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  • Very smooth draw cycle
  • Modular-adjustable eccentric system
  • Quiet bow with little hand shock and vibration
  • Great value for money


  • Not a lightweight bow
  • Factory strings could be of better quality


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Martin Bengal, ultimate economy priced hunting bow.

Version: 2009 Martin Bengal


Pros: 1. 45/60# very smooth drawing. 2. relatively lighweight the grip 4.good speed/quiet

Cons: only cons were the factory strings(junk), aftermarket strings make it shoot like a diff. bow.

Full review:

This bow is a excellent beginner or pro bow, dont let the price fool is very easy to shoot and be accurate out to the 60 yds I shot it at.. the M2 Pro Cams are very smooth draw with a good solid backwall..the grip is very comfortable with the soft molded rubber and the arrow plate is made from basically the same material and is very quiet..I would recommend this bow for anyone who is on a budget or just doesnt want to spend a grand to have a good shooting bow..while not a speed demon is will get the job done and very quietly. The only con that I have with the bow was the factory strings and they are basically junk put a set of Mikes Archery strings on it and it became a totally different bow, for the better.

great bow for the price, with the right accessories, this bow is a shooter.

Version: 2007 Martin Bengal


Pros: this is a great shooting bow, it has a nice smooth draw, and a great valley to the let off. its short ATA makes it easy to maneuver around in a treestand, groundblind, and even on the ground. the bare bow is really lightweight.

Cons: the one thing i could not stand about this bow was the grip, i could do without all the rubber on the grip. another thing was the martin strings.not so good.

Full review:

draw draw was very smooth, at #70 it felt like it was 50#. i had to check to make sure it had the right limbs on it.. grip i could deff. do without the rubber grip, it just aint for me.. although it was nice , i just would pefer if they put side plates on it.. strings strings were deff. the worse thing about this bow,. alot of rotation, a lot of it... and they are not the best quality. loud, and you can hear the twang on the shot. one of of the cables didnt even have any twists in it. its the correct lenght, just no twists,.. deff. getting some aftermarket strings for this.. martin really needs to step up to the plate and get better strings.. pros nice draw, smooth, lightweight, really balanced, and queit, cons strings not the best quallity, (if you buy this bow, you should really invest in some aftermarket strings),grip, i just didnt like the rubber grip, had a hard time staying consitent..

I have enjoyed shooting this bow since the day I brought it home.

Version: 2007 Martin Bengal


Pros: Smooth draw, quiet and fast enough for what I use it for. Also seems tough, I do not baby my bow and this bow can take it. It is a little heavier than some of the other bows. Price.

Cons: The factory strings.

Full review:

I really like this bow. The draw cycle is smooth, the bow is quick and quiet and except for the factory strings (changed out soon after purchase) I have no complaints about this bow. It is a little heavier than what I was used to but the extra weight seemed to help me stay on target better, for me it was a plus. I had no desire to spend a lot of money on a new bow if I didn't have to and still get performance and I feel I accomplished that in purchasing this bow.

Love everything about it except...

Version: 2007 Martin Bengal


Pros: Really comfortable in the hand. Draw is VERY smooth. Very accurate too, I have to pick different spots on the target so not to split arrows.

Cons: Seems noisy to me.

Full review:

I tested this bow at a shop and it sounded a little loud, but it was also in a room about the size of a closet. I figured it was just the tight quarters and an echo. Shot at the target to sight it in and it sounded quieter by comparison. Due to college classes, full time job, two kids, etc. I didn't have much time to shoot. Now that classes are over I have shooting a lot this year and it seems a little loud. Having done some research it sounds like it could be the strings. I've also read that since I have the poundage turned down a bit that it could be that. I'll crank it back up to see if that helps. If not, I'm off to the pro shop for new strings... Really hope we can figure this thing out because I love everything else about it!

Great bow for a decent price.

Version: 2008 Martin Bengal


Pros: The bow has a really smooth draw cycle. The one I have has the upgraded grip, and I really like it. It's taken a lot of game. The one drawback as stated by others is that the string is junk.

Cons: Terrible string, replaced immediately.

Full review:

I bought this bow for my wife, but I've used it quite a bit. It peaks out at 50 lbs. IBO is in line with specs. I shoot it at 29" and my wife at 26" which can be changed quickly. Prior to this bow, my wife had a Hoyt, and she likes this bow much better. I bought this bow so that we could have a backup that either of us could use. My wife ended up taking this one over, and we sold the Hoyt.

Very good bow, wouldn't take anything else in the woods

Version: 2007 Martin Bengal


Pros: Very smooth, fast, realible, durable, accurate bow!!!! Always buying new arrows from splitting so many

Cons: Little noisy, strings aren't great but they work. Grip Is a little iffy

Full review:

I was going to go buy a bear bow back in 07 and walked into the sports shop and the guy said hay try this one and I never looked back. Great bow this is my first bow bought it myself back when I was 15 and it's that adjustable that it's still working great for me today. Very accurate. Paid $400 brand new and stock another $400 in everything else and it creams bowtechs and Mathews that my buddy's shoot at half the price. Still running the original string believe it or not just kept it waxed up really good, upgraded the grip witch is well worth it for people with big hands Very smooth draw too. Shot many different animals with this bow and works on all of them.

A lot of bow for the price

Version: 2008 Martin Bengal


Pros: smooth draw

Cons: a little heavy

Full review:

I love this Great bow. I should have got a 2009 version which is 1# lighter. Draw is smoothest ever and it shoots 400 grain arrows nice and flat. Got it for a steal and now it is my #1 bow. Looking forward to this season.

Very nice bow. Smooth Draw. relatively light. fast. and accurate

Version: 2008 Martin Bengal


Pros: I loved the smooth draw and the lightweight and maneuverability.

Cons: The factory strings are terrible like everyone says. Replace immediately

Full review:

Bow draws very smooth. Shoots fast and quiet. Can maneuver around easily in any situation. Accuate. Very bad strings. Kills anything you shoot with it. The setup and angles are perfect. First parallel limb bow and i love it.

Great bow for the price.

Version: 2010 Martin Bengal Mag


Pros: Lightweight, draw smoothly, nice backwall, great price.

Cons: Noisy, replaced the string sliders many times - carbon rod seems to wear out.

Full review:

I bought this bow because that's all the money I had when I started hunting with a bow in 2010.For the most part, I really liked the bow, except when someone with a high end bow would start shooting beside me. It served me fine for 4 years, now it will become my spare bow. For the price, it is hard to beat.

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