Hoyt AlphaElite Review

Hoyt AlphaElite

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Hoyt AlphaElite Review5.053 out of 3 user reviews


  • Great shooting bow from draw to release
  • Smooth draw cycle and a very solid back wall
  • Very quiet bow with little hand shock
  • Can be used for 3D / outdoor shooting and hunting


  • Not the cheapest bow out there
  • No quiver holes in riser for a two piece quiver

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Editors' review

With its shoot-through-riser design, long AtA length, and generous brace height, the AlphaElite is a very good choice for target and 3D shooters. While it takes a bit longer to position the arrow on the rest (due to the shoot-through-riser design), this is not a problem for many hunters who believe there is not much difference in nocking an arrow through a shoot through versus a contained rest. Moreover, tree-stand hunters should not be concerned at all as an arrow will have been nocked before the shot. We agree with those archers who believe that the Alpha Elite is very good for outdoor target and 3D shooting but can also be taken to the woods to be used for hunting.

Eccentric system

The AlphaElite comes with the new Hoyt Fuel Cam system capable of generating IBO speeds of up to 320 FPS. This new cam system is considered to be an enhanced version of the last year XTR cam. Compared to the XTR Cam & 1/2, the new Fuel cam has one major difference: its draw stop peg is much larger. As a result, the new cam has a very solid back wall (without the popping some archers feel when they come over the peak too quickly).

Another major enhancement for the new Fuel cam performance system is an extended draw length range compared to the last year's cam. While the older XTR Cam & 1/2 offers only 2 modular adjustable cams (XTR 2 and XTR 3), the new Fuel cam on the AlphaElite has 3 cams (Fuel cam 1, Fuel cam 2, and Fuel cam 3) covering the overall draw length of 25.5 to 31 inches as illustrated in the below table. Each cam can be adjusted in 1/2 inch increments via a set of interchangeable modules without using a bow press. The let-off on the Fuel cam is 75%.

Draw length ranges for Hoyt AlphaElite cams
Cam Draw lengths
Fuel cam #1 25.5" - 27"
Fuel cam #2 27" - 29"
Fuel cam #3 29" - 31"

Draw cycle / Shootability / Quietness

While the draw cycle on the Alpha Elite is described as a little bit stiff by some archers, it's definitely very smooth and not harsh at all. In addition, the back wall is rock solid. Target shooters say the AlphaElite aims and holds really well (like many Hoyt 'Elite' bows). This rig is also smooth on release and dead in the hand - does not have much hand shock at all. Overall, those archers who had a chance to shoot this bow are extremely pleased with its shootability characteristics. They all note the Alpha Elite is a very good shooting bow.

Hoyt AlphaElite for hunting and competition shooting

As we already stated earlier, despite being a great choice for 3D and outdoor target shooting, the Alpha Elite is also a good choice for hunting. However, some hunters say that bows like Hoyt Carbon Matrix, Hoyt Carbon Element, Hoyt CRX 35, or Hoyt Maxxis 35) would be better for hunting due to shorter AtA length and lower mass weight. When it comes to competition shooting, some shooters would like to stick with longer AtA length rigs such as Hoyt Contender Elite.


To summarize, the new Hoyt AlphaElite is a very solid and great good shooting bow suitable for different types of archery including 3D shooting, outdoor target shooting, and hunting. As noted by many shooters, the Alpha Elite aims and holds very well and has a very solid back wall. While the draw cycle is a bit stiff it is smooth and not harsh at all. The bow is equipped with an adjustable eccentric system capable of generating IBO speeds of up to 320 fps. With virtually no hand shock, this bow is very quiet on releasing the arrow. While it is not the cheapest bow out there, the AlphaElite is a great shooting rig available in many nice target colors and suitable for 3D / outdoor target shooting and hunting.
Hoyt AlphaElite Review5.053

User Reviews

  • 3 reviews
  • ( out of 3 reviews for all versions)
  1. Best all around, quailty is #1 at Hoyt

    Version: 2011 Hoyt AlphaElite


    Pros: Easy draw, no hand shock, holds on target without strain

    Cons: Some what heavy, wel worth the heafty price

    Full review:
    Well worth every penny spent on the bow, after sticker shock, you realize you get what you pais for. It just seems to get better as I shoot it, Just put CBE Lite 3D sight on it, with Aep Stablizer and side bar. D loop In string. Plus a great company to do business with.

  2. Light , easy draw , rock solid on target

    Version: 2011 Hoyt AlphaElite


    Pros: Lighter that the vantage elite and has a much better feel to it, no hand shock , cams are nicer that my vantage elite plus

    Cons: Pearl white paint is easily chiped

    Full review:
    Have two elites , one vantage elite plus and an alpha elite , can honestly say that tha alpha is in a class of its own ,
    I know that the vantage is a good shooter but the alpha has a newer feel due to its arc limbs , currently I shoot the vantage on 56 lbs and the alpha on 62lbs but feels like 54lbs, if you have a chance to buy one ! I wouldn’t hesitate one of the best shooting bows on the market ( I should know , spent a fortune on bows – if only I’d seen this one sooner)

  3. I will never own a better bow!

    Version: 2012 Hoyt AlphaElite


    Pros: This Bow has a great back wall, #1 Cam for my draw length 27.5" was the right choice. Well balanced and the narrow grip feels good in the hand.

    Cons: only con with this bow is cosmetic. Mine is full blackout and there was a small nick in finish which I saw as I was giving it the once over at the store.

    Full review:
    This bow is a huge step up from my first bow, a Bear Element. I am not a bow hunter, though I would like to be at some point, I decided that what I do currently is more target oriented so I went for an ultimate target bow which wouldn’t be out of place in a hunting blind at some point. Wow, this is it! Everyone wants a bow which feels good, shoots well, and balances well in the hand, this one does all of those things. Mine was set at 62 lbs from the factory which surprised me since this is a 50-60 lb. bow. In the owners manual it says that upper weight can be up to 4 lbs. greater than designed weight. The Alpha Elite has a solid back wall, and the draw is relatively smooth when my technique is correct. It is quiet and a joy to shoot with few drawbacks. The price is hefty, the shoot through design is unique and does require adjusting your hold somewhat but my sense is that this is a bow with few peers.

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