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Mission Craze

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Mission Craze Review4.9517 out of 17 user reviews


  • Adjustability
  • Relatively quiet without a silencing package due to design
  • Smooth shooting for a low end bow
  • Fast for a bow that has this much adjustability
  • Very affordable


  • Small amount of recoil and vibration when shot without accessories

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Editors' review

Adjustability, that is what the new Mission Craze is all about. With up to 40 pounds of weight adjustment and a draw length that can go from 19 to 30 inches as fast as you can move a set screw; this bow is made for the growing archer. Weighing in at 3.6 pounds, this parallel limb bow is a steal, retailing for $299.00. Featuring parallel limb design, riser cutouts, and a solid dual cam system, this bow is what Mission is known for; shootability and affordability wrapped into one.


With several cutouts to both enhance the strength and to decrease the weight of the extruded riser, the design is something that is expected on a higher end bow. The Craze sports parallel split limbs which help to reduce vibration, making the bow both smooth and quiet on the shot. New for 2011 is the Lost Camo AT which the riser and limb are bathed in. Similar to the Lost Camo on Mathews bows, the AT version exclusive to Mission Bows has an All Terrain background.

Made of black composite, the grip is comfortable in hand and has a rather slim design. Those familiar with the Mathews Slimfit Grip will find it similar.

CZ-2 Dual Cam

The Craze utilizes the CZ-2 Dual Cam System. This cam system allows for adjustment from 19 inches to 30 inches in one inch increments without the use of a bow press. By simply taking out the set screw on each cam and putting it in the appropriate numbered hole for the draw length that is desired, it is beyond easy to change draw lengths in a short amount of time with only an allen wrench.

It must be understood that each draw length has its own draw weight minimum and maximum due to design. It would be impossible to have the 19 inch draw length go to 70 pounds or, at the other end of the scale, have the 30 inch draw length go down to 15 pounds. For instance, at 19 inches of draw length the draw weight ranges from 15 to 46 pounds while at 70 pounds the weight ranges from 33 to 70 pounds respectively. The IBO reported bow speed for the Craze is a respectable 306, which is quite high for a set of cams with this much adjustment.

The draw cycle of this bow is smooth but the valley is noticeable and a little long when compared to higher end bows. Again with a cam of this type it is expected. There is a little recoil on the shot along with slight vibration. However, adding accessories will eliminate those issues. Again, to be expected with a bow of this caliber. It should be noted that the recoil and vibration is not excessive. With a brace height of a 7.5", an axle to axle length of 28", and let-off up to 80%, the little compact Craze is real nice shooter for the money.

Silencing Package

The Craze does not have a silencing package built into the riser nor a Dead End String Stop or string suppressors. Having these accessories on the bow would add to the cost. It does come equipped with a set of what Mission calls D'Amplifiers on the Zebra Hybrid string to help stop string vibration. Because of how the bow is built with semi aggressive cams and the parallel limbs, the bow is fairly quiet on the shot.


By looking at the Craze's little brother, the Menace, the similarities stop with the adjustability. The cams on the Craze, although highly adjustable, do not adjust down to 17 inches as in the Menace's case, although both can reach 30 inches. The Craze can reach 70 pounds of draw weight, where the Menace can only get to 52 pounds of draw weight at a 30" draw length. The Menace's riser is more simplistic and straight as compared to the reflexed riser of the Craze. The Menace has an axle to axle length that is 3" inches longer and a brace height that is .25" shorter than the Craze. Overall, the Mission Menace would lack the punch the Craze can deliver, but that is because the Menace is a more simplified version of the Craze for a beginning archer.


It is hard to not get excited about the Mission Craze when looking at the design. The bow, retailing for just under $300, shoots well, has lots of adjustability, looks like a high end bow with the reflexed cut out riser, parallel limb design, and the flawless Lost Camo AT. Mission does offer three different packages of accessories based on price of accessories; the Pro Hunter, the Bow Hunter and Basic. Any of these packages can be purchased separately for the Craze. Each package has a sight, rest, quiver, stabilizer, and bow wrist sling.

The bow would be ideal for any young archer as the bow could grow the archer into adulthood due the adjustability in both draw length and draw weight. The Craze could also benefit any new archer who wants some shootability at a very affordable price. It is difficult to find any real flaws with the Craze due to the simplicity of the bow, how it shoots and the price of this model. The Craze, like many of the other Mission models, is an outstanding bow for the money.
Bow Mission Craze Mission Menace
Version 2014 2014
Picture Mission Craze Mission Menace
Brace Height 7.5 " 7.25 "
AtA Length 28 " 31 "
Draw Length 19 " - 30 " 17 " - 30 "
Draw Weight 15 lbs - 70 lbs 16 lbs - 52 lbs
IBO Speed 306 fps fps
Weight 3.6 lbs 2.95 lbs
Let-Off 80% 70%
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Mission Craze Review4.9517

User Reviews

  • 17 reviews
  • ( out of 17 reviews for all versions)
  1. The mission craze is a very smooth and quiet bow

    Version: 2011 Mission Craze


    Pros: I really like this bows adjustability I will be able to shoot this bow for the rest of my life

    Cons: I like every thing about this bow

  2. good looking well finished bow that shoots above my capabilities!

    Version: 2012 Mission Craze


    Pros: this bow got me back into bowhunting after several years.a good choice as an all round bow which has exceeded my expectations.

    Cons: have yet to find any shortcomings.

  3. Just started shooting, 17 year old girl. Love this bow!

    Version: 2012 Mission Craze


    Pros: Adjustablity

    Cons: Nothing

    Full review:
    I have a 26" draw and am drawing about 51 pounds and I am shooting about 230 FPS. The bow shoots fast enought to where I can use my top pin from 10-20 yards easily. I have a 3 inch stabilizer, 4 pin tru glow sight, rip cord arrow rest, and a kisser button. I love everything about this bow! It was perfect to start out with. I cannot wait to hunt with it.S

  4. 15 – 70 lbs so just about anyone can use it for anything.

    Version: 2012 Mission Craze


    Pros: Like everything so far! Great bow! Only 3.5 lbs of physical weight, so it is not tiring to shoot or carry at all.

    Cons: Wish it had better grip options, I find it a bit large for my hand. I think even just a thumb groove woukd help but just like everything else you can get one customized…and it wouldnt stop me from recommending it to someone else.

  5. The Craze is quiet adjustable and accurate with little vibration

    Version: 2012 Mission Craze


    Pros: Quiet, fast durable, affordable, grows with the shooter and is great for hunting as well as target shooting.

    Cons: I got made fun of at the bow range because its a small bow. Their remarks about it looking like a toy and being a youth bow, i’m 28, were quickly silence when i shot thee bulls eyes, on a vegas style target at 30 yrds at lightning speeds.

    Full review:
    The craze comes in a wide variety of colors, the lost cammo probably being the most popular at 299 retail. I have a black one that was 349, it looks very stealthy. I have been shooting a bear bow for a while namely a buck master that cost 600 stripped brand new. I knew it was time for a new bow and i didn’t have the funds to spend 600 on a bow and another 300 in accessories. The bear also didn’t have any silencing system on it or d-amplifiers and is an extremely noisy bow with a lot of vibration. I bought the craze bow because I saw a lot of good reviews and it had a great price for what you get. The full lifetime warranty that can be passed down from father to son with the bow is also a great selling point, although, the warranty does not transfer if the bow is sold outside of the immediate family. The shop I bought if from, Delaware outdoors, let me test shoot one before i made a decision and what a surprisingly quiet and virtually vibration free bow. I did, however, purchase a dead end string stop for 50 dollars to go with it due to the fact that the craze has a rear facing threaded hole for string stops. The craze is also great for blinds and tree stand because of its short 28" axle to axle length it has superior maneuverability over the more expensive bows and the comparable mission riot. I definitely recommend this bow to archers new and experienced due to its adjust ability, smooth and quiet release and great warranty. That’s my mission and I choose to accept it.

  6. I love my craze shoots good and is great in a blind.

    Version: 2012 Mission Craze


    Pros: Adjust to anyones size.nice bow for price.

    Cons: Axel to axel could be longer to make more foregiving

    Full review:
    This is a nice bow not very forgiving but can add stabalizers to help.bow shoots good has a nice balance to it.ive shot it for one year now and started target shooting with it.this is where I have noticed the forgivingness problem with the craze out doors I shoot better with it can smoke a target at 40 yards in a 3 inch circle but indoors at 20 yards aiming at an x I struggle lol.

  7. Great bow for beginners and pros alike!

    Version: 2013 Mission Craze


    Pros: Highly adjustable, compact, lightweight, fast, quiet, accurate shooter for a VERY reasonable price.

    Cons: I haven’t found anything I don’t like yet.

    Full review:
    I shot this bow and a few others in the same price point at a local archery shop and it was hands down no competition. The Craze was quiet, fast and accurate, shooting tight groups. I have it set at 28" draw length 60lbs draw weight. The package I bought outfitted the bow with an Axion stabilizer, Axion 4 pin sight, Trophy Ridge whisker biscuit, wrist loop, kisser button and peep sight. I have taken this bow into the field and hunted both stalking and from a tree stand and it’s compact size makes it very maneuverable. I had a little hazing about the size of this bow…until they saw it shoot, then they all wanted to give it a try and talk turned to how easy it would be to hunt from a ground blind because of the short axle to axle length. Don’t let anyone tell you this isn’t a man’s bow. I have two boys, 3 and 4, and with the extreme adjustability of this bow and Matthews lifetime warranty, I’m confident that when they’re ready to start shooting I can dial it way down and pass it on to them. It’s not what sold me on the bow, but it did sweeten the deal. Try it for yourself and you’ll be convinced.

  8. Sweet little bow

    Version: 2013 Mission Craze


    Pros: Compact, light, fast, accurate, and quiet. It’s an excellent bow for small statured archers.

    Cons: I’ll add a dead end string stop later as we increase the draw weight.

    Full review:
    I bought this bow for my 10 year old son. As he has grown, I can easily adjust the draw length to keep his form right. We go to the archery range and he is dead on out to 25 yards and its very quiet. I appreciate that he can learn the sport on a real bow and not be handicapped by using some toy bow. This bow was one of the best investments in "father and son time" that I have ever made. I can’t wait till he harvests his first deer with the Mission Craze.

  9. great bow

    Version: 2013 Mission Craze


    Pros: the bow is totally adjustable and verry user friemdly. ive put all the goodies on it and have verry tight shot groups even at 40 yards. great bow!!!!!!

    Cons: none

    Full review:
    im 46 years old. last year i bought a used buck saber, only to find the bow was to big for me. im 5′5" with a 24" draw length. i took the buck back to the dealer i got it from. he recomended the mission craze. after getting it set up to me and with all the goodies , i realized i had a bow i will have forever.it shoots great with consistant shot groups even at 40 yards. love this bow!!!!!

  10. Awesome bow

    Version: 2014 Mission Craze


    Pros: Very adjustable for smaller statured guys. Super quiet and very manuverable in lock ons and box blinds.

    Cons: None

    Full review:
    Sold my crossbow my dad got me as a kid and wanted to shoot a real bow. Went up to the local archery shop and they set me up the the craze. When I first seen the bow I thought it was small but it grew on me. It’s compact and very light for that long walk to the stand. I’ve had it for a week now and it’s awesome. 26" draw and set on 60lbs. Very quick. Recommend to anyone. Great bow

  11. my bow is the best bow that ive ever had in my life and it will last me a long time.

    Version: 2014 Mission Craze


    Pros: what i liked abot my bow is that when im i my stand its real quiet, and it dont make so much noise, and its light to me so i can easily carry it places with me.

    Cons: to be honest there is nothing on my bow that i do not like about it….i like evrey thing about it.

    Full review:
    i have th 2014 matthews mission craze and its the best bow ive ever had its very light and once you tune it in its alot more quieter and it dont vibrate as much but i like my bow because i can easily carry it places unlike my dads, he has an elite and his is bigger and heavier and he cant carry it up his stand he ties a rope to it but i dont have to do that with mine. my bow on the other hand is very accurate and i give the matthews mission craze 5 stars.

  12. This is the best bow ive ever shot

    Version: 2014 Mission Craze


    Pros: I love how small it is. And with shooting it at 70lbs with a 30" draw length it is still a very quiet and reliable bow.

    Cons: Havent found anything i dont like about it

  13. Best purchase of the year

    Version: 2014 Mission Craze


    Pros: Super versatile and well worth the price

    Cons: The quiver my kit came with is not desirable.

    Full review:
    This is my first bow….I found it easy to use and have recieved many compliments on it. I am a greenhorn in the archery world, but was able to go from 25lbs to 40lbs in 3 practice range visits. Easy to advance with, recoil is not as noticable with kit installed and worth every cent. I am very happy with my choice and recommend this bow to any and all archery enthusiasts.

  14. Light, accurate, versatile, forgiving and beginner friendly.

    Version: 2014 Mission Craze


    Pros: It is light, accurate and perfect for walk and stalk. A great bow for women!

    Cons: None

    Full review:
    I’m a 35year old woman and successfully hunted two warthogs with my mission craze – only six weeks after I started shooting.
    I’m on 24" draw length, and 41 pounds.
    The bow is light enough for walk and stalk. Easy to set up and make adjustments. It is very quite, very accurate and the best gift I’ve ever received. Would recommend it any day!!!

  15. This is the best bow I’be ever had the privilege of shooting.

    Version: 2014 Mission Craze


    Pros: Short, lightweight, extremely smooth. Huge amount of draw weight adjustability. Overall, just an awesome bow.

    Cons: None that I can think of (cons that is).

  16. I just plain love it and I’ve owned many a bow in my life!!!

    Version: 2012 Mission Craze


    Pros: It’s small, light and awesome when you want to keep down movement in a stand or blind. Very nice bow for pack trips on foot as it takes up less space. I wouldn’ be one bit afraid to take on the largest game with this bow!!

    Cons: Constantly being referred to as a "womens" or "youth" bow until I let another person shoot it. Beyond that, one would really have to wrack their brain to find anything wrong with this. Looks like a "sheep," but is really a wolf in sheeps clothing!!!!

    Full review:
    When I bought my Craze, I looked at both it and the Riot. It was the overall adjustability of the thing that really sold me not to mention the price. I’m a hunter and not one who shoots in tournaments. Therefore I wasn’t interested in finding the fastest bow on the market and don’t like spending the kind of money a lot of guys will fork out on a bow just to "save face" with their pals. What really sold me was test shooting both the Craze and the Riot. The Craze just "felt right." You also can’t go wrong with Mission’s warranty and the fact that they are manufactured right here in Wisconsin. I may buy another bow later on, and if the Craze is still around, another will likely end up in my bow case. I would also add that many of the guys who snickered at my Craze ended up wanting to shoot it, and then buying one "for the wife or kids" though I notice it’s often them packing it into the woods :) Wise choice gentlemen!!

  17. Excellent all rounder

    Version: 2012 Mission Craze


    Pros: Can quickly be adjusted for my wife or son to shoot and quite accurate as long as the archer does what he is supposed to. Very easy to take with in a hunt due to the small size. Killed my first impala with my Craze

    Cons: Not very forgiving due to the high brace height and short ATA but other than that this bow is excellent.

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