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Bear Kuma 30

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  • Compact 30-inch axle-to-axle offering for the popular Kuma lineup
  • IBO speed rating up to 345 feet per second
  • All of the latest technology from Bear
  • $899


  • Some shooters may prefer a less compact bow
  • Only one let-off option at 75%


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Editors' review

The Bear Kuma line up has been massively successful recently, and the engineers brought a compact 30-inch axle-to-axle hunting bow to the already impressive lineup. The Kuma 30 flings arrows a blistering 345 feet per second with a 6-inch brace height. The Bear split limbs are also available in a 15-pound draw weight range, which gives shooters more flexibility, and Bear less limbs to produce. The draw lengths are also accommodating fitting archers from 25.5-30-inches with a rotating module. The Kuma 30 only offers one let-off option at 75%, but many shooters will be perfectly fine with that. The best part about the Kuma 30 is the affordable price tag of only $899. For less than $900, shooters will have a high end bow, with top of the line technology, and the confidence of the Fred Bear Legend Series. Anyone on the market for a compact hunting rig owe it to themselves to give the Kuma 30 a real chance.


The Bear Kuma gets a total of five finish options, which is a bit limited compared to other high end flagship models. In addition to the limited number of options, shooters will also notice the choices are slightly limited when compared to other models. With that being said, the finishes look outstanding, and will last as long the shooter takes reasonable care of their hunting bow. For those wanting the camouflage look, Realtree Edge, Veil Alpine and Veil Stoke are available, For those wanting less camo, the Iron pattern, and the One Nation Midnight colors are solid offerings. The Bear name plate on the riser looks nice on each of the finishes, and the matching limbs are a nice touch too. The limb decals are decent as well without really adding or subtracting to the overall look of the bow. All in all, shooters will be pleased with the camo patterns if they are able to get over the fact it may not match their high end camo clothes.


The aluminum riser on the Kuma 30 is built to stabilize the shorter axle-to-axle measurement. Although the 30-inch measurement is relatively short, the longer riser helps keep it as stable as possible. The overall weight of the bow is 4.1-pounds as well, which helps with the stability of the rig while aiming, and makes it feel like less of a toy. The weight is just about perfect, never feeling too heavy or too light, and is pretty well balanced before accessories are added. The 6-inch brace height is also a good measurement for adding a little extra speed without being too short it starts to compormise accuracy. The Bearcage design gives the bow a solid platform as well. On the top and bottom of the riser, the Bearcage is actually a caged design to add rigidity and strength to the bow keeping it less likely to bend and twist while under stress from being drawn and shot. Bear's high end bows have distinctly had a top and bottom string stop, and the Kuma 30 continues with the tradition. Both suppressors are adjustable, and keep the string noise and vibration after the shot as low as possible. The Roller Hingeguard is also an impressive engineering job as well. Although the function is similar to other high end models, the hingeguard roller system moves with the cables, and the rollers help it do this as smoothly as possible. The moving roller system is also as quiet as possible without adding much to the overall feel and sound after the arrow is released. The riser also has a front mounting stabilizer bushing for shooters wanting to add a stabilizer for increased stability and accuracy.


The Bear Kuma 30 features the Narogrip like a lot of the rest of the lineup. This grip is narrow and fairly flat, which feels pretty great shot after shot. The main advantage to the Narogrip is that the grip is extremely repeatable as well. Shooters will never wonder if their hand is in the proper position or not given the shape of the grip. The Kuma 30 also uses what Bear calls the Versagrip, which keeps the grip as small as possible while not being too tiny. The one-piece grip is easily removed if shooters choose to build their own out of grip tape for a more personalized feel. Overall, the grip will be easy to transition to and get used to. The composite material will also be warmer on stand than a straight aluminum grip machined directly into the riser.


The Max Preload Quad Limbs get the nod again for 2019 as the limbs of choice on the Kuma 30, which are available in two configurations. The limb design created allows for equal weight distribution as the bow is drawn. When this happens, the limbs are able to perform more efficiently, which in turn adds to better performance and arguably more longevity. Each configuration is adjustable by 15-pounds instead of the more traditional 10-pound increment. This is good for shooters who may want to shoot different draw lengths during the year, or perhaps even for those shooters with some growing left to do. The lighter weight configuration is a 45-60-pound draw weight range, and the heavier configuration is 55-70-pounds. The split limbs also come equipped with factory installed Shockwaves to keep them as silent as possible after the shot. The Beartrap Limb Pocket System keeps the limbs to the pockets, and pockets to the riser with a zero tolerance connection point for each. Any movement at all in the limbs and pockets would force the bow to be less accurate because it performs less than ones with no wiggle room at all. The metal Beartrap pockets keep everything where it needs to be time and time again without the fear of failure or bad tolerances.

Eccentric System

The Kuma 30 has a hybrid cam system creating IBO rated speeds up to 345 feet per second. The let-off is not adjustable at all, which may be a bit of a let down for some shooters. However, the 75% feels great, and gives shooters a nice holding weight on the back end. The cams feature a rotating module, which changes the draw length from 25.5-30-inches in half-inch increments without needing a new cam or specific draw length module. The hybrid cam system is a staple of Bear bows. Hybrid cams allow the cams to be synced with each other throughout the entire draw force curve with one power cam and one control cam. The hybrid system is a great system and requires very little maintenance outside of ensuring the cams are properly oriented to each other.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Kuma 30 feels just about perfect for those interested in owning a compact hunting bow. The arrow speed is legit for a bow with a somewhat forgiving 6-inch brace height, and the compact design is nearly perfect for many hunting situations. The draw on the Kuma 30 is easy from start to finish, although a bit stiff up front. The 75% let-off feels perfect when combined with a solid back wall. Perhaps the most impressive part about the Kuma 30 is how well it holds on target. For a shorter axle-to-axle rig, the Kuma 30 holds significantly more steady than expected. After the shot, the bow wants to remain on target and has very little noise and vibration. In regards to accuracy, shooters should feel confident with the Kuma 30 as well despite the shorter axle-to-axle measurement.

Usage Scenarios

The Kuma 30 is a born hunting bow, and a great one at that. This rig is a flat out shooter, and for a smaller framed bow it feels just about right in every single category. For shooters demanding a compact hunting bow, the Kuma 30 is really hard to beat. However, when considering the value at only $899, the Kuma 30 may be the best value in the archery industry for those interested in a 30-inch axle-to-axle rig. For those wanting a target of 3D bow, there are better options available. However, those interested in the Kuma 30 will still have a great time shooting with buddies on the weekend getting ready for hunting season.


Bear Archery deserves a lot more love than it has gotten recently, especially with the Kuma lineup. The Kuma bows flat out shoot, and the newly added Kuma 30 does not disappoint either. For shooters wanting a shorter, more maneuverable treestand or ground blind bow, the Kuma 30 may just be the best available in 2019. Many shorter axle-to-axle bows are either significantly heavier to cut down on vibration, or priced hundreds of dollars more expensive. The Kuma 30 specs out well, feels great in the hands of most shooters, and is a perfect mixture of shootability and maneuverability. The finish options are somewhat limited, and the 75% let-off as the only option seems a bit strange for 2019, but if those are the only two negatives about a new bow, it deserves a whole lot of attention. For diehard hunters, the Kuma lineup is tough to beat. For shooters wanting a great shooting, compact bow, the Kuma 30 may be the best value in the archery world for 2019.

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Love my kuma 30

Version: 2019 Bear Kuma 30


Pros: Love the draw cycle an the accuracy is top notch

Cons: Only problem is no adjustment on the let off wish it was at least 80

Full review:

I tried just about all the bows, came down to the kuma 30 an the Mathews vxr. The kuma 30 just had a better feel an felt more dead in the hand also a lot faster. Wish the let off was adjustable but hey for what the 75 percent feels like you can’t argue with it love the bow shoot it every day nothing else compares to the kuma 30 in 2019

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