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Bowtech Revolt X

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  • Some of the most innovative technology ever on a compound bow
  • Respectable IBO rating of 340 feet per second with a 6 1/2-inch brace
  • Tons of great looking color options


  • The specifications are very similar to other bows on the market
  • Suggested retail of $1099 is still expensive for many shooters
  • Would be nice to see more than three limb configurations


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Editors' review

Make no mistake about it, the 2020 Bowtech Revolt series is absolutely legit. The Revolt X is the longest out of the two bow series with an axle-to-axle measurement of 33-inches, which pairs well with a 6 1/2-inch brace height for an IBO speed rating up to 340 feet per second. On paper, the Revolt X has a ton of competition across the hunting bow lineup. However, the Deadlock Cams are game changers in terms of adjustability and innovation. Bowtech rigs no longer require a bow press for yoke tuning, because the Deadlock Cam system allows shooters to move the entire cam system left or right on the axle before locking it securely in place to get the best arrow flight possible without the need to press the bow. The Revolt X also features the flip disc technology, and can achieve half-inch increments from 26-31-inches. Shooters can pick from 13 different finish options, all of which look stunning. The bow retails for $1099, which is about $100 more than other flagship hunting bows on the market in 2020, but it can also be tuned and adjusted like no other bow on the market. Shooters can also have two distinctly different draw cycles with the performance and comfort settings on the flip disc. The Revolt X also only has three different limb configurations as well, which is a bit disappointing, but the 30-pound draw weight range still covers the draw weights people are going to be most interested in. The Revolt X is going to get a ton of recognition and praise in 2020, and it deserves every great thing that will be said about it over the course of the next year. This hunting bow is an awesome fix of technology and shootability, and will give shooters next level ability to tweak on their own rigs without having to purchase expensive equipment in order to do it.


Not long ago, Bowtech had some issues with their finish, particularly the limb finish, but those issues seem to be long gone with the Revolt X. The bow is offered in 13 different finishes, all of which looks outstanding. Bowtech has a great mixture of camo patterns and solid colors to choose from, and although it will be difficult for shops to stock all of the options on the bow rack, the quality and craftsmanship is so well done, shooters should be stress free in ordering a color not stocked at their local shop. Camo patterns include: Woodlands, Kuiu Vias, Optifade Subapline, Optifade Elevated II, Kryptek Altitude, Realtree Edge, Mossy Oak Breakup Country, Mossy Oak White Country Roots, and Mossy Oak Brown Country Roots. For solid colors, shooters can pick from: Smoke Grey, OD Green, Flat Dark Earth, and Black. 13 finish options is an impressive list to offer, and there is a huge variety covered in the lineup. If shooters are not able to find a pattern that meets their needs, and personal style, perhaps they are being too picky for their hunting bow pattern of choice.


The Bowtech riser has a characteristic look, and the Revolt X sticks with that trend of recent model years. Although there is not a lot of newly integrated technology into the riser design of the Revolt X, what is present functions flawlessly and adds to the best shooter experience possible. The first thing most shooters will notice is all of the cutouts machined into the aluminum riser. Perhaps the cutouts are even more noticeable since the grip area also sports machined holes without a solid grip to cover them up. The overall mass weight of the bow is 4.5-pounds, which is a touch heavy, but pretty standard for what hunting bows weigh in 2020. Bowtech also moves forward with the Orbit Disc Technology, which takes a rounded weighted dampener, and allows shooters to mount or stack them all over the bow to create a customized feel and eliminate hand shock. The cable guard system is a fairly standard flexible rod, with a cable roller system to eliminate torque and let shooters adjust for their particular setups. The guard also has a rubber dampener located on the system to help rid the movement of felt vibrations in the shooter's hand. The rollers are a nice touch too, because shooters will be able to easily draw their bow without a sticking feeling, or having the cable guard feel like it is getting hung up. The flexibility of the system gives the cables a bit more say in pulling towards the vertical centerline of the bow, while still allowing the system to get out of the way for vane and arrow clearance after the arrow is released. As standard on every bow nowadays, Bowtech also has a rear mounted string stop system in addition to a stabilizer mounting hole directly in front of it to further cut down on the vibration after the shot, and give shooters the ability to add stabilizers or more dampening systems to the Revolt X to give them the feeling holding on target they really like.


The Clutch Grip is a pretty sweet system on the Revolt X bow, and gives shooters two different factory grip options right out of the box. The grip is directly machined into the riser, which many bows are in 2020. However, the Clutch Grip has an insert, which sits on the back side of the grip, and changes how shooters hold the bow. Both grip choices have the same width, and feel similar that way, and the flatback grip is comfortable for most shooters to get used to. The lowest profile of the two grips comes standard on the Revolt X, which is known as the Clutch Grip. Shooters wanting a deeper grip may find the Clutch Control Grip a bit more comfortable, but that does not come with the bow, although it is available for purchase. Each of the two grips come in black, brown, green, and red, although the black one will be the option right out of the box.


Bowtech has seemed to work out their limb issues they experienced for a couple years, and the split limbs are finally living up to the standard of longevity and durability they should have been the whole time. The split limbs have a couple different connection points to the riser, which allows the limbs to pivot and create a more repeatable user experience when compared to limbs with less contact points to the riser. As with other features on the Revolt X, the Deadlock Pocket System functions in such a way that shooters have to loosen screws in order to adjust the draw weight, and then tighten everything back down to its Deadlock position. Perhaps the most disappointing thing about the entire Revolt X series is that shooters are limited to maximum draw weight configurations of 50, 60, or 70-pound limbs. Bowtech used to offer 80 pounds, and the 65-pound peak weight limbs are available on other flagship hunting bows on the market. The 30-pound weight range will meet the needs of virtually every person looking for a hunting bow, but with everything else the Revolt X has to stand out from other bows, it would have been nice to see a few more choices in this area.

Eccentric System

The Deadlock Cam System is the star of the show when it comes to the Bowtech Revolt X in 2020. The cams are modular adjustable from 26-31-inches in half-inch increments using the flip disc technology. Essentially, this modular system allows shooters to swap out the draw lengths without the need for a bow press. The module also has two sides, which creates the performance and comfort settings Bowtech has featured in previous bows as well. Shooters can choose which feeling matches their shooting style the best. The performance setting will be a bit more aggressive, with little faster speeds, and the comfort setting will have a smoother draw but will sacrifice a bit of speed for a smooter draw cycle. The IBO speed rating is a respectable 340 feet per second considering the 6 1/2-inch brace height. The Deadlock Cam System's main feature is the ability to move the cam left to right, which eliminates yokes and yoke tuning in the entire system. The engineers added another track to the system, and because of that, left and right tears are eliminated without having to use a bow press or twisting the cables. Using an Allen Key, shooters will loosen the Deadlock, adjust the cam the desired direction, and tighten the Deadlock setting back to the original position so it does not move again. In watching video reviews, folks say how great this would be for shooters to be able to tweak the bow while standing on the line, or in a hunting camp, and although those scenarios are possible, ideally it will never happen. Shooters should not have to make adjustments after the initial set up process, and if tweaks are needed on the treestand, or in camp, there may be more issues to be addressed. For those living too far away from a bow shop to make the drive whenever they would like work to be done on their rigs, or for those who swap out equipment and can make their own adjustments comfortably, the Deadlock Cams are pretty sweet!

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Revolt X may be one of the most popular hunting bows for 2020, and that is saying a lot because there are a ton of awesome shooting bows on the market. This category is a bit tough to write because so many adjustments are available on the Revolt X, each shooter could have it set up just a bit different than another to meet their individual shooting style and preferences, and how awesome is it to be able to have that option. The performance setting is a clear difference from the comfort option, and may not be worth the extra couple feet per second for some shooters given the added stiffness. However, for those wanting the absolute fastest set up possible, the performance setting may be the way to go. The back wall has a solid feel, and the pin is fairly easy to hold on target at longer distances. The bow seems to balance pretty well at full draw without accessories being added, which is a good thing because shooters will be able to add weight to their bow where they would like it to go, not where it needs to be in order to level things out. After the shot, the Revolt X is impressively quiet and vibration free. The grip is comfortable for most people, but the thin and narrow grip has gotten some mixed feelings from some reviewers fortunate enough to spend some quality time with the bow.

Usage Scenarios

The Revolt X is the longer of the two Revolt series bows, but is still a designed hunting bow with a 33-inch axle-to-axle measurement. This bow may have some dual purpose capabilities as well for someone just wanting to try out some other styles of archery a bit more seriously. However, the Revolt X is a hunting bow first and foremost and will do very well in any hunting conditions shooters demand from it.


The 2020 Bowtech series is an absolute dream lineup for dedicated bowhunters. The Deadlock Cam System is amazing, and gives every person the opportunity to work on their bow to achieve perfect arrow flight. Even for those not as mechanically inclined as others, the Bowtech Revolt X can easily be tuned. It would be great to see a couple different limb configurations, and the $1099 price tag is fairly high for many shooters. However, the Bowtech Revolt X is giving shooters something other hunting bow do not have, and the freedom to have full control over the tuning process of the bow is a really awesome thing to have. The flip disc technology carryover is another really nice feature too. The Revolt X is quite possibly the bow of the year in 2020 without the cool Deadlock Cam System, and anyone looking for a new hunting bow owes it to themselves to give this one a test shot.

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