Bowtech Reckoning 38 Compound Bow

Bowtech Reckoning 38 Review

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Bowtech Reckoning 38
Editor review:

The BowTech Reckoning 38 is an awesome bow, with possibly the most and easiest adjustments ever designed into a compound bow. Any archer will appreciate the level of customization the 38 allows for, but the ease of making the adjustments is probably the best feature. No bow press, no fancy tools, just some Allen wrenches and a little knowledge on what each adjustment actually does, and shooters can be well on their way to perfectly customizing their new bow and how it feels during the draw cycle and after the shot. The price is competitive for a target bow, but it is far from cheap with an MSRP of $1699. Although many shooters at the target level are sponsored, those just getting started, or needing to purchase their own rigs need to save up or plan on winning a lot to help offset the cost of the bow. The Reckoning 38 is a little goofy looking, and could have some additional color options. However, other than those two minor issues, it is really hard to find anything that would keep a target shooter from buying the Reckoning 38. It is an awesome bow, a great shooter, and well worth the investment for any serious archer... read full review

Bowtech Reckoning 38 Specifications

2 versions

Manufactured: 2020 - 2021 (2 versions, specs not changed)

Latest version: 2021 Bowtech Reckoning 38

Brace Height 7.125 "
Axle to Axle Length 38 "
Draw Length 27 " - 32 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 325 fps
Weight 4.9 lbs
Let-Off 70% / 75% / 80%
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