Ross Carnivore 31 Review

Ross Carnivore 31

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  • Smooth drawing bow
  • Shock free and quiet
  • InVelvet finish


  • Could be a little faster (IBO rated around 315)
  • Grip is cheap looking


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Editors' review

The Carnivore is offered in 31, 34, and 37-inch axel-to-axel models. The 31 is designed for hunters in mind. Many archery hunters prefer a short compact bow, and the Carnivore 31 is just that. The smooth drawing cam system, combined with the Krank pulley makes this bow one to envy about. With an IBO rating around 315, the Carnivore has a little room to improve as far as speed is concerned, but the smooth draw cycle is a trade off many shooters are willing to make without much of a fuss. Shooters wanting a smooth drawing bow with over 7-inches of brace height should give the Carnivore 31 a try.


The Carnivore 31 is available in Realtree APG and is topped off with the InVelvet touch finish. This finish is soft to the touch, but still extremely durable and long lasting. It is also warmer in cold weather hunting conditions as well. This InVelvet finish is a Bowtech carryover design that really functions well and adds to the overall look and feel of the bow. The finish is done flawlessly and looks like a high-end bow when finished.


The riser is CNC machined out of 6061 T6 aluminum. Although riser cutouts are placed to cut down on the overall mass of the bow, the weight is still a bit heavy for some shooters. However, the riser is study and it actually helps offset any stability issues that may come from a shorter axel-to-axel bow model. The bow is not quite balanced at rest, but at full draw it is very sturdy and balanced on target.Like most bow on the market, the Carnivore also features a rear mounting string stop system as well. This string stop is produced by Flatline, and does a great job performing its designed duty. Along with this is a front mounting stabilizer bushing as well. The cable slide is a traditional cable slide.


The grip could use a little work honestly. Although it is comfortable enough for shooters to utilize proper hand placement, the look and material distract from the rest of the bow. It makes the bow look like it is cheaply built, and the material feels that way as well. From a functional standpoint, the one piece grip does the job fairly well, but it should look a bit nicer and be made from a different material to help give the bow an even better look and feel.


The Carnivore limbs are equipped from the factory with Flatline dampeners on the bottom of each limb. The fiberglass composite material is sturdy and looks a little beefier than many offerings. With ten pounds of adjustment for each set of limbs, the maximum draw weights are 50, 60, and 70 pounds.

Eccentric System

The machined aluminum cams are very adjustable for shooters to tweak, although leaving the pro shop should have everything properly fit and tuned. Draw length is adjustable from 26-31-inches in half-inch increments. The let off is also adjustable between 65-80% by changing the location of the draw stop posts. The hybrid cam system is easy to tune and requires little maintenance to stay that way. A unique feature is the Krank pulley system featured on the Carnivore bows. This pulley system allows for an even smoother draw cycle and lets engineers use split cables on each limb. This feature helps spread out the stress from the string to more areas of the limb adding life and durability. This is a neat feature that serves a great function as well.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

Like the rest of the Carnivore lineup, the 31 is extremely smooth. Shooter will honestly be left with a shock after feeling how the Carnivore draws. Aside from the slight increase in draw weight, shooters would have no idea the draw force curve had any transitions at all. After the smooth let off and pulling in to the solid back wall, shooters will find it is very easy to float the pin on target. Many short axel-to-axel bows are touchy, but with the added mass of the Carnivore 31, this compact bow is not one of them. After the shot, the Flatline dampeners really go to work. These factory installed dampening devices makes the Ross bow silent after the shot and as shock free as a bow can get. The thump of the string is short lived and the bow just sits in the shooters hand. There is no violent jump right or left and it does not want to fall forward or backwards, it just kind of sits there after the shot. Overall, the Carnivore is a wonderful shooter and should be given a look. The IBO speeds of 315 feet per second are not super fast, but the trade off for speed is welcomed with the smooth draw.

Usage Scenarios

The Carnivore 31 is a hunting bow. With the overall weight being a little heavy for a compact rig, accuracy at longer distances may not be too much. However, archers interested in a serious target bow have other options available that may perform better. For a compact hunting bow, the Carnivore 31 deserves a test shot.


The 31 is the shortest axel to axel bow available in the Ross Carnivore lineup. It features a butter smooth draw, silent release, and an overwhelming feeling of "wow." For a short bow, the Carnivore 31 performs like a much longer bow accuracy wise, but some shooters may not appreciate the heavy overall weight of the bow. The biggest negative, and one that cannot go without mentioning is the grip. It is terrible. With everything else being so well done on the Carnivore, the grips should be made of a more comfortable material and have a better look. Shooters interested in a new compact hunting bow should give the Carnivore 31 a serious try.

User Reviews

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I love my bow and will by another ross in time

Version: 2009 Ross Carnivore 31


Pros: Very forgiving,accurate,durable, quite, reasonable price,supper smooth draw

Cons: The grip

Full review:

This bow is awesome this bow is so easy to draw and hold, very accurate and and forgiving,it is not a speed monster, but what it lacks in speed it makes up in its whisper quietness, the bow is built like a tank and will last forever, the in velvet finish is pretty cool to,the only thing I don't like is the grip, but that is easily changed

Very SMOOTH Very Accurate Easy to shoot Compact I would recommend this Bow to all My friends to try.

Version: 2009 Ross Carnivore 31


Pros: I like the compactness and Smoothness of this Bow It shoots Very accurate and is Quiet.

Cons: It is a little heavy, Not terrible.

Full review:

Overall it is a very forgiving to shoot is Easy to draw and Super smooth and accurate shooting Bow. Its very Quiet and well designed, I like the overall look and the Short Axel to Axel design. It has a nice let off and is fairly fast at 318 ft. per second. I will be keeping this one for a while.


Version: 2009 Ross Carnivore 31


Pros: The draw cycle is the smoothest I've ever experienced. Mine is a lefty version so I got an amazing deal at $290 bare bow!!! Very accurate shooting bow and super quiet.

Cons: Like many other owners of this bow, I did NOT care for the grip at all. I bought some black sports wrap and solved the problem.

Full review:

This is an excellent choice for anyone starting out as a bow hunter. Super smooth draw, easy adjustability, accurate, very high build quality. The grip is my only negative but I solved that problem with some black self adhesive sports tape. I would recommend this bow to anyone wanting a high quality bow that is accurate, smooth, and a great looking bow as well!!!

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