. Whisper quiet and no shock, very fast and efficient.

Cons: To get a perfect tune on a new bow/string requires a draw board. After it's tuned once though it's set for the life of the string.

Full review:

Paired with a ripcord code red, highly accurate. I set the cams, eyeballed the rest, shot perfect bullets right away. Didn't shoot it for 6 months, then went to zero it in and shot a 3" group at 40 yards first try. I am an experienced archer and have tried all the top name bows including other Elite's, and many others as well. This is my favorite bow, ever, period.

The Z28 is the smoothest drawing bow I have shot in 30 years of compound shooting.

Version: 2010 Elite Z28


Pros: As with all Elites, the Z28 is the highest quality bow I have ever seen. Very smooth drawing, holds well at full draw, and shoots as accurate as a bow with a longer A2A.

Cons: About the only thing I personally don't like is the grip. If you use a high wrist grip the thumb side cut into my upper thumb area. This is located on the right side, aft and high.

Full review:

The '10 Z28 is a sweetheart of a bow and just a real pleasure to shoot. Its fairly quiet and shock free. What little noise and vibration there was out of the box was easily taken care of by a set of cat whiskers. It's not the fastest bow and its to my belief it was never intended to be. It's a true hunting bow. My chrono is inop at the time so I cannot submit any speed numbers. It is highly accurate. The riser is a work of art IMO. Very smooth lines with top notch craftmanship.

Top quality, very forgiving, very accurate,possibly the best hunting bow made to date.

Version: 2010 Elite Z28


Pros: Bow has a rock solid wall, and like all Elites it has a narrow torque free grip, it is very accurate for what most consider a "short" bow. Reasonable speed considering the very forgiving brace height of nearly 8". Super smooth draw.

Cons: Need to get the bow drawboarded to get the maximum performance and feel, small price to pay once the "sweet spot" has been found, this bow shoots like no other.

Full review:

I have my Z28 set at MAX poundage for a 70lb bow. It peaks at about 72lbs and is holding 11lbs. These Elites can go over the 80% let-off but you need to have an experienced tuner with the proper tools setting it up if you are after the MAX let-off. Elite Z28's (2009+2010) draw very smooth, a slow non-game spooking draw is no problem. I have had nearly 30 bows in my bowhunting career and have harvested game with almost all of them. The Elite Z28 is by far the best all around hunting bow that I have used.

best bow I shot this year, I wrote a check & took home

Version: 2010 Elite Z28


Pros: smooth & very forgiving, made me love to shoot it year round.

Cons: I cannot say 1 bad thing about this bow

Full review:

love this bow , price was high but well worth the money, was not the fastest bow but shot well during hunting season and that is what matters, I shot alot of bows before I bought this 1, and I will buy another Elite

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