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  • 7-inches of draw length adjustment
  • Absolutely vibration free after the shot
  • Desirable all around specifications for a hunting bow


  • Some shooters have reported string issues causing the peep to twist
  • $849 MSRP price tag may be a little step for some


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Editors' review

The Bear Venue has some really great specifications for shooters interested in a well rounded, forgiving bow. Measuring in at 32.35-inches axel to axel and a 7-inch brace height makes the Venue a nice bow hunter. Combined with a single cam shooting 33 feet per second, the Venue is pretty appealing. Granted, it is not the fastest single cam bow produced, but the great shootability is enough to entice shooters to go with the Venue. Some owners have not been pleased with the string quality of the Venue, and the $849 MSRP may be a bit much for some. However, those wanting a single cam hunting bow backed by a tried and true archery company will have a lot to appreciate with the Venue.


Bear outfits their rigs with Realtree camouflage, and the Venue gets the Xtra Green pattern. This pattern is a popular offering and the dipping process is done very well. Most of the edges on the Venue are rounded, which helps with the dipping process. Those shooters primarily utilizing ground blinds, or not wanting a camo bow can choose the all black Shadow pattern as well. Each finish option will have white and orange limb graphics.


The single cam flagship Venue has a similar riser design to the rest of the top of the line Bear models. The riser looks beefy, but the overall weight of the bow is still at the magical 4-pound mark. The unique design adds strength to high stress areas of the riser, which also includes dual string suppressors. The Bi-dimensional adjustable offset string suppressors keep the strings forward movement at a minimum while making sure the bow has the least amount of vibration possible. In addition to the string suppressor, the front of the riser features rubber inserts for even more vibration dampening which works. The Venue is as dead in the hand as a bow can be after the arrow is released.The Venue features a hinge guard cable guard system designed to reduce lateral load on the riser caused by the cable at full draw. The hinge guard looks different than a cable guard system and roller guard system, but is featured on many of the Bear bows. The front of the riser also features a stabilizer-mounting hole for shooters wanting to take away more vibration or liking the additional front weight.


The Bear grip is a one-piece rubber connection between the bow and the shooter. The rubber material is nice for hunting since it will be a bit warmer than the riser itself. The rubber grip has a comfortable feel, but is slightly blocky with limited contour. Shooters also have an option to remove the rubber grip and shoot right off the riser instead. This option is a slimmer design and may allow shooters to add some tape for a more customized width. Both offerings are repeatable and can be used with proper hand placement.


The Bear Venue max-preloaded quad limbs are available in maximum draw weights of 50, 60, and 70-pounds and the 30-pound range should be acceptable for most shooters interested in the Venue. The connection between the limbs and riser is done solidly with the high precision, zero tolerance limb pockets. The real estate covered by the pockets adds stability to the performance

Eccentric System

The S13 Single cam system supplies the performance for the Venue with 7-inches of adjustment ranging from 24-31-inches in half-inch increments. Like several bows on the market, the Venue does not require purchasing additional cams or modules to change the draw length, but instead has a rotating cam module. The module just lines up with the correct draw length markings and shooters should be all set. The single cam produces speeds up to 330 feet per second with an 80% let off. Although those speeds are not blistering fast, the Venue is still a great option for hunting in regards to performance. Historically, single cam bows have been a bit easier to tune, and generally remain in tune longer since the top wheel does not necessarily need to be in a specific location in relation to the bottom cam. It is not a perfect system, but many prefer a single cam when choosing a hunting bow.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The S13 cam is a great engine for the Bear Venue, which can accommodate a large range of shooters interested in a single cam hunting bow. The draw cycle is characteristic of a smooth drawing single cam bow. The bottom cam is basically a circle, which truly leads to a great feel from the start of the draw cycle to the back wall. The weight seems to be distributed well throughout, and never really feels like it reaches the peak draw weight. Many shooters have reported being able to shoot a bit more draw weight with the Venue because of the favorable draw cycle. The shift to the valley is noticeable, but happens without a hump and leads well into the back wall. The wall has a solid feel, but may not be as solid as some other Bear bows with dual draw stops.When the arrow is released, the Venue truly is dead in the hand. There is a little jump as the strings return to their starting location, but the rubber dampeners in the riser along with the dual string stops really do a wonderful job keeping the Venue free from vibration and residual noise. The arrow is noticeable peppy as well. For a bow only shooting 330 feet per second, the Venue has a lot of pop when hitting the target down range. Many shooters will be excited with the brace height of 7-inches as well. This will make sure the string stays well away from hunter's warm clothes, and the additional forgiveness is appreciated as well. Overall, the Venue feels great, and will be a nice bow for those wanting a single cam model.

Usage Scenarios

The Bear Venue is a designed killing machine. Everything about the single cam bow was designed to be an optimal hunting bow. Speeds are not the fastest available for a single cam model, but 330 feet per second is more than enough for most big game animals shooters will get a chance to hunt. The Venue will also be seen on weekend 3D shoots and friendly competitions. Serious 3D guys will more than likely find something with more optimal specifications. As a hunting bow, it is hard not to like what the Venue offers.


The Bear Venue is the only higher end single cam offering from Bear, although its performance is similar to some of their dual cam models. The feel of the Venue is great, and the performance is acceptable for a big game hunting bow. The $849 price tag may be too steep for some, considering this price point will get shooters about anything on the market. The strings have also been a weak point on the Venue with some recorded twist issues. With that being said, shooters wanting the reliability of a single cam bow backed by one of the oldest names in archery, the Venue is tough to beat. The forgiveness and absolute dead in hand feel is very easy to get used to.

User Reviews

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An outstanding hunting bow.

Version: 2014 Bear Venue


Pros: Well balanced light weight bow with a super smooth draw cycle that has tremendous speed and very little noise(just the thump of the strings hitting the stops) and no vibration.

Cons: Great bow but the price may be to steep for some.

Full review:

I've owned quite a few compound bows over the years and the Bear Venue hands down has been the best one I've had the pleasure to shoot/own. I'm pulling 70lbs at 29 1/2" draw and it feels like I'm pulling 60lbs. With a 410 grain arrow and the bow set up for hunting the average speed I'm shooting is 308 fps. The draw cycle is completely smooth from start to finish to a hard back wall and the valley has a about 1/4" of creep.I can hold this bow a full draw for a long time without getting the feeling it wants to take off on me and if the shot doesn't present itself I'm able to let the arrow back down just as smoothly. As far as it being accurate it's more accurate than I can shoot.

Good shooter

Version: 2014 Bear Venue


Pros: The draw cycle of this bow does not over stress my shoulder. Pretty stable upon release of an arrow. Pretty quiet especially after adding a stabilizer. Hits where you point it. Love the naked grip no torque issues for me.

Cons: I have none

Full review:

I use this bow for Target and hunting. The bow set up well with a whisker biscuit for hunting and also a drop away rest (Hamskea) for target. The bow is not as forgiving as my Bear Anarchy HC but does put the arrow where you point it. I do not like the rubberized grip and removed it asap. I have executed thousands of shots through the bow with the original strings. Post about 100 shots I had to press the bow and adjust the peep, after that, it has not moved. I have read negative comments about the cable guard being hard on the cables, I have zero issues with mine, I do wax that part of the cable that passes through the guard if that makes a difference. This is my first single cam bow and I like it. It has stayed in tune and i would recommend you try one for yourself.

Great Bow

Version: 2014 Bear Venue


Pros: Smooth draw, solid wall. Plenty fast and whisper quiet. Not priced like a hoyt. Mine is deadly accurate. Nobody beats Bear Archery customer service. This is an excellent working man's bow.

Cons: I think they should put better quality strings on all their bows.

Full review:

This bow is vibration free. No torque at all when I removed the rubber hand grip. I have no trouble splitting arrows with this bow. HHA sight, code red rest, NAP stabilizer. All done in florescent green. Sharp looking and sweet shooting.

Smooth, easy draw, very quiet

Version: 2014 Bear Venue


Pros: The bow has a very smooth and easy draw. It has a very comfortable feel. Very light. Let-off is great. It is very quiet. It is a very shootable bow. It seems to be very forgiving for poor shooting form also.

Cons: The only con I have i the user's manual is not specific for the Venue, but for all the Bear bows similar to the Venue.

Full review:

Best Bow I've owned.

Version: 2014 Bear Venue


Pros: The draw cycle if this bow is absolutely smooth. Everything about this bows shootability is spot-on for what you're looking for in a hunting bow. Perfect brace height perfect axle to axle length. What more could you ask for from me silent killer.

Cons: Factory strings Need to be replaced immediately with a nice set of aftermarket.

Full review:

I purchased this bow new at the end of 2014. During the time that I've owned this bow I have bought three other bows. This bow and it's shootability has made it a hands-down favorite for me. I'm a guy who likes to rush the shot so I need a bow that's very forgiving and that's what this bow has to offer along with a very quiet set up from the factory . a few add-ons and you'll never hear it. The weight of this bow is perfect 4 pounds. If you're looking for a very nice bow at an affordable price this is the bow. I've now owned it three hunting season years and have killed many deer with it.

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