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Ross Cardiac

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  • Quiet bow after the arrow is released
  • No hand Shock
  • Easy draw cycle


  • Not the fastest bow at an IBO 320 feet per second


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Editors' review

Ross archery paid close attention to details when designing the Cardiac. This smooth drawing, quiet, shock-free bow is easy to hold on target and proves to be very accurate. With the string being centered with the riser, an added broadhead shelf, and Winners Choice bowstrings the Cardiac has a lot of features only seen on higher end models. Despite not being the fastest single cam bow made, the IBO 320 feet per second is more than enough for most shooters, although those wanting speed will be a little disappointed.


The Ross Cardiac uses Tuff-Tech color fusion Realtree AP camo. This option is built to last and appears to be designed to withstand the test of being a hunting bow. The riser features smooth cutouts and the finish is applied flawlessly without blemishes and imperfections.


The machined aluminum riser on the Cardiac is relatively long measuring in at 24-inches in length. A welcomed addition to the riser is the Propriety Center Shot Technology, which makes sure the string is in the center of the riser. The machined cutouts are also fully rounded eliminating edges that often shoe finish imperfections. There is a rather large cutout for the sight window picture, which gives shooters the ability to see the entire sight housing instead of it being cut off by part of the riser. There is also a broad head shelf that adds a little safety to the shooter's hand. This is a neat addition, but may not mean a whole lot for most shooters. Integrated in to the back of the riser is a Ross flatline bowstring suppressor. There is also an option for shooters to use the front mounting stainless steel stabilizer mounting hole for those wanting a little extra weight out front.


The Ross grip is very comfortable and easy to adjust to regardless of what shooters are used to prior to shooting the Cardiac. The grip has a thin throat, which helps with repeating hand placement. The back of the grip is flat as well, which fits rather nicely in the proper position in the shooters hand. Overall, the wooden side-plated grip is a great fit and supports proper and repeatable hand placement.


The Ross Cardiac comes equipped with a one-piece solid limb design. With draw weight options available in ten-pound increments with maximum weights of 50, 60, 70, and 80 pounds. This draw weight range offers a wider range than what most bows offer by allowing shooters to crank the 50 pound limbs down to 40 pounds along with the ability to reach an 80 pound maximum draw weight.

Eccentric System

The Cardiac cam system has a really great feel and is smooth from start to finish. There are no humps in the draw cycle at all, and the back wall is solid as well. With a moderate IBO speed of 320 feet per second, the Cardiac is not smoking fast, but it is not slow either. The cam is adjustable in half-inch increments with a module system from 26.5 inches out to 30 inches. To change the draw length, two screws need to be loosened on the cam and the module can be swapped for the new cam. The single cam design is super easy to tune and the ease of changing the draw length makes it extremely user friendly for those who like to tinker on their own bows.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Cardiac cam is noticablly smooth. Shooters will be shocked at how easy the bow is to draw and how great it holds on target. The 33-inch axel to axel bow shoots like a much longer bow, which shooters will enjoy. After the arrow is released, there is not noise or hand shock. The soft thumb sounds reassures shooters the arrow has been released, but there is not much nose other than that. The parallel limb design helps cancel out a lot of residual vibration along with the rear mounting string suppressor. Overall, this bow shoots surprisingly well.

Usage Scenarios

The Ross Cardiac is a hunting bow designed with hunters in mind. From the broad head shelf to the smooth draw cycle, Ross designed this bow to be a strong performer in the woods. Hunters will love how easy the bow is to get back to full draw and how sold the bow holds on target after getting to full draw. The shock free release and lack of noise are solid positives as well.


The Ross Cardiac is not for shooters interested in raw speed. For everyone else, this bow is a surprisingly good shooting bow. With lots of added features and bow hunters in mind, those looking at a new hunting bow should give the Cardiac a test shot. The smooth draw, shock free release from a bow that holds very well on target are just a few things bow hunters will love about the Cardiac. Combined with a comfortable grip, and lots of adjustability, the Cardiac has a lot to offer shooters interested in a solid hunting bow.

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