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Hoyt ProHawk

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  • easy to draw and very smooth
  • very adjustable cams, with out the aid of a bow press or extra modules
  • ZRS 12 solid glass limbs that are tough a reliable
  • very affordable for almost anyone


  • not a real fast bow
  • draw weight only goes to 60 pounds
  • needs vibration dampening components to correct the vibration from shot


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Editors' review

This is Hoyt's most economical bow of their 2011 line up. Even despite its low price tag it has many features that catch the eye of anyone from the beginner bow hunter to the seasoned veteran looking to save some money. The draw of the Pro Hawk is easy and smooth. The eccentric system is very adjustable and you can adjust the draw length without the aid of a bow press.


The bow has several finish options, most popular being Real Tree AP camouflage. But it is also available in black out (black limbs and riser), half and half (black riser with camo limbs) and max-1 camouflage. Like the finish on all of Hoyt's bows, the finish on this rig is very durable. The camouflage is crisp and the black out version is very sharp looking as well.

Riser / Limbs / Limb Pockets

The riser of the Pro Hawk is a version of the Hoyt legendary tec-lite riser but is made of cast magnesium. The magnesium riser is a tad bit heavier and bulky compared to Hoyt's machined aluminum risers. The limbs are the new ZRS 12 solid glass limbs. These limbs are a very tough and reliable even though they are a different technology than Hoyt's more top end bows. Holding these limbs into place is Hoyt's pro lock limb pocket system.


The bow is equipped with the 180 pro fit grip. This grip is slim in design and popular among Hoyt shooters, as it is hard to torque the bow with this grip. It is a one piece grip made out of a rubber material very similar to the sims limbsaver material. It helps with hand shock compared to wood grips or side plates.

Eccentric system

The Pro Hawk isn't going to win any speed contests but it is equipped with the M4 cam system which is very smooth, adjustable and hits an fps speed of 305. The eccentric system comes equipped with an adjustable module system that allows you to adjust the draw length without the aid of a bow press or extra modules. The draw length can be adjusted from 23.5 to 30 inches in half inch increments. Let off for the Hoyt Pro Hawk is 75% and has a comfortable valley. While it has a decent back wall it is definitely not as solid as its higher end big brothers. With a draw weight range of 20 to 60 pounds it will not appeal to people who like to shoot higher poundage.

Draw cycle / Shootability

The M4 cam system is not as aggressive as the higher end Hoyt bows, so it is an easy drawing bow. The bow does have some vibration when shot, considerably more than the higher end Hoyt bows. But with the installation of a good vibration dampening stabilizer, it should take care of most of the bows vibe. Overall this is a smooth drawing, good shooting bow that most anyone can afford.

ProHawk vs SuperHawk vs PowerHawk

The Pro Hawk is the last remaining hawk series bow in Hoyt's line up since the introduction of the Rampage series. It is most comparable to last year's Hoyt SuperHawk and Hoyt PowerHawk bows, having features from both. The Pro Hawk and Power Hawk share the same cams and limbs. The Pro hawk and Super hawk have near identical ibo speeds. The super hawk and power hawk both were equipped with risor shox, which is limbsaver modules in the bows riser to help dampen vibration and the new Pro Hawk is without this. The Pro Hawk however does have the new rubber pro fit grip that helps hand shock and the other hawk series bows had a wood grip.

Value for money

Whether for a beginner or someone not looking to break the bank, this is a good all around bow. Whether being used for hunting or shooting for fun, this is an economical choice.


In conclusion, the Hoyt Pro hawk isn't the quietest, most vibration free bow out there. But for value price tag, this bow could be easily affordable to almost anyone. With a draw weight range from 20 to 60 pounds this bow could easily appeal to women, children, beginners or anyone who doesn't care to shoot the heavier poundage. This bow could have less vibration but with the addition of some vibration dampening components, it would make it quieter and improve shoot ability. This is a very easy drawing bow that has a smooth draw and has a very adjustable draw length system. Overall for a beginner or a hunter on a budget, you seemingly can't go wrong with this rig with a very low price tag.

User Reviews

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Very nice bow to draw

Version: 2012 Hoyt ProHawk


Pros: It is a Hoyt, and it shoots well. Eccentrics are not aggressive and draws back smoothly. Solid value.

Cons: Grip promoted torque, it feels sticky. So I shoot with the grip removed right now.

Full review:

I have just returned to archery after a 30 year hiatus. After my 59 year old body drew back this bow, I know it was a keeper. I was not looking for a speed bow. I wanted a bow I could shoot 40 to 60 arrows a day with at various targets.

Noises but ok overall

Version: 2013 Hoyt ProHawk


Pros: Smooth draw
Draw weight and length adjustability

Cons: Noisy, needs a factory string suppressor or a rear thread hole for mounting one

Full review:

I tried this bow out at area Hoyt dealer and loved it. I originally went in to get the mission ballistic, but tried this one out and loved it. Love the smooth draw, the ability to creep a little bit without taking off. It just needs a few things to quiet it down

Good bow, Great price

Version: 2012 Hoyt ProHawk


Pros: Very light and stable, comfortable and rather smooth draw cycle. M5 cam and 1/2 system draws very smooth. Cronographed it at 268 fps with a 370 grain arrow.

Cons: Not a very solid back wall and the valley is a little shallow.

Full review:

I was looking to upgrade from my old bow, so I went into the local pro shop and started shooting bows. I was really looking for a Hoyt Rampage XT, and shot it and was very pleased. The guys at the shop had me shooting various models such as the Rampage, Carbon Element, Vector, Elite Answer, Mathews Z7, etc. All bows had my jaw dropping (some more than others). I had 99% decided on the Rampage XT because it worked for my price range when the salesman put a Pro Hawk in my hand and said, "shoot it".
I tried the bow without even looking at the model or at the price tag, and said "well this is a nice shooter. What am I holding?"
when I was told it was a Pro Hawk and the price was only $400, I had one word for them. "Sold".
I like the weight and the draw of this bow. It isnt the fastest, but I cronographed it at 268 FPS with a 370 Grain arrow, and thats fast enough for me.
The bow had a little vibe to it, so I put a Fuse stabilizer and Fuse aftermarket string suppressor on it, and it is now vibration and noise free. it vibes less than my friend's G5 Prime Centroid/
Overall it is a great bow for an awesome price.

Great shooting bow, stacking arrows at 30 yards , 4" groups at 40 yards,

Version: 2011 Hoyt ProHawk


Pros: I out shoot my buddys higher end bows consistently. Easy to draw and comfortable let off

Cons: Slightly heavy ,

Full review:

Good value, built to last, consistent shooting, lots of adjustability . Its not the fastest but it would definitely kill a deer at 40-50 yards highly recommend this as a great hunting bow I love my Hoyt pro hawk

I decided to upgrade my bow this year and didnt want to spend to much yet wanted newer quality .

Version: 2012 Hoyt ProHawk


Pros: I like that this wasnt going to break my bank and still get the Quality and lifetime warentee .Its very light ,fairly fast ,very quiet , and extremely smooth .

Cons: Draw weight .I would like to see the option of up to 70 lbs but this bow will be great for hunting this year anyways .Dont let this keep you from trying one .

Full review:

I have been shooting an old Jennings mossy oak for years . Every year I fill my tag .I decided to upgrade my bow this year and didnt want to spend to much .When I shot at Bears single cam ,Quests single cam ,PSE double cam and then shot this hoit 1 1/2 cam bow I knew this would be the new addition to my hunting gear . I am extreemly happy with this bow .Anyone looking to get into a newer style bow should try these options 1 st .Anything was an upgrade from what I had , but this was a bow that was ahead of the game for little to nothing .I recomend trying it when you can .I set it up with a nice peep , light quiver ,grafite arrows fether fletched ,nice arrow rest with a clean led scope .Im ready to get to the range to prepair for my next tag and alot of good eating.

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