PSE Carbon Air Compound Bow

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    PSE Carbon Air 32 Right Handed 24.5-30.5" 54-70 LB Bow
    Seller: eBay
    Price: $650.00
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    PSE CARBON AIR HD 32" #55 -#70, 24.5" - 30"
    Seller: eBay
    Price: $799.99
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    PSE Carbon Air 2016 Model 24.5"-30.5" Draw Length Carbon Black with Camo 60lb
    Seller: eBay
    Price: $849.00
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  • PSE Carbon Air Review

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    Editor review:
    The Carbon Air is not the first carbon bow from PSE, but it is the most recent, and probably the only known carbon bow from PSE. Many shooters on the market today would have no recollection of the 1996 PSE carbon design, but it is fair to mention PSE is not just joining the party in regards to the benefits. The HD cams are a very popular system for PSE, and the 340 feet per second speed rating is a good performance point to be in the carbon riser market. Forum members are begging PSE for a carbon bow that is even faster or having a longer axel to axel, but for a new carbon bow, the Carbon Air is a great compromise of all specifications. It is worth noting again $1499 is a steep price for many shooters, but the Carbon Air shoots well enough, and is marketed toward enough shooters it will do very well in the premium hunting bow market. Although some testers will notice a slight vibration if shooting the Carbon Air without any accessories, try the rig fully set up in order to give it a fair shot... read full review
  • PSE Carbon Air Specifications

    1 version
    Manufactured: 2016 (1 version)
    Latest version: 2016 PSE Carbon Air
    Brace Height 6.125 "
    Axle to Axle Length 32 "
    Draw Length 24.5 " - 30.5 "
    Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs
    IBO Speed 332 fps - 340 fps
    Weight 3.2 lbs
    Let-Off 80%