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  • Affordable
  • Lots of adjustability


  • Multiple limb sets necessary to meet full adjustment capabilities

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Editors' review

The PSE Mini Burner XT is the upgraded version of the Mini Burner from 2011. This rig was designed for the young archer, and will be with them for years. This very lightweight bow offers the young archer a very solid platform that will help them learn proper shooting technique and accuracy for future endeavors. With the addition of the 50# peak weight limbs, this bow could eventually find its way into a tree stand or ground blind. With a 26.5" ATA, 7 1/8" brace height, lots of adjustability, and up to 276 fps, this rig will be fun for them to shoot. PSE also offers their "Grow With You" program, and new limbs can be purchased and installed by your local retailer for only $65.


This rig can be ordered in Skullworks, Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity, or Pink. It has a film dipped finish that not only looks nice, it also protects the bow from corrosion and incidental bumps and dings.


The foundation of this rig is a very lightweight machined aluminum riser that is easily strong enough to handle anything it is put through. The ends of this riser hold a pair of integrated limb pockets that secure the limbs in place, yet make the draw weight adjustments very easy. This setup allows the shooter up to six turns from bottom, and depending on the limb set used, up to 20# of adjustability.The limbs are Mini SF Technology split compression molded fiberglass limbs. These limbs provide the performance of solid limbs, and the bend capabilities of split limbs. The Mini Burner XT can be purchased with limbs in 50#, 40#, 29#, and 20# peak weights. Each can be adjusted through a wide range of poundages: 50# limbs go 10# - 50#, 40# limbs from 8# - 40#, 29# from 6# - 29#, and the 20# limbs from 4# - 20#. The Bear Flared Quad Limbs are a split-limb set-up that provides a very controlled and powerful shot. These limbs are very light and very strong. These high-tensile strength limbs work together with the FH1 cam, riser, and limb pocket to give this bow a smooth draw, respectable speed, and almost no vibration.

Other Components

The rig features the lightweight riser, Mini SF split limbs, the PSE FC Cam system, comfortable rubber panel grip, and cable guard. It can also be purchased with a Ready-to-Shoot package that includes a 3-pin Gemini Sight, Whisker Biscuit rest, Mongoose quiver, peep, and nock. This bow can also be purchased with an upgraded youth package that includes a half-dozen hand-built arrows, mechanical release, camouflage bow case, custom wrist sling, Bowjax stabilizer, upgraded to an Apex Atomic 3-pin sight, and a 1-piece Grayling detachable quiver.

Eccentric System

This bow is outfitted with PSE Vision Cam with the FC Cam system. This dual cam system gives this rig a lot of adjustment from 11" - 28." The adjustability of this cam system comes from the rotating inner cams. There are also two threaded holes "S" and "L" that will be used to effectively make adjustments.The Vision Cam offers a performance setting and a "Grow With You" setting. These settings are based on the position of the cable when setting the draw and peak weight. When making this adjustment for the shorter end of the draw range, a bow press is required to properly set the cable. The "L" hole is for the longer side of the adjustments and the "S" hole for the lower end of the scale. A chart is provided that helps identify which hole and which position for the rotating modules, and the string position relevant to the "boss" peg to set the correct draw length. The draw length of this bow can be done in less than half inch increments.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

This bow is a smooth shooter for the younger archers. The feel of the draw is totally dependent on the peak weight of the limb set, poundage, and the draw length. It has even been said the 20# limbs feel like wet noodles when adjusted to the lower limits.The limbs can be ordered in 20#, 29#, 40#, and 50# peak weights. Each limb set has a good bit of adjustment as the limb bolt can be backed out up to six full turns from bottom. The actual amount of adjustability is based on the limb set. This rig is a very good starter bow for the young shooter and is designed to last for years.

Silencing Package

The PSE Mini Burner XT is designed for the younger shooters. With that said, there is no silencing built into this bow outside of any inherent silencing characteristics of the materials used to build the bow.


The grip on this bow consists of a pair of rubber side-panel inserts. The grip is designed to keep the bow hand in a neutral position to eliminate hand torque for improved accuracy.


Bow PSE Mini Burner Diamond Infinite Edge
Version 2018 2014
Picture PSE Mini Burner Diamond Infinite Edge
Brace Height 6.625 " 7 "
AtA Length 26 " 31 "
Draw Length 16 " - 26.5 " 13 " - 30 "
Draw Weight 20 lbs - 40 lbs 5 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed N/A fps 310 fps
Weight 2.7 lbs 3.1 lbs
Let-Off 65% 75%
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The PSE Mini Burner XT is in the same category as the Diamond Infinite Edge. Both are designed for the young archer, and to grow with the youth for years. Both have an abundance of adjustability and are smooth, easily adjustable, and will fit most any archer. Each of these bows can have the draw length adjusted by using the rotating module in the cam.The PSE is shorter with a 26 1/2" ATA while the Diamond is 31" ATA. The PSE has a slightly wider brace height at 7 1/8" where the Diamond is at 7." Both offer the same amount of draw length adjustability, but different ranges. The PSE is adjustable from 11" - 28," and the Diamond is adjustable from 13" - 30." The Diamond also offers more adjustability in the draw weight range by 20#; the PSE is adjustable from 4# - 50#, while the Diamond goes from 5# - 70#. The Diamond also offers more speed; the PSE is rated at 276 fps, and the Diamond at 310 fps. One thing to keep in mind is that the PSE must have a limb replacement to move through the different draw weights to reach the very lower limits, or if the 50# limbs are purchased, it can be adjusted down to 10# as a minimum draw weight. The Diamond does not require any limb replacement, but does require the shooter to use the adjustment chart and ensure the cable is on the proper cable post. The Mini Burner retails for $200 and the Infinite Edge lists for $349.

Usage Scenarios

This rig was designed for the young archer. It is a very good bow to teach proper shooting technique to youngsters, and will be with them for years. As the youngster will not be taking this rig out to chase deer or bear for a while, it will certainly be seen target shooting or following mom or dad around the 3D course. When the young archer gets to their mid-teens and can handle the higher draw weight, it could find its way into a stand or a blind then.


This bow is not new to the PSE lineup, but is an upgrade of the Mini Burner that originally made the lineup in 2011. With the addition of a 50# limb set, the Mini Burner XT retails for $200 for the basic bow, or $280 for the Ready-to-Shoot package. This is an average price for a youth bow, and offers plenty of adjustability so it does not have to be replaced within a couple of years.


The PSE Mini Burner XT is an upgrade to an older youth bow, but offers more draw length adjustment, and the option of a 50# limb set, which equals about 10 fps more. Although PSE offers this rig with the option of 20#, 29#, 40#, and 50# limbs, the 50# limb set offers draw weight adjustments from 10# - 50#, making it the best value overall. The bow can be set to approximately 4# draw weight with the 20# limbs, but the string is has almost no tension on it. With a 26 1/2" ATA, 7 1/2" brace height, and a lot of adjustability, this is a very nice bow to start the youngster out on. Set at 50# draw weight and 28" draw length, this "youth" bow can send an arrow downrange at a very nice 276 fps.
PSE Mini Burner Review5.051

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  1. Has enough power to smoke a white tail

    Version: 2014 PSE Mini Burner XT


    Pros: Full adjustability my 8 year old son is leaving his nuclear ice behind. With the power stroke on this he can pull 6 more pounds back comfortably

    Cons: The accessories

    Full review:
    This bow fits in my sons hand great and just for fun I maxed it out to 50# and flung my arrows out of it. I wouldn’t have any problems using it as a back up bow if mine was to ever fail. The only issue is I little vibration and noise but with a better stabilizer and limbsavers it’s quite. Great bow for the price and I love the weight of it

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