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Mission BX1

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  • Single cam offers easy initial specification setup
  • 7" Brace height
  • Shootability and forgiveness
  • 3.65 lb physical weight
  • Price


  • Cam change is needed to modify draw length
  • Small vibration after the shot

Editors' review

The Mission BX1 should not be overlooked if you are in search of an affordable, quality, nice shooting bow. The light weight, brace height, and price make it a great option for any archer in the 25"-30" draw length range. This bow looks similar to the previous X-Series bows (X3, X4, & X5) and is also known as the Buckmaster. Cable-X Silencers and String Suppressors help produce a quiet shot while a walnut grip provides consistent hand placement, every time. Backed by the Mathews warranty (if purchased new), the BX1 is sure to last a long time since if any of the high quality parts fail, they will be replaced. Do NOT let the price tag of any Mission bow fool you, they are built to last and the main difference between them and Mathews is that there are less "bells and whistles" to drive up the price.


The finish on Mission bows is the same as the dipped finish on Mathews bows. With a lot of use, the finish tends to wear down around the grip, but this should cause no major concern. Realtree Max 4 camo is featured on the limbs and machined riser of the BX1. Tooling marks around the riser cutouts are less noticeable because of the dipped finish, leaving a clean cut look all around the bow. You can get a good idea of how the finish will look by viewing any of the other Mission or Mathews bows.

Riser & Limbs

Unlike other lower priced bows, the riser on the BX1 is fully machined and as a result is stronger and lighter weight. Extruded risers do not give the clean cut look that the machined riser provides and being machined out of a single piece of aluminum, the BX1 riser is stronger and more durable. The total bow weight is around 3.65 lbs, making it an excellent choice for shooters who prefer lighter weight bows. Another reason that the BX1 is light weight is because of the fact that the riser is short and the limbs help make up part of the axle-to-axle.


The grip on the BX1 is a nice walnut grip which is a step above the plastic and rubber composite grips of cheaper models. If you aren't familiar with Mathews or Mission grips, then give one a try before listening to the harsh critics who hate the feel of Mathews grips. If you do not like the feel, then an aftermarket grip can be installed to give you the perfect fit.

Eccentric System

The draw of the BX1 is exceptionally smooth, due to the cam design. There are no noticeable bumps in the draw, and it settles into a nice valley at the end of the draw cycle. At 75% let-off, it is easy to hold, although some people prefer the extra 5% that 80% let-off bows offer. At 310 fps, the BX1 offers a nice blend of speed and smooth draw without sacrificing efficiency. Being a single cam also helps keep the draw cycle easy for those harsh cold winter mornings in the tree stand when drawing heavy poundage can be troubling. The ease of tuning is unparalleled with the single cam being easy to adjust brace height, axle-to-axle, and cam timing.


With a brace height of 7", the BX1 is easy to hold on target and has the forgiveness desired by all archers. Arm slap with heavy clothing is a common problem with short brace height bows and the BX1 takes this worry off of your mind. The BX1 is easy to hold on target out of a treestand because of its compact axle-to-axle and its weight. Maneuvering this bow through the woods and shooting in small blinds is easy, and that's why hunters are drawn to it. After the shot, there is some vibration that is hard to tune out with a string stop. This little bit of "buzz" does not hurt the shot sequence, but some shooters prefer a dead still bow on the shot and are willing to pay for it. For the price of the BX1, the "buzz" should be no big deal.

Silencing Package

The BX1 uses string suppressors that differ from that of Mathews models. String suppressors are used at the limb tips to help dampen out string oscillations after the shot, and they do help, but there is still a small vibration that can be felt after the shot. The Cable-X silencers help dampen out cable vibrations. These two types of dampers are all that come standard on the BX1 but an aftermarket string stop can be added to help make the shot even quieter than it already is.

Comparison: Mission BX1 vs Mission Endeavor

If you are looking for a "NEW" bow, then the Mission Endeavor would have to be your choice, between these two, since the BX1 is no long manufactured. That being said, the Mission BX1 can be purchased used for a great price. The IBO on both bows is very similar at 310 fps for the BX1 and 316 fps for the Endeavor, not enough to pick the Endeavor over the BX1. The BX1 is lighter, but the Endeavor is almost 2" shorter from axle-to-axle, making it a wash in the size/weight category. Brace height between the two is nearly identical at 7" for the BX1 and 7.125" for the Endeavor, so you will not see much difference there. The BX1 is definitely the winner in the grip category. Since it has a Walnut grip, the BX1 looks much nicer than the Mission Endeavor which sports a composite grip. The choice between these bows may come down to whether you want to save a little bit of money by buying a used bow, even though both are a great value. The MSRP on both is $399.99 but you would struggle trying to find a dealer that still has a BX1 in stock.
Bow Mission BX1 Mission Endeavor
Version 2010 2012
Picture Mission BX1 Mission Endeavor
Brace Height 7 " 7.125 "
AtA Length 33 " 30.25 "
Draw Length 25 " - 30 " 24 " - 30 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs 40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 310 fps 316 fps
Weight 3.65 lbs 3.96 lbs
Let-Off 75% 80%
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Usage Scenarios

The most common use for the BX1 is hunting. Hunters enjoy using light weight compact bows since they are easy to carry around through the woods and shoot from a tree stand or blind. The BX1 may be a little bit slow to use for 3D where speeds matter, it would purely depend on what draw length and weight you plan on shooting. There is plenty of energy created on the shot by the BX1 to take down common North American big game animals such as deer, bear, and elk. At 33" ATA, it is right at the point of being too compact for long draw archers (30" draw) due to string angle, so you if you shoot 30" you will certainly want to try one out before buying.


At an MSRP of $399, this bow has excellent value. When purchased new, it comes with the same warranty as Mathews. For a bow with string suppressors, a wood grip, and a fully machined riser, $399 is a great deal and you will likely be able to find them lower than that. If you luck up on a dealer who still has one in stock, he will probably be trying to get rid of it at a reduced cost.


Before dropping big bucks and paying for a name, take a look at the Mission BX1 which is made by Mathews, one of the biggest names in archery. From the target to the field, the BX1 will deliver the performance demanded by all levels or archers from hunters to state champions. Most adult shooters will be able to use a BX1 since the draw length and weight ranges are appropriate for most.

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