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  • Complete Shootthrough design / ambidexterity
  • Very little to no noticeable vibration
  • Forgiving 37" axle to axle measurement to appeal to target shooters
  • Many custom finish options


  • Draw length change requires cam swap
  • Moderate IBO speed of 329 fps.
  • Expensive for the average archer


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Editors' review

After a couple years of development, refinement, and design implementations since the prototype hit the ATA show, Obsession Bows has finally hit the market with one of the most awaited target compounds of today- the Final Cut. With a redesigned shoot-thru cam system, the Final Cut is completely symmetric, which creates an environment with little to no horizontal torque during the shot sequence, plus it allows for both right and left hand shooters to shoot the same bow. Although priced higher than many bows in its range, it is built extremely well and should easily serve as the last target compound an archer would ever need.


The standard camo options for this riser are Kryptek Highlander and Typhoon, Realtree Xtra Green, Black, and Moonshine Muddy Girl. Although at an extra charge, Obsession Bows offers nine other camouflage options from Mossy Oak, Last Leaf, Predator, and Realtree, they offer nine solid-color target finishes in almost all the colors of the rainbow, and two designs of custom Delta Force strings. To say the least, there are lots of options to choose from to customize everything from the riser to the limbs at the factory, all the while preventing the need to purchase any aftermarket pieces to create a unique setup. Following in the footsteps of its predecessors, all hardware is type three hard-coat anodized and the camo finishes are imprinted through dye sublimation instead of hydrographic dipping for a stronger, more chip-resistant riser.


Although the shoot-through system has been implemented in the past with other compound manufacturers, Obsession Bows utilizes a similar design and geometry as its other models, except for the utilization of the rectangular opening in the exact center of the riser, allowing for the arrow to be shot in the direct center shot of the bow, as well as allowing for a centered sight path. This design, although adding a couple ounces of weight, makes tuning almost nonexistent, allows for a straightened arrow path, and as aforementioned, is completely ambidextrous in nature. In terms of weight, the compound does not feel heavy at all due to its large stature and overall balance in the hand. Spec-wise, this bow features a lengthy 37" axle-to-axle and a nice 7 7/8" brace height for extreme forgiveness at the shot. At both ends are simple, yet bulletproof aluminum limb pockets, plus a soft rubber string stop and a set of dual cable guide rods are bolted on to the riser.


The Final Cut features Obsession Bows' standard issue composite split limbs, available from 30 to 80lbs in 10lb increments. As with most of today's models, it features a parallel limb system achieving a past parallel limb angle at full draw, thoroughly canceling out residual vibration without the need for dampeners. As the manufacturer states, roughly 5fps of its 329fps IBO can be deducted for every 10lbs of draw weight below 70 lbs.


Unlike any other of Obsession Bows' offerings, this compound features a grip completely machined out of the 6061 riser material itself. Without the need for semi-insulating side plates for hunting, this grip is very easy to find a sweet spot with for multiple hand sizes, and is comfortably flattened and chamfered for no extra shooting fatigue in long shooting sessions.

Eccentric System

The ST cams equipped on the Final Cut are based off of the dual cam binary PerFX system, featuring one main string and four separate buss cables, which make it very easy to tune and even easier to keep tuned over long periods of time. Draw length specific cams are available from 27" to 30.5" in half inch increments, and although aren't as user-friendly as modular-based systems, the increased performance is a positive tradeoff. Letoff is preset at 80% but can be easily adjusted up or down to the shooters liking with slotted draw stop canals. Rated at 329 fps IBO, it is on par with other competition rigs, even with the extra forgiveness in the brace height and axle-to-axle measurements.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Final Cut features a very smooth, consistent draw cycle, beginning slightly stiff and ramping up very slowly until a comfortable valley at max draw length. At full draw, there is no desire to creep forward or give in the fixed machined draw stops, giving a stable platform and a very easy to hold compound. At the preset 80% letoff, the cam system nearly refuses to be let down and for the target shooter, it is recommended that the letoff be reduced 10 or 15% more to create a more standard target holding weight. At the shot, there is little to no vibration felt through the riser, which is surprising due to the fact that it doesn't feature any vibration dampening accessories except for a simple string stop.

Silencing Package

As mentioned previously, The Final Cut comes factory equipped with none other than a single string stop with a rubber dampener to take out post-shot vibrations. Attributing to its quiet nature is likely the little extra riser weight, as well as its past-parallel limb structure to keep it "dead in the hand" after the shot. Aftermarket accessories like limb, riser, and string dampeners can be added, but are definitely not needed, especially for shooting targets, as it is a relatively unimportant factor.


BowObsession Final CutPSE Dominator Max MD
Version 20182015
PictureObsession Final CutPSE Dominator Max MD
Brace Height7.875 "7.125 "
AtA Length37 "40.25 "
Draw Length27 " - 30.5 "24.5 " - 30 "
Draw Weight30 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 60 lbs
IBO Speed329 fps308 fps - 316 fps
Weight4.6 lbs75% lbs
Let-Off75% 4.6
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Compared to the wildly favored and prevalent PSE Dominator Max MD, there are some key differences between the two, as well as similar target-specific characteristics. The PSE has a 3.25" longer ATA, 2" longer draw length range, and a lower price of $1300, whereas the Obsession has a 30lb broader draw weight range, higher initial letoff percentage, and roughly 3/4" more brace height. With similar weights and a common shoot-through riser, the Final Cut is the only compound that features a symmetric cam system for exact center shot- the Dominator Max MD features standard buss cables pulled to one side of the compound. Although both models are very adequate for the task, the roughly $1500 retail on the Final Cut may be enticing for that fact alone, without factoring in the ample finish options available to customize the archer's target setup.

Usage Scenarios

This compound was built for competition target shooting and excels at that branch of the sport. However, it would be very acceptable to use on 3D courses and for other shooting scenarios where accuracy and precision within inches are key, especially at longer ranges.


Obsession Bows has taken their time to develop a compound that is not only built to impress, but to perform and last as well. Although on the expensive end of target compounds, there are many features that stand out that make this bow earn a spot in an archer's hands, from its endless customizability from the factory to its ease of tuning and forgiveness at the shot. The Final Cut, with its generous brace height and axle to axle measurement, lifetime warranty from Obsession Bows, and it newly implemented true shoot-thru cam system, is definitely one for any and all interested target archers to get their hands on and shoot at their local dealer.

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