Mathews Halon 6 Compound Bow

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    Used RH Mathews Halon 6, 70#, 28.5"
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    Mathews Halon 6 26.5/60 RH 85% Lost XD
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    Price: $675.00
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    Mathews Halon 6 compound bow, 70#, 28.5" Lost Snow camo
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    Price: $675.00
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  • Mathews Halon 6 Review

    1 editor review
    Editor review:
    The Halon 6 should be a popular bow in the hunting world for Mathews. There are some shooters wishing to see a longer axel to axel flagship bow from Mathews, but the Monster Wake for 2015 may be close enough to a longer Halon for Mathews to even consider building one in the future. For those skeptical of the No Cam for 2015 based on the slightly sluggish speed, the Halon 6 should be considered an improvement with the engineering of that cam system combined with the beloved AVS cam system. The Halon 6 is a shooter, and despite its compact size, actually feels like a bigger bow than the amount of space it takes up. The weight will be a point many haters will gravitate towards, but in all honestly a few ounces should not make a giant difference in most situations. Those wanting a great performing bow from one of the most respected names in the business should give the Halon 6 a shot... read full review
  • Mathews Halon 6 Specifications

    1 version
    Manufactured: 2016 (1 version)
    Latest version: 2016 Mathews Halon 6
    Brace Height 6 "
    Axle to Axle Length 30 "
    Draw Length 25 " - 31 "
    Draw Weight 30 lbs - 70 lbs
    IBO Speed 345 fps
    Weight 4.55 lbs
    Let-Off 75%, 85%